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Top Ranked Dating Sites

Website URL Rating
1. Match.com http://www.match.com
2. Meet Locals http://www.meetlocals.com
3. AsianDating.com http://www.asiandating.com
4. Fitness Singles http://www.fitness-singles.com
5. Wealthymen.com http://www.wealthymen.com
6. Dating For Seniors http://www.datingforseniors.com
7. Video Game Dating http://www.videogamedating.net
8. BBW Romance http://www.bbwromance.com
9. Farmers Dating Site http://www.farmersdatingsite.com
10. Atheist Personals http://www.atheistpersonals.net

How to Do Online Dating Successfully

by Richard | 1:05 p.m. | December 5th 2016

Online dating is a great way to meet people. When schedules are packed, people are busy, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get out and meet new people, online dating is a great alternative. Much like traditional dating, online dating works sometimes. Many couples who meet online end up married, although there are always those who break up and can’t find love. You don’t want to be one of those people, which is why you want to know how to increase your chances of being successful in the online dating world.

Good day

There is no magic formula for being successful at online dating. However, you should always be yourself, and be honest. Faking your photos and your personality has a way of coming back to haunt you when you, so it’s a good idea to avoid putting yourself in that situation from the start. If you want to learn how to be successful at online dating, take this advice and make it your own.

Choose Your Photos Carefully

If there is one tip that every online dating profile needs, it’s all about the photo. You need to have at least two photos of yourself. One up close head shot and a full body shot. This allows potential dates to see you up close and personal, and they can also see the whole package.

When it comes to choosing the right photo, don’t settle. This is the impression you are giving everyone on the internet you might meet, and it needs to be a good one. Forget the selfies in the car or public bathroom. This is a great opportunity to ask a friend to take some lovely shots of you in the park, by the beach, or even in the fitness so you can show off your fun and natural side.

It’s also important that you don’t use too many filters or editing software. It’s fine to do a little bit of editing to get rid of red eyes or to make the light better, but you don’t want your photo to make you look like a different person when you meet future dates. Additionally, you want the photo to be a recent one. You change significantly over the years, and you want your dates to know what you look like now rather than a decade ago no matter how much you love that picture from prom.


Show Some Personality

Your online dating profile might feel a bit like a job resume, but it’s not. This is your chance to have some fun. Show off your intelligence by all means, but remember to show off your sense of humor and your mischievous sense of adventure at the same time. No one is perfect, but everyone is perfect for someone else.

Write your profile. Rewrite it as you see fit. Add to it, detract from it, and make it your own as often as you like. It’s your profile, after all. When you decide it’s time to add a little something about yourself to the profile, do it. If you’re worried about what people think, remember that you don’t want to date someone who doesn’t like you for you.

Expect Some Form of Compromise

We all love a tall, dark, handsome man, but sometimes we’d much rather end up with a short, funny, engaging man instead. Keep in mind that you might want what you want, but you might not get what you want. Imagine online dating like buying a house. You want it to be a certain size and have all the right features, but you don’t want to live in a terrible neighborhood to get that, do you?

The same goes for the man or woman you choose to date. He or she might be all that and then some, but do you really want to date someone who lives across the country just because he’s the whole package? Your online dating experience might be a lot more successful if you choose the slightly less upgraded house for the much better location. You can fix things up all you want, but you can’t change the big stuff.


Lighten Up

Online dating is a lot of fun if you let it be what it is. If you want to find the love of your life, you have two choices. You can take it too seriously and forget to have a good time, or you can lighten up a bit and take chances with the people you meet. You never know if that person who seems so opposite of your type is going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with.

If that person is not your forever soul mate, at least you have some entertaining stories to share with your friends. Lighten up, enjoy yourself and really learn how to have a good time on dates. The more fun you have, the more fun your date will have. When you’re both having fun, you relax and might actually make a connection.

Don’t Take it Personally

You have found him. The man of your dreams is right there on the computer in front of your face, so you send him a message. You wait with giddy anticipation for him to respond, but he never does. It happens to the most beautiful people in the world. You can be the best catch in town, but you might not be that man’s favorite flavor.

Do not take it personally. The best way to ensure your online dating experience is unsuccessful and entirely miserable is to take it personally when someone is just not that into you. Instead of wondering what’s wrong with you after he ignores your messages, wonder what’s wrong with him. After all, there must be something wrong with him if he’s not into someone as amazing as you.

Online dating might seem intimidating, but you are entirely in control. There are no drunk guys approaching you and ignoring your not-so-subtle hints to get lost. You don’t have to go home with someone tonight. You don’t even have to answer their messages right away. All you have to do is sit back and remember you are in control of the situation at every turn.

Insider Sugar Information with Sudy, the Leading Sugar Daddy Dating Site

by Richard | 6:44 a.m. | November 25th 2016

When we think about “Sugar Baby Relationship”, the image of a rich old man with a young beautiful girl will immediately come into our mind. But that’s only a part of this type of special relationship. And it also isn’t only about sex and money.

Today we have a chance to talk with Sudy, the leading sugar daddy dating site. Currently, Sudy has over a million members from all over the world, with all types of occupations and ages.

Sudy will let you know insider information on this special relationship including tips and tricks for those who want to be daddies or babies themselves and how to find one.

Can you please tell us about Sudy?

Well, we launched Sudy last November. Within nearly one year of being launched, Sudy has attracted Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies from all over the world.

Sudy has over 1 million members, including CEOs, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, super models, Hollywood celebrities, college students, and more. Whether they are rich older men who are looking for a younger beautiful women or young sexy girls who are looking for wealthy and mature men, they both can find what they are looking for.

Sudy Homepage

What make Sudy different than other dating apps out there?

In Sudy, after a quick sign up, you can swipe to like or pass members as you did on Tinder. However, unlike other sugar daddy dating app, sugar babies here can talk to sugar daddies for free.

Besides, Sudy provides with many special features like Nearby - Find rich or beautiful singles nearby quickly, Moments - Share daily life moments to let others know more about you, Ranking - The higher ranking you have in the Glamour/ Wealthy list, the more attention you will attract from other charmers, etc.

What are requirements to becoming a member in Sudy?

First thing first, you have to be real. We've been really working on one thing, avoid the scammers, to provide high-quality user experience. We won't allow a fake profile to joining in, even though we give more convenience to premium members.

