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The Subtle Art of Mastering Tinder

by Jesse Quinn | 5:04 a.m. | October 23rd 2014

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Players and power daters can rejoice in the birth of Tinder. This application has truly upgraded the male capacity to unrelentingly score with legions of stunning women. The old ways of seeking cute girls in person are over! It cannot be overstated how transcendental this program is for hooking up, but first, here are the basics: 

After being developed by InterActiveCorp, it was given a limited run on college campuses. The first test launch occurred in May 2011. This successful implementation started with a legendary pilot run at the University of Southern California. Because the program has gained extreme popularity, a lot of people want to take credit for its inception. As a result, there are conflicting accounts within the official narrative, but an emerging consensus is that it was made by an expert team of thinkers comprised of Jonathan Badeen, Christopher Gulczynsk, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz and Whitney Wolfe

The application's clever name refers to kindling that ignites the first sparks of an intense burning fire. This apt metaphor suits the matchmaking arena masterfully. It adeptly functions on both Android and Apple iOS. Tinder’s universal compatibility with the most prevalent mobile gadgets has enshrined critical acclaim for its ability to unlock massive audiences of single daters. With humble grassroots origins, the website quickly gained notoriety and a global user base. 

Tinder rapidly received recognition for its ability to make compatible pairs for short-term flings, long-term affairs, friendships and online connections of all sorts. For the most part, the app relies on Facebook information to locate possible candidates for prospective meetings. In just two short years, the service has accumulated over 10 million users on a daily basis. This huge digital gathering is bolstered by the inclusion of 24 different languages. Foreign fancies are all part of the formula with this software.


The Anatomy of Tinder

Society is witnessing a revolutionary mechanism in the way applications work. Tinder’s home page is concise and engaging. The core function relies on swiping. Profile pictures are displayed in a fascinating game of sorts. Swiping an image to the right signals attraction, and a match is triggered when both participants slide in this direction; however, a dash to the left equals rejection. If either party decides the other is unworthy, all it takes to say no is a single motion. A chat box opens immediately after two members simultaneously swipe positive affirmations.

The Settings tab is remarkably convenient. Options that can be adjusted here include gender preferences (get this one right!), desired age range and geographic proximity. Notification preferences can also be altered here. To get the fastest access to booty, keep the push notification for matches turned on. 

Before this crafty menu can be reached, registration is required. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  • Step 1: Download the App
  • Step 2: Enter Facebook
  • Step 3: Clean Up Profile (It will be used, so fix it beforehand)
  • Step 4: Enter Tinder Profile Details
  • Step 5: Tweak Settings
  • Step 6: Start Swiping and Chatting
  • Step 7: Get Laid Tonight


Who Uses Tinder and Why

Image credit: AntonioDiaz - Fotolia.comTinder is where the sexy single ladies congregate these days. Titillating goddesses of all ages use this site to have sex with the strangers they meet. There are countless curious whims that can be indulged, and the demographics feature a shocking amount of insatiably horny women. To be blunt, there has never been so much accessible pussy in one place. These girls practically get wet on command, especially for those that know the tools of the Tinder trade. 

Wonderfully, there are also a lot of innocent 18 year olds signing up on their birthdays. Tinder has become so notorious that teenagers are anxiously anticipating the day it becomes legal for them to use it. As their registration indicates, they are looking for a truly fun and filthy initiation. College girls also regularly employ the application to fill their study breaks. 

The fun is not limited to vivaciously young broads either. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few cougars and MILFs to score with. These mature dames are intuitively experienced in the ways of pleasure, but they are also always on the lookout for something new and exciting. This combination elicits deep carnal connections that are unrivaled among general matchmaking services. Tourists also enjoy the application in abundance. It gives them a chance to really get a taste of the local flavor. With Tinder, lovers arrive from all parts of the world. 

In short, almost everyone uses Tinder. The range of viable arrangements covers virgin schoolgirls to well-versed divorcees. Fantasy is now a reality as the girl in the screen comes to life. Sex is not the only attraction either. Many girls are simply looking for companionship. Some of the cuties are purely in it for the tease, but most of them follow through with fiery fervor.


Tinder Updates and Portrayal in Media 

Tinder has totally gone mainstream, too. A lot of well-known reputable news sites have embraced the application's culture. Huffington Post has a funny fat suit exposé; meanwhile, Independent presents another Gentleman’s Guide (but it’s not as good as this one). 