I know people think like, only really young girls can be a sugar baby and only business men who earn $5M+ annually can be a sugar daddy, that's not the truth. Tell you what, there are mostly 18-30 yrs old sugar babies in Sudy, with a tiny fraction above 35 yrs old, all of them are really pretty, confident, and gorgeous. Sugar daddies are not only millionairs, but also dozens of mature men who earn $500K annually and really willing to pay.

And how do you verify each member?

If you want to become a member of Sudy for free, you have to verify yourself. We would like to make sure that they are the exact same person on the profile. On the other hand, we verify sugar daddies as well by checking their tax or financial related document to ensure that their income is real.

verified members in Sudy

What is the most significant factor for sugar daddy relationship?

It’s money, and sex ratio imbalance, I think. Essentially, sugar daddy wants a company and they give sugar baby money in return. So, these two are undeniable significant factors.

On the other kinds of relationships, money is not the issue, maybe love, maybe personality, and maybe hobby. In this case, without money, then it can’t be a sugar daddy relationship.

And there’s one thing I’d like to mention about money. Sugar baby is absolutely not equal to a prostitute. They can be friends with their sugar daddies, or lovers. There’s sex in most case, but if they don’t want to do it, they’ll make it clear at an early stage and find someone like-minded. They have a choice, prostitute have no choice, it's cruel, but the truth.

Another thing here is that the number of women who want to be spoiled always is much more than the number of men who are rich and generous. But since it’s not a serious relationship, it’s quite common that one sugar daddy often spoils several sugar babies at the same time. In some ways, it’s not a big deal.

What are the traits a person should have in order to become a sugar daddy?

A rich man, mature man, who have money but live a busy, lonely, or dull life and wants someone charming, interesting or sweet by his side and make him relax. Every man who wanna become a sugar daddy has the reasons.

"A man’s got a limit, you have no right to stop others from living a life they want."

Some of them may not be good looking, the lack of competitiveness will make them feel unsure of themselves in social situations, not to speak of nightclub. I didn't mean to be mean but I know a guy, he once told me that he'd never imagine that one day he could date a girl who is really his ‘dream girl’ and it's like she's really like him as well. He may think if he was not her sugar daddy, this kind of girl would not even give him a glance.

In others, for men who may be aged, or busy at work, lack of energy, feel lonely or tired heart in particular, if there’s a sweet pretty girl who can give you time, company, maybe even sex, make you feel extremely relax and young again, and you just give some money in return - something you don’t lack. Why not? A man’s got a limit, you have no right to stop others from living a life they want.

What are main characteristics of sugar babies?

I’d say there may not be main characteristics of sugar babies. We have various types of sugar baby, young chick or mature woman, sweet angel or gorgeous queen, collage student or office lady, city girl or small town girl. Check our blog, we touched this topic and defined the different types.

Is it only limited to young and beautiful ladies who are finding someone to improve their quality of life?

It’s not true, do your Google search you’ll find that many famous sugar baby ain’t always young and beautiful. I mean they are not win by young or beautiful, but they indeed invest in their appearance, well dress, makeup, shining hair, and etc. A young pretty girl always popular, but in sugar daddy relationship, a woman with strong ‘sugar baby’ inspiration who has rich knowledge and experience in sugar daddy relationship always wins. We’ve always provided support and tips in our blog, to help new sugar babies learn how to sugaring.

Sudy Mobile App

How long does Sugar Daddy relationship normally last?

It depends.

Some of them can last just couple of weeks due to the dissent in allowance or what, some of them can last even several years. Generous daddy & Sweet babe.

Do you know that there are few couples that they used to be in sugar daddy relationship and then turn to serious relationship? Please trust me when I tell you that some of them had got married with their sugar daddy/baby.

Is “love” important for Sugar Daddy relationship? Or just only sex and money?

You mean most important? Definitely no. You mean important? Maybe yes. One thing you learn when you're living the sugar baby life, is that you always 'love' your sugar daddy, or, pretend you 'love' them all the time.

"Remember that sugar daddy relationship is not serious relationship like true love..."

Remember that sugar daddy relationship is not a serious relationship like true love. People who married their SD/SB is just in the minority of the whole sugar bowl. And it's not like general 'hook up' dating either, allowance, I mean money, is essential. As for sex? Ah, I can only say that it's up to you.

Is it possible for sugar daddies and sugar babies to develop their relationship and become a life partner?

Like I said above, of course it's possible for them to become a life partner. You can check the Google news recently, former porn star 'Nong Nat' is now known as Kejsarin Chaichalermphol, 31, married her millionaire sugar daddy who is double her age. I'm not saying that it's because she's a porn star so she can develop the relationship with his sugar daddy, coz I know a lady, works in a bank, who is sugar baby as well and she's getting married next month, with her sugar daddy who is 14 yrs older than her. See, it’s possible, but scarce though.

Some claimed that sugar daddies are the main cause of divorce and abortion. What would you say about this?

Really? Who said that? Well, I haven't seen any like that so far, at least not in Sudy.

But If you ask me, I'd say maybe ‘Sugar Daddy Relationships are the main cause of divorce’ is more like a 'tyrant's excuse for his own crimes'. No one wants to become a home wrecker, honestly, sugar baby’s not contravening the standards of moral conduct, they learn things, they think, they have their own discretion. As for abortion, I think it’s a heavy subject as I’m a woman and I can imagine how painful it would be. But I have to say honestly, it’s all about the people who made the mistakes and made the decisions, not whichever relationship they were in.

A divorce or abortion can be caused by many factors, I think there are always bitches in the world, whether they're sugar daddy/baby or not, it has nothing to do with anybody, except victims.

If someone wants to be sugar daddies/sugar babies, what are your suggestions?

I think the most important is that you should know yourself, know your needs, know your desires. If you want to be a sugar daddy and you feel you have the qualification, remember that give your respect and courtesy to every women you met, and generous men always gain favor. If you want to be a sugar baby, learn to protect yourself, it’s the most important thing, then know your type, set goal of your allowance and treat yourself well. Check ‘skill’ and ‘discussion’ tag in our blog, it could be very useful when you walk into the gate of sugar word.

Sudy User Review

Talk with LFGDating: A Dating Site Crafted Specially for Geeks and Gamers

by Richard | 8:58 a.m. | November 11th 2016

Are you a gamer? Do you have troubles finding a date? Are you afraid of being rejected when a girl in your dream find out your passion in gaming? Because of their shy and quiet nature, geeks and gamers tend to make it hard for a dating partner to find out how awesome they are.

Fret not! There’s a solution out there. While general dating sites like Match.com might not be a good choice to find someone geeky online, LFGdating.com is created for this very purpose.

Today we have a chance to talk with Patrick and Casey, the founders of LFGdating. They are passionate gamers who end in marriage and create a dating site for geeks. They understand to their heart contents of geeks and dating problems. And they want to help!

Despite being a geek dating site, LFGdating does not limit its member to only geeks or heavy gamers. If you find yourself a type of fun people who occasionally games, LFGdating is a place for you as well.

Can you please tell us more about LFGDating?

The word ‘gamer’ kind of carries a negative connotation in our society. Picture two people meeting. One says, “I really like spending time outdoors. I always look forward to walking by the lake or taking my dog for a walk.” The other says, “I look forward to playing World of Warcraft after a long day. I enjoy talking and playing with my friends.” Even though it’s 2016, you may have read the second person’s response and winced a little bit.

You may ask yourself, “Why did she or he bring up playing a video game?” Patrick and I both have a passion for gaming. We started playing Atari and the original Nintendo when we were younger. We’ve carried that forward through every next gen console and PC.

Couple that with us both being single in our late 20’s, and we found there was no gamer dating sites around that we trusted. So we started LFGdating! A clean, modern and professional dating site where the member base were inherently gamers. Why sift through hundreds of profiles on Match or OK Cupid trying to find a gamer? Just come to LFGdating - that’s all we have. Thus, LFGdating was born.

LFGDating homepage

What makes LFGDating different than other dating sites out there?

The surface-level answer to this question is that our members are gamers - pure and simple. The below the surface answer (as I type this I think of an iceberg that is 90% submerged) is that we focus on member success and happiness. It’s our corps de metier. Before we even decided to build LFGdating, we decided that we had to be member-driven. If we can’t provide top notch customer service then we shouldn’t do this.

This is about building something truly special - a place where gamers can meet other gamers on a safe, professional site. If our members aren’t happy, LFGdating doesn’t have a chance. 4 years later, we’re alive and thriving and we think the biggest part of our success is that our members are awesome people, and they deserve awesome customer service.

Do I need to be a geek in order to be a member of LFG Dating?

You do not! The funny thing is a lot of people who game don’t even consider themselves a ‘geek’ or ‘gamer.’ We have members who only play the occasional iOS game. We have members who play 5-6 hours of World of Warcraft per day. We have members who fit anywhere in that spectrum.

Is it hard to find a girlfriend/boyfriend from being a geek?

When it comes to finding somebody meaningful on a dating website, you have to really know what you’re looking for. Or at the very least, you need to know what you don’t want. The benefit of membership at LFGdating is that the entire layer of geek/gamer is removed at the start. That awkward part where you like someone or want to like them, and you don’t know if they’ll especially be thrilled that you play Overwatch every night - that’s gone. That’s why LFGdating is so special. You don’t hide your passion - you find someone that accentuates it!

LFGDating benefits

What are major problems for a geek when they are finding a date?

The problems ‘geeks’ or ‘gamers’ face when trying to find a date are the same problems everyone faces. Will she or he like me? Will she or he like the things I like? Swap out geek for sports fan or traveler or late-night socialite, and you have the same problems. I mean I guess ‘geeks’ and ‘gamers’ have the stereotype of being shy and/or quiet, but members at LFGdating tend not to possess that because they’re in a community of like-minded people.

What geeks should do when they want to start a relationship with someone? And where should they go? Carrying forward the theme from above, geeks and gamers should do what everyone else should do when they want to form a meaningful relationship: learn about the other person, find ways to interact positively, and speak up for yourself. Where should they go? LFGdating of course!

Should a geek only date to a geek or not?

This is an excellent question. So it’s established that I game. Well, my wife doesn’t play video games at all. But one of the things we do together - and we’ve done this for years - is play other games. When we started dating, we’d play Boggle or Scrabble. When traveling together, we’d play these on our iPad. Funny - our board game habit turned into gaming. I don’t think I said this earlier.

Geeks and gamers are people first - geeks and gamers second. Gaming is a just a part of their life - it doesn’t completely define who someone is. That said, people should date who they want to date. I think that someone with a propensity to be a ‘geek’ or ‘gamer’ will probably find more common ground with someone who likes to game than with someone who doesn’t, but again - that’s only a part of their life - it’s not the whole thing.

Many people out there saying that dating a geek is a bad idea. Why’s that?

Probably because they worry too much about what other people think. That’s a dark road to go down. In my life, I have been blessed with many great, great friends. The number 1 way I can support them is to support what they are doing in their life and who they choose to spend their life with. If a geek or gamer wants to date another geek or gamer, they should do it. Plain and simple!

Sign Up at LFGdating

Why or why not people should date a geek?

The best part of dating a geek is that we’re cool people, right!?

What’s the key to making a geeky relationship successful?

The key to making a relationship work here is no different than anywhere else. Have fun, support each other, and find new ways to spend time together. Maybe that’s indoors playing a new game. Maybe it’s playing an old game but making a fun, competitive game out of it yourselves. Maybe it’s grabbing dinner at a new restaurant. Geeks and gamers have to eat too!

For geeks out there, remember that you do not need to completely change by quitting your passion in order to find the one you love. Just be yourself. There’s the one waiting for you. Some might say “Love me love my dog” But don’t forget to say “Love me love my games” as well :)

Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Neely Steinberg

by Richard | 8:05 a.m. | November 2nd 2016

If we are asked what the most important thing in life is, dating and relationships are going to be the answer for so many people. It is human nature to seek relationships with others. Some may do it for fun and some do it to create a new life.

There are not many people in the world who can give better dating advice than top tier dating coaches. They are professionals possessing masterful skill in dating and flirting with all types of people. Not just that, they are best at interpersonal skills as well as philosophy and sociology.

Because of their knowledge, these dating coaches are well-known for bringing a successful dating life to their clients. Our dating coach for today's interview is a dating coach, personal image consultant, and founder of her multi-service dating coaching company The Love TREP, Neely Steinberg.