The smoothest guys can even bag celebrity hook-ups. Even the Italian media is talking about it. Apparently, lucky guys have spotted the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry using the application. A-list actresses and singers need some Tinder love and care. On the other end of the spectrum, even Bill Murray is offering his opinion of Tinder to TIME Magazine, but he is probably not searching for his own “Tinderella”. 

News reports have started circulating about a premium Tinder service that is about to launch. Starting in November it will be possible for subscribers to arrange lovers in advance of their travels. Currently, matches are limited to present GPS results, but this advancement will change everything. As a consequence, winter vacations are going to be extra special this year.


How to Get the Most out of Tinder 

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1. There are three T's to Tinder: Travel, Travel and Travel! (However, those hoping for tits and tight tushies will not be disappointed.) The easiest way to diversify potential matches is by testing the application in distant regions. To illustrate how much difference a change in setting makes, just imagine the differences between girls from Texas and California. Both are nice with proper expectations in place. 

Ultimately, a large percentage of the Tinder population is consistently on the move. This means a lot of the intimate meetings are opportunities that only occur once in a lifetime. Exotic tourists are always stopping by in different places, and this might be their only night in town. Commonly, two people even find out that they are staying at the same hotel or hostel. This makes getting laid as easy as literally going straight down the hallway.
2. Learn the lingo: The three most favorable letters to look for are definitely DTF. Seek out girls that proudly proclaim this notion. For those out of the loop, this stands for "Down to Fuck." No elaboration is needed once this declaration is made, and these feisty girls know how to get straight to the point. 

Contrarily, the most dreaded acronyms are a tie between WTF and GTFO. Surprisingly, a few guys don't even know what LOL means. Failing to embrace the simplest phrases of the digital era signals a man that is too out of touch. Never ask for clarification of an acronym. Look it up quickly instead and respond as if you already knew what she meant. 

A good response to LMAO might be, "Well, put it back on because you might need it later." Follow it with a winking smile for maximum effect. Insert this kind of sly entendre whenever possible. Tinder girls don’t expect guys to be artful all the time, but a witty remark can distinctively separate one from the crowd of bumbling dummies. 

Emoticons will make a positive impression if used sparingly. An occasional smiley is much more impactful than a non-stop barrage of winks.
3. Maximize the advantages of coaxing access to naughty picture libraries. Avid Tinder ladies are known to be armed with a repertoire of sultry pictures available upon request. The sexy shots always show off their finest angles. A lot of the babes are horny enough to share full nudes and compromising sexual content. It can be said from professional experience that female masturbation videos are becoming delightfully prevalent. 

If a girl brings up a special talent, it is time to take her up on the offer by asking for proof in the form of a picture or video. She most likely would not be mentioning her knack for dirty fun without expecting to give any evidence. Many times, the naughty documentation has already been made and is ready for distribution. In other instances, she may retort with a welcome invitation to demonstrate her knack for sensual creativity in person. This can only spell good news. 

4. Accept rejection and dish it out evenly. Maintaining high standards is clever in the long run, but it might require some patience. Still, it is a better alternative than settling for an affair that might be regretted. The best part is that poor choices are few and far between. This is because the interface knows everyone quite well, and it specializes in masterfully arranging decadent affairs. While the beauties are rated mostly for appearances, their willingness to put out seems to be factored into the equation as well. 

Speedy rejections may be gratifying in the short-term, but who really wants to spend another night alone when horny girls are just begging to have fun? When swiping through possible matches, a lot of faces pop up. It may be fun to stamp them with a “No” right away, but hastiness might actually be a bad move. Have a couple of drinks before turning down a sassy woman just for her profile picture. She might be a lot nicer looking in person.

5. Be honest. Lies get guys nowhere. Misconceptions about height and age will be hugely detrimental. It is smart to simply own any conceived faults. Sometimes, they can work out to a man's advantage. For example, there is no reason to be shy about baldness; in fact, a lot of really hot girls find a shaved head to be a gigantic turn on. In the same vein, telling the truth about age can even lead to amazing relationships with young girls that desire a distinguished silver fox in the bedroom. 