Neely believes wholeheartedly that you do not have to be powerless in your love life. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including: US News & World Report, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Cosmo, Shape, Self, Huffington Post, Fox-25, Yahoo!, Glamour, to name a few.

Neely lives just outside of Boston with her amazing husband Dave and their beautiful daughter (with another one on the way!).

Let’s hear what she has to say about the life of a dating coach.

What life experience made you decide that you would like to be a dating coach?

I’ve always been fascinated by relationships, human psychology, the dynamics between men and women. And I’ve always loved talking about dating and relationships. I got a Masters degree in Counseling several years ago and had spent many years as a tennis coach. When I finally came through the haze of my own single life, meeting my now-husband Dave on Match.com at 33, I decided to combine my passions for dating/relationships, motivating and coaching, and counselling and listening.

I had spent several years working at a business school known for entrepreneurship as an academic advisor, and during my time there, I learned a lot about entrepreneurs and what it takes to create your own business. I started to see a ton of parallels between creating a fulfilling, purposeful dating and love life and creating a purpose-driven and fulfilling start-up venture, and I thought it would be a really fun, motivating way to look at one’s love life: You are the CEO and enTREPreneur of your love life, your “love start-up,” so to speak.

You have complete ownership of this venture, and it’s up to you to create, build, and shape your own destiny.

What was your dating life like before you became a dating coach?

Neely SteinbergOne of the reasons I feel I can do what I do and do it really well, which is working with smart, successful, savvy women to create love in their lives, is because I was in their shoes for many years. I struggled with dating, commitment, vulnerability, and intimacy since the time I entered college to the time I met my husband. I have experienced all the emotions and many of the dating experiences and dilemmas that single women face today. I get them. I see them. I hear them. I understand them. And it’s a good feeling to be seen, heard, and understood, which is why I’ve been able to be successful as a coach.

So I come from a place of being able to relate and empathize, but also from a place of understanding how to work through the confusion and challenges of being single to finding a really fulfilling and loving relationship.

How does being a dating coach affect your own love life? Do you apply the same rules and matching techniques to your own dating habits?

It makes me really appreciate the man by my side. My husband is my biggest support system and cheerleader in all areas of my life, but especially with my coaching business, and that fills me with so much joy. His love, support, and devotion motivate and inspire me every day to help others create what I have created in my life.

What is the most important thing when giving relationship advice to your client?

Hmmm…difficult to narrow it down to just one thing. But I think ultimately, you want your partner to be your best friend, so look for someone who you feel a sense of comfort with. It should feel easy to be with them, that it’s OK to be who you are. A lot of women overlook this aspect when searching for love. I’d tell them to start appreciating the men who they can feel this way with.

What is the most asked question from your clients? And why?

I think it basically comes down to: What am I doing wrong? Most women are just perplexed as to why they can’t seem to find love, get more second dates, settle into a committed, loving relationship, etc. etc. They feel like they’re doing everything wrong, otherwise they’d have found love by now. They’re exhausted and feel like they’re just spinning their wheels getting nowhere. Many feel like they are a lost cause.

Do you have some requirements for your clients?

Not really, but it really helps if they are coming into the coaching process with an openness and a willingness to listen and learn.

Is there a universal strategy that works for all dating advice?

I tend to dislike applying universal rules when coaching, because each person is an individual with different backgrounds, needs, and prior experiences. So I really want to reach people on that individual level, as opposed to just applying blanket rules and strategies. But generally speaking, I think it’s very important to be in a good place with your own self-esteem. You need to esteem yourself before you ask another to esteem you.

Do you have a specific dating advice for BBW?

Embrace your size. Own who you are! But if you aren't content with your size, start doing what you can to make changes. Those are really the only two positive choices.

Is there a specific trait that prevents someone from having a successful relationship?

Anybody who approaches dating with a wall up will have a difficult time. Although the opposite – having no boundaries – can also be dangerous. Like most things in life, it’s about finding balance. If you’re selfish, you’ll most likely have difficulty connecting with another person, but if you’re completely selfless, you may be allowing others to walk all over you. Find the healthy balance.

Neely Steinberg

How have apps such as Tinder and online dating sites changed the way of dating?

I think every app or dating site is an opportunity to meet someone, and I’ve heard success stories from just about every dating platform out there. I think some are more conducive to creating committed relationships than others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with different ideas out there to meet people – remember you’re a dating entrepreneur! But certainly, dating apps, such as Tinder, put the focus entirely on looks and can become more of a pastime than a serious way of meeting people.

Apps like Hinge and Bumble are great, but tend to lend themselves to quick text-like communications, which can frustrate many daters. Traditional online dating sites tend to be better, in my opinion (and certainly so for older demographics), in terms of developing more momentum and substance from the start.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d have for singles who are looking for a partner, what would it be?

Get to a place in your life where you like, love appreciate, and respect yourself. Sure, you’ll always have internal challenges, insecurities, and fears, but, for the most part, if you’re in a good place in terms of the way you feel about and see yourself, you’ll have a much easier time attracting (and being attracted to!) someone who not only feels that way about

themselves, but treats you in the way you see yourself – with care, kindness, and respect.

Oh, and always keep hope alive for your love life.

This is the end of our interview with Neely Steinberg. Do not forget to sign up for her free, 3-part video on how to end the cycle of dead-end dating and why you keep attracting the wrong men at thelovetrep.com.

Check back our blog next week and read more interview in our dating coach interview series!

A Guide for the Sugar Baby Novice: How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

by Richard | 11:36 a.m. | October 25th 2016

Part of being a millennial woman is the freedom you can have, if you so choose, to advertise yourself as a sugar baby without the archaic burden of societal shaming, or even disapproving whispers from married friends. On the contrary, if you have married friends whom you can dish to about your sugar daddy adventures, they’ll want to hear all the juicy details.

But alas, you don’t have a sugar daddy - yet. But, you sure as sugar are keen on getting one, and are open to any ideas as to how to do it. After all, the perks of being a sugar baby are many: vacations to Fiji, five-star restaurants you show up to in a shiny black convertible, shopping on 5th Avenue instead of the department store, and perhaps best of all – getting help to pay your bills, or even having them paid completely.

However, if you have yet to score your first sugar daddy, don’t start daydreaming about not ever having to work for the rest of your life quite yet. We all eventually get older, so planning a sugar baby career is really only a 10-year plan, at the very most. Furthermore, you can call yourself a sugar baby all you want, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll likely remain an aspiring one.

Sugar Daddy - by mothership pictures, flickr.com

Sugar Baby Tips – From Profile to First Date

Since we all know that dating sites are the best way to find potential sugar daddy matches, I will spare you that obvious tip. However, how and what to put on your profile(s) can make a big difference in the frequency and types of responses you receive. If you should happen to score a first date, you’ll have far better luck if you know how to play the game and satisfactorily fulfill your end of the arrangement.

1. Don’t post trashy photos.

Most older businesses men want a young, classy woman they can wear as arm candy to dinner and cocktail parties or nights at the casino. They typically do not want jailbait who’s constantly blowing bubbles with her chewing gum and letting everything hang out . So, don’t pose on all fours like you’re in a Playboy shoot. Put away your booty shorts and belly shirts, and opt for gently suggestive photos. Save your fire engine red lipstick, and go for glossy pink lips instead.

2. Always keep your options open

– don’t settle for the first sugar daddy who buys you dinner.
It may take a dozen dates before you find the right guy. For starters, you have to find a man that doesn’t make you inwardly cringe, when you think about sleeping with him. Don’t act out of desperation. Even when you think you’ve found a great arrangement, stay open to other opportunities and dates.

3. Don’t turn him into a boyfriend

– at least not for a long time, and/or unless both of you agree a serious relationship is what you want. These men typically do not want emotional attachment or serious relationships. Keep an air of mystery about yourself – reserve no more than two or three dates per week. If he calls you three times a day, answer only once. Send photos of yourself at a bar with friends, but don’t tell him you usually stay home and watch Netflix while giving yourself a pedicure. Be fun and thrilling – make him eager to see you. Never allow it to become routine.

Sugar Daddy - by Ben Chun, flickr.com

4. Make him anticipate you.

Never, ever give it up on the first date, even if he hands you a wad of cash. Do show some level of physical attention, but build his anticipation with each date, while showing him you have class and self-respect. Let him know you don’t come cheap.

5. Set clear arrangements, but do so delicately.

This part can be tricky. Some dating sites advise to set the terms right away, at the very beginning, so that both parties know exactly what’s expected. Others advise never to talk about money on the first date. I would say, handle this on a case by case basis. If he brings it up, be firm and clear about what you expect, or what you’re looking for. If he seems like he is testing the waters, don’t leap for his wallet in the first ten minutes. However, never sell yourself short or let him take advantage of your time, companionship, and certainly not your body.

Remember that on dating sites, especially when sugar daddies are looking through hundreds of profiles a week – your competition for eliciting private messages is fierce. There are thousands of beautiful young women on the same site, many of whom are educated, refined and cultured. Play up your strong points – your spontaneity, your mystique, your intelligence, and your je ne sais quoi. Finding and keeping a sugar daddy is not like normal dating, and as such, requires a good deal of finesse. As with most things, the more experience you acquire, the better you’ll get at being an enviable sugar baby.

Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Eddy Baller

by Richard | 1:22 p.m. | October 21st 2016

If we are asked what the most important thing in life is, dating and relationships are going to be the answer for so many people. It is human nature to seek relationships with others. Some may do it for fun and some do it to create a new life.

There are not many people in the world who can give better dating advice than top tier dating coaches. They are professionals possessing masterful skill in dating and flirting with all types of people. Not just that, they are best at interpersonal skills as well as philosophy and sociology.

Because of their knowledge, these dating coaches are well-known for bringing a successful dating life to their clients. Our dating coach for today's interview is Eddy Baller from http://ultimatemanbuilder.com/

From his extensive dating experience, Eddy believes that personal development and masculinity are the core part of being a confident man that eventually leads to an awesome relationship.

Let’s hear what he has to say about the life of a dating coach.

What life experience made you decide that you would like to be a dating coach?

Eddy Baller HeadshotIt was a lot of experiences with women. 1000+ dates as well as my personal development experiences which made me a stronger man. I overcame depression and social anxiety as well as some health problems I was going through. It was a long journey but in the end I discovered that I could teach other men what I had learned.

What was your dating life like before you became a dating coach?

It was amazing. That's why I became a dating coach.

How does being a dating coach affect your own love life? Do you apply the same rules and matching techniques to your own dating habits?

I'm not a matchmaker so there are no matching techniques. I teach guys how to overcome their fears and approach the women they'd like to meet. Becoming a dating coach meant that I was talking to and dating even more women than I had previously because I had to demonstrate (approaching) for clients. I always lead by example and this is one of the perks of my work.

Do you have some requirements for your clients?

They have to be in a place in life where they can commit to serious change and training. It takes time to get good at this stuff and to build genuine confidence, so guys who aren't feeling enough pain typically won't commit. They have to really want it.

Is there a universal strategy that works for all dating advices?


Do you have a specific dating advice for BBW?

For large women? Hit the gym and stay away from all processed foods.

Eddy Baller 2

Is there a specific trait that prevents someone from having a successful relation?

For men, it's passivity. The moment the man relinquishes his dominance and leadership is the moment his wife/girlfriend is going to start losing attraction. Too many guys get comfortable taking a backseat in their relationships but women will tire of taking the lead very fast. Soon, they'll be looking for "a real man", meaning a guy who takes charge.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d have for singles who are looking for a partner, what would it be?

You have to take risk and face rejection. There's no way around this if you want to find a great partner. Too many guys settle because they will take whomever shows up in their lives instead of choosing the right women. To find the right woman you have to ut yourself out there, ask different women on dates, and accept that some of them simply won't be interested.

This is the end of our interview with Eddy Baller. Check back our blog next week and read more interview in our dating coach interview series!

Best Christian Dating Sites in 2017

by Vic Corts | 8:38 a.m. | October 11th 2016

Ready to fall in love again? Okay, okay, that is a little bit much, a little bit too quickly. Let us try again. Are you ready to put yourself out there and start dating again? Looking to find someone with the same Christian beliefs, values and interests as you? Mainstream dating sites can be a bit daunting to sift through making it hard to find a couple who share the same faith in God as you.

Christian dating sites allow you to get even more specific and search for people of the same denomination. The following Christian dating sites have made it easy for you to search and find a dating partner. Or at the very least, meet some really interesting people and potential friends with the same believe while trying. Here are a few of our top picks for best Christian dating sites in 2017. 

The following recommendations are based off of a few factors: the fact that these sites have performed well in the past, have a strong database of active people using the site and whether or not they are easy to use and navigate, which makes all the difference. 

Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid is one of the best Christian dating sites out there. In addition to looking and finding love with a future partner, Christian Cupid allows you to connect with people solely with the intention of finding friends who have the same faith. Christian Cupid connects individuals worldwide and is part of a network that has over 30 reputable dating websites. Needless to say, they know what they are doing.

Christian Cupid Homepage

Estrablished in 2000, Christian Cupid have gotten the reputation going for them as they have helped connect over 30 million people from all over the world, specifically in parts of North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They have extremely huge amount of user members and easy to navigate.

ChristianCupid.com develops some of the best features for dating website and is extremely user-friendly. Two of the key factors that make it so friendly and popular are their multilingual interfaces and language translation tools. For this reason alone people have chosen this sight because the have the liberty and the tools that allow them to connect with others from around the world and not just their state or country.

Christian Cupid has a very good security system. As part of their commitment to helping you stay safe, they have implement an advanced fraud prevention system into their network and routinely perform member checks to prevent fake profiles and to ensure that no one has hacked into your account. Christian Cupid is also extremely easy to navigate and has been in operation since 2000.

The Christian Connection

Since its beginning in September of 2000, Christian Connection has won a surprising amount of awards for its incredible online dating presence in the Christian world. It’s latest award was granted by the UK Blog Awards Ceremony in 2016 where it was highly recommended and lauded. News related to this site and its rapid growth have been posted in The Guardian, on BBC, The Huffington Post and The Daily Telegraph. 

Christian Connection Homepage

Part of their success is built off of their continual research. For example, in 2012 Christian Connection conducted the largest survey of single Christians in the UK that has ever been done. They surveyed, talked with and collected the data of over 3,000 singles and took their information and compiled it into something unique, innovative and informative. From these needs an even better and more highly-defined dating site was born, or re-born, to be correct.

This site targets Christian singles of every denomination and every age group and targets, more specifically, the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. There are a few subscription fees that people should be aware with three different types of membership to choose from: basic members, fully paid profile, and a free trial subscription. A free member is only able to navigate the site with limited features and cannot interact much with other singles.

Christian Connection site stands behind their slogan, which is also their belief, that believers tend to make better lovers. When people are rooted deeply into their faith tradition, the site says, everything seems to grow quite beautifully from this strong and comforting foundation.

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe has not had the greatest ratings and reviews throughout the past few years but it seems to be on the rise for the upcoming of 2017. It has definitely had its fair share of successes and has linked together (and even married!) over 25,000 couples since its beginning in 1999. If that doesn’t speak for this site’s success, we don’t know what will. 

Christian Cafe homepage

This site is independently Christian owned, which sets it apart from other sites with a larger member base, and has its roots in small beginnings. It offers its users a free 10 day trial period and then asks you to buy a month-to-month membership after that. 

Christian Cafe, like other Christian dating sites, has expanded itself internationally, allowing Christians to meet Christians from all ends of the world. While it allows its customer base to reach out, literally, to one end of the world, its charm (and success!) is that it allows you to remain connected in a more intimate and private way. Instead of sifting through 150,000 user profiles (in your city!) you have a fewer to choose from. 

Users can be more specific in terms of what they are looking for when it comes to few profiles to sift through. If nothing else, we think that this is a great “wing-man” profile to set up, in addition to using a larger site. Dipping your toes in all types of water is good to get a feel for what types of things you are looking for and what types of things you do not want. 

Christian Lifestyle

Sign up for free and create a basic profile with Christian Lifestyle. If you are looking to get a little more serious, there is a choice to subscribe for a premium package as low as $13.99 (if you purchase a 3 month package up front) for additional tools.

Christian Lifestyle homepage

Christian Lifestyle is one of the fastest growing Christian dating sites and is designed specifically for ages 18 to 55. It targets a more liberal audience than most other Christian dating sites out there and allows people to connect with straight, gay, lesbian, queer and even transgendered individuals from all over the world as Christian Lifestyle operates in over 100 different countries.

This platform is user-friendly with 24/7 support to assist user inquiries and solve any unexpected issues. One of this sites most helpful features, besides its outstanding safety features, is the Rapid Match option. This option lets you view 10 eligible singles each day based on their physical proximity and where they are currently living. Other key features include: an on-site chatroom, audio and visual options for chat, and a communal forum, giving you a lot of options for chatting and interacting with other singles.

Like most other dating sites Christian Lifestyle allows you to look for all of the things that excite you about sharing a future partner. Narrow the search down by looking for things like specific hair colors, eyes, height, age, hobbies, education, denomination, whether or not someone has kids, and so much more.

Good luck and happy dating! There are plenty of great sites out there that will get Christians out there for some fun and healthy dating. God has a plan for each of our lives and we know that this, however it unfolds for you, is a part of something really great. 

Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Larry Euro

by Richard | 8 a.m. | October 7th 2016

If we are asked what the most important thing in life is, dating and relationships are going to be the answer for so many people. It is human nature to seek relationships with others. Some may do it for fun and some do it to create a new life.

There are not many people in the world who can give better dating advice than top tier dating coaches. They are professionals possessing masterful skill in dating and flirting with all types of people. Not just that, they are best at interpersonal skills as well as philosophy and sociology.

Because of their knowledge, these dating coaches are well-known for bringing a successful dating life to their clients. Our dating coach for today's interview is a dating coach and bootcamp instructor in Toronto, Larry Euro from https://larryeuro.com/.

From his extensive experience, Larry has been increasing his customers’ confidence, social and dating skills within only 3 days through his personal one-on-one bootcamp. His strategies have been proven effective that can “take charge of your life” with all types of people in all situations.

Let’s hear what he has to say about the life of a dating coach.

What life experience made you decide that you would like to be a dating coach?

I just realized that this is what I have always been quietly doing in the background all my life. I was advising friends on the topic of women, as well as constantly questioning life in regards to gender dynamics and sexual marketplace. This is just a natural fit for me, paired with my extrovertedness.

What was your dating life like before you became a dating coach?

Larry EuroI started off by being completely oblivious to the signals girls were giving me. More than once did I get invited over to a girl’s place only to go to bed with her, stare at the ceiling for a bit and then turn my back to her and sleep. Then I had the classical case of being a total pushover during my first-ever long-term relationship. This occurred during my college years and I was a completely clueless late bloomer.

How does being a dating coach affect your own love life? Do you apply the same rules and matching techniques to your own dating habits?

It is extremely important to know what’s going on around you, and I am not talking politics or current events. The sexual market is evolving and I am keeping a close eye, so that I don’t ever lose. Relationship game is different nowadays too compared to five or fifty years ago. Being a dating coach does not affect my life, it goes the other way around: I have such a strong interest in interpersonal relationships that I decided to start a business about it.

What is the most important thing when giving relationship advice to your client?

The most important thing is to realize where they are coming from. Some people would have difficulties just ordering coffee and being decisive about it, and speaking legibly. In this scenario, you really have to take a step back and touch on the basics. Other clients are making a killing with online dating but are lacking the body language and verbal skills to initiate street-level contact. I adjust to each client and advise on what’s best for them.

What is the most asked question from your client? And why?

Clients ask a lot of why’s, and the reality is that life is simply random and absurd at times. Live in the now and don’t overthink. At the end it all boils down to action and moving forward.

Do you have some requirements for your clients?

They have to be willing to help themselves and admit their shortcomings. I want to put it out there, I have a never-ending list of shortcomings. I am not as open-minded as I would like to be, get caught up in laziness, selfishness and denial. But they say, the first step to dealing with a personal issue is admitting it. This is what I truly want from clients, to realize where they stand and that there is a long way to go. There is no magic pill or bootcamp for it all.

I also can’t stress enough how important your internal beliefs are. You can wear the most expensive suit or most expensive watch, and still be an incredibly dull and undesirable partner.

Is there a universal strategy that works for all dating advices?

Deep inside, each and every one of us knows exactly what needs to be done. With endless resources on the internet, we just make excuses to not get up and go, and instead read another article or feel-good motivational piece. The truth is, the only way to get better at something is to allocate time and practise it. Just as with playing a guitar or hitting the gym. So if there were a universal advice, that is to stop finding excuses, suppress your ego and start with the ABCs of human interaction.

Larry Euro giving dating advice

Larry Euro gave dating advices on a dating seminar in Toronto to hundreds of people

Do you have a specific dating advice for BBW?

I grew up in a part of the world where the male-female polarity is very strong and evident. I inherited my taste in women from where I was raised, and this entails being pleasant, feminine and with interesting stories to tell. Hence, I advise girls (really any girls, not only BBW) to not be activists for some support group and instead be their best self, do things for the right reasons and not fight others’ battles.

It was a big shock for me once moving from Eastern Europe to North America when I started noticing that many young women are almost ‘possessed’ by certain ideologies. Girls who identify with ‘fat acceptance’ or Slutwalk were evidently not using their own brain, but riding the wave of the feeling of belonging (to said groups) and attention-seeking. Again, my advice is: do things for you.

Is there a specific trait that prevents someone from having a successful relation?

Living in denial and ego. Like I said before, deep inside we all know what the deal is. Men know clearly what it takes to meet a woman, they are just not doing it because they read an article or a statistic that there was another, easier alternative. I also find it disturbing that there is a huge sense of entitlement going around both in men and women, and I think we have to seek a reality check more often as to not be disappointed with our current results. Some men I interact with are so boring and socially uncalibrated when it comes to guy-on-guy interaction, I can only imagine how much worse it gets when talking to women.

How have apps such as Tinder and online dating sites changed the way of dating?

They have certainly provided women with a rich catalog to choose from. One of my female friends was even sorting her matches by income, as the app she used allowed for this. There is something to be said about shifting sexual market values because of the online revolution, but just as with any new phenomena, you can always turn it around to your advantage if you are smart about it. If requested, I provide advice to some of my bootcamp students regarding online dating, and other times over a Skype session.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d have for singles who are looking for a partner, what would it be?

Get up and go. Reading this interview or another feel-good article won’t help, because you are here on your computer and your dream girl is struggling to do her homework in a noisy coffee shop or looking at shoes at the mall. The magic happens only when you leave your doorstep.

Larry showed how to pick up girls naturally in South Korea

This is the end of our interview with Larry Euro. Check back our blog next week and read more interview in our dating coach interview series!

Nerdy Romance and Geeky Dating? Dragonfruit is Specially Crafted for That

by Vic Corts | 8 a.m. | September 27th 2016

dragonfruit logoDragonfruit is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding world of dating apps, which can certainly benefit from a fresh approach to making new connections. It is specially designed for geeks who are in search of friendship and romance.

Being a dating community for geeks, Dragonfruit unites members by their intellectual affinity and enthusiasm for science fiction, fantasy, technology, video games, comics, and similar pursuits.

Unlike other apps that treat dating as endless photo albums organized by demography, Dragonfruit has its unique and appealing features to match the diverse personalities of its userbase. It is available on both iOS and Andriod.

Overcome the Introversion

Introversion was another important aspect given consideration by the Dragonfruit app development team. Quite a few members of the global geek community tend to be drawn in; this is a trait that can be expected when interests and fixations do not line up with those of the general populace. A young woman who is very much into the Star Wars extended universe can be introverted, but this does not make her antisocial.

Dragonfruit helps members overcome introversion by incorporating precious "elements of geekdom" such as digital badges, which resemble achievement badges from role-playing adventure and fantasy games. There are more than 20,000 badges that show members what their romantic prospects are interested in. If a young Star Wars fan also likes to tinker with Android APKs, her badges will attract like-minded individuals.

As long as their enthusiasm is well-represented, geeks will always be gregarious and tolerant; they welcome diversity in their community, and this is something that is reflected within the app. Instead of rigid filtering by ethnicity, age or other demographics, this app allows unrestricted searches augmented by thoughtfully coded algorithms that return matches that are truly compatible with users.

More Than Just Swiping

dragonfruit user profile sampleNaturally, profiles are everything in the online dating world; this is handled with style by the app. Building up a profile entails answering questions about geek subjects that are present in popular culture, for example: Marvel comics, Star Wars, zombie invasions, and other fandoms.

Complete profile personalization and customization are available. Username, photos and background information can be customized to offer a glimpse at individual traits and quirks instead of superficially swiping left or right; Dragonfruit promotes connections on a deeper level.

Support all Types of Relationship

Dragonfruit is not limited to finding geek soulmates and hookups. A special feature of the app is designed to connect users as friends; in fact, quite a few members who are already in relationships can extend their social networks in this fashion. This friendly feature is ideal for people who may be looking for others who are interested, for example, in the Twin Peaks television saga or in obscure board games made in Germany.

Being able to search for friendship or romance based on special interests is a very neat approach to socializing. Above all, Dragonfruit is about having fun while meeting like-minded individuals who are proud to be part of the geek community.

Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Arica Angelo

by Richard | 8 a.m. | September 23rd 2016

If we are asked what the most important thing in life is, dating and relationships are going to be the answer for so many people. It is human nature to seek relationships with others. Some may do it for fun and some do it to create a new life.

There are not many people in the world who can give better dating advice than top tier dating coaches. They are professionals possessing masterful skill in dating and flirting with all types of people. Not just that, they are best at interpersonal skills as well as philosophy and sociology.

Because of their knowledge, these dating coaches are well-known for bringing a successful dating life to their clients. Our dating coach for today's interview is Arica Angelo from http://www.aricaangelo.com/. Because of her passion in sharing dating experience, Arica decided to be a dating coach and started helping hundreds of singles to be successful in love since 2008.

Watch the below video to learn more about her.

What life experience made you decide that you would like to be a dating coach?

I decided to become a Dating Coach back in 2008 after a friend suggested I start writing about my dating experiences since I seemed to find it fun and interesting.

I had been in a 7 year marriage and found myself single, in a brand new city with very few friends. To me dating was the vehicle I decided to use to rebuild my new life, rediscover who I was and who I wanted to be.

Come to find out, it was one hell of a ride and so I took my friend up on their suggestion and started writing about it.

What I thought would be simple blogs, turned out to leading me to a path as a Dating Coach. I didn’t even know they existed!

What was your dating life like before you became a dating coach?

My dating life was a blast, with some schooling that had to be had early on. A buddy of mine took my under his wing and taught me the “ropes” of dating. Thanks to him, he taught me what guys meant when they did certain things, what pitfalls to avoid and when a guy was being an asshole and to run like hell.

After having a few bumps and bruises, it became an adventure from there. I was able to learn so much about myself by going out on dates and hearing other people’s stories. I learned what I liked, what I couldn’t stand and what I wanted more of.

How does being a dating coach affect your own love life? Do you apply the same rules and matching techniques to your own dating habits?

Arica Angelo, the dating coachBeing a dating coach affected my love life when the guys I dated got insecure about it. However, the confident ones weren’t affected by it. In terms of my relationships, it’s forced me to get real answers for myself. I feel a keen sense of responsibility with what I do for people, so I remain vigilant to what’s going on inside of me and finding answers for myself, in hopes to give my answers away to my clients.

Do I follow the same rules? Yes and no. Yes because I emphasize heavily on being vulnerable. It’s become part of my makeup so I’ll always do my best to be true to that aspect. In terms of not applying my own rules, I will always be my own guinea pig.

With that said, I’m always stretching things and crossing boundaries. I want to find new rules. If I’m giving the same rules 5 years later, that means I haven’t grown and my clients won’t grow as a result. That to me is unacceptable.

What is the most important thing when giving relationship advice to your client?

The most important thing when I’m giving relationship advice to my clients is to make sure I’m hearing their story and that I follow my intuition. There is no one path for every client. Every person is unique and so my advice needs to be unique to their needs. Following my intuition keeps me vigilant to giving them the advice that will give them the answers they’re searching for.

What is the most asked question from your client? And why?

Everyone wants to know why they haven’t found their someone. Essentially they’re asking “What’s wrong with me?” and “What I’m doing wrong?” We’re used to getting what we want, when we want. Love doesn’t work that way. Nine out of 10 times, it’s an inside job. It’s my job to hold the flashlight to what’s going on inside and shine light into it.

Do you have some requirements for your clients?

My requirements are that my clients can follow direction and remain pliable. If someone is stubborn and set in their ways, it’s a deal breaker. My advice to them is stay single and hope some push over will put up with their crap.

Is there a universal strategy that works for all dating advices?

Arica AngeloThe universal strategy that works for all dating advice is to really love yourself and love yourself damn well. The challenge is it’s a challenge. We’re taught to bully ourselves more than love ourselves. Everyone thinks it’s such a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. It works and invites real love in your life, period.

Do you have a specific dating advice for BBW?

My advice for BBW is to fall in love with you. Love the parts that bring you true joy and if there’s an area you’re not satisfied with, focus to get your desired results. But do not hold someone else accountable for your validation. Validate yourself, it’s your job and you’re worth it! That advice is for everyone.

Is there a specific trait that prevents someone from having a successful relation?

Stubbornness and an inability to forgive is the quickest way to stay single. Some people take pride in these so-called “traits” thinking they make them strong. BS. Those two traits make you lonely.

How have apps such as Tinder and online dating sites changed the way of dating?

Dating apps have taken away peoples excuses. In the past, singles used to always complain to me that there was no one in their area. Now we’re complaining there are too people. Quit complaining and get out there and date. Let go of your agenda and take the time to enjoy the people you date.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d have for singles who are looking for a partner, what would it be?

The one piece of advice I have for singles that are looking for a partner is get real with yourself.

Be honest with yourself, do you really want a partner or is it pressure from society or time? Ask yourself how great your relationships are with the people around you? Chances are if you’re struggling with the relationships around you, you have some work to do and a new partner won’t alleviate that.

If the answer is still yes, then start taking chances. Get out and date. Take good care of yourself and love yourself very well in the process. Keep your heart and mind open. Don’t dictate your journey, because that will get you frustrated from 0-100 real quick. Let go, breathe and find what you enjoy about the people that come across your path. This type of momentum and genuine curiosity sets you up to meet your partner when you least expect it!

Contact Arica Angelo

This is the end of our interview with Arica Angelo. Check back our blog next week and read more interview in our dating coach interview series!