6. Make an effort to not reply immediately every time. This will cultivate a persona of alluring mysteriousness. Slowing down the messaging process also gives men a chance to see if their match is truly intrigued. If she is truly feeling the need to get intimate, the messages will keep coming to make sure a disconnection hasn’t occurred. It can make them feel like they’re being overly talkative, which is a great position to place them in. This situation makes them feel slightly embarrassed from seeming too fast or desperate, so they will be eagerly waiting for evidence otherwise. Here’s proof of how it works. 

These actual messages started coming in from a girl that was too hot to be in anybody’s league. This angelic creature was simply gorgeous beyond belief. Coming up with articulate responses was difficult just gazing at her luscious features and plump curvature. The distractions slowed down all responses, but this worked to an ultimate advantage. 

She started with, “God I love a man that cooks.” (Note the reference to an activity that was listed in hobbies and shown in pictures.)

After a few minutes she received, “Good, because I love a lady with an appetite.”

The onslaught quickly followed. First, she sent: “Give me everything on the menu.” Before any response could be crafted, she added: “I’ll try a little of everything.” After that, it was, “I bet you could really fill me up.” This was coupled with, “I can give you a tasty treat too.” After almost 10 minutes without an acknowledgement, she quipped, “It appears I might have run my mouth off a little long. I tend to get carried away and go on forever. Sorry.” 

This was the moment to pounce! “You can get carried away with your mouth anytime, there’s nothing to be sorry about. Can you really go on forever? That would be amazing. But I’m more than a little long...” Without going into details, this exchange culminated in a transcendental session of oral sex within the same hour, and that was just the start. Dinner soon followed.

7. Derogatory terms should rarely be used, but certain words elicit powerful responses in a playful context. In fact, a ton of feminists have embraced the terms "slut" and "bitch". If spoken with permission, these phrases can enhance the flirtatious dialogue. In fact, it is the antiquated lingo that can get a guy in trouble. Old-fashioned phrases like "darling" and "dear" are out of touch in today's hook-up world. Indeed, many of these women are self-described sluts, and they are looking for attractive males to certify this status. Despite their knack for naughty language, these women consider themselves to be liberated, educated and uninhibited. 

Sexual undertones are inevitable, so guys that are with the program have to know how to go with the flow. Even without trying to invoke double entendre, it is going to happen anyway. The smartest route is to casually embrace it. Watch how it works: 

"Do you mind if I come over?" 

"I'd prefer it if you came under." 

"I'll be there soon. But it's cold outside." 

"That's why you should come inside." 

"Should I wrap up?" 

"Only for the cold baby, not for me ;)" 

8. Communication has never been so open and expressive. This unrestrained outlet for written discourse allows pairs to discover the goodies before any investment is made. Guys should be tactfully clear about their interests. Girls will happily reciprocate this ability to discuss erotic impulses without shame or judgment. It really is a beautiful thing. Straightforwardness is absolutely the norm here. Being blunt works unexpectedly well, but only if the crass statements are accompanied by a smoldering profile picture. Overall, images speak louder than words on Tinder. Choosing a tactful assortment of pics is a complex art, but the entire process is demystified below.

Do you have a love story related to Tinder? Don't just keep it to yourself. Contact us to write for the Cupid's Library community and help share knowledge for the benefit of all. We are waiting to share your story!

Tips & Strategies for Choosing the Best Display Photos

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1. Emphasize a sensitive nature to increase approachable appeal. With pictures that showcase personal interests and pastimes, it is always wise to strike a perfect balance between unique and relatable. Images illustrating joyous interactions with animals can be a huge plus, but pictures snapped with children for the same purpose can backfire. Their youthful appearance makes men look older by comparison no matter what, and it can be impossible to dispel the notion of being tied down by fatherhood even if the kid belongs to someone else.

With pets, the animal in question is important. Kittens and puppies are chick magnets. These traditional choices are usually the best options for attracting stable females. Men that show off obscure wildlife are bound to earn the notice of weirder females. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to be aware of. Mainly, anything too far out of the ordinary will merely make it look like the guy is trying too hard. This damning impression cannot be shaken off, so it’s wise to maintain realistic settings and occurrences. Staged pictures are a terrible idea because they only present a stiff caricature instead of sensitivity.

2. Mix up debonair appearances frequently. Show a variety of facial expressions. A common mistake that guys make typically involves striking the same smile in every picture despite partaking in a multitude of activities. Women find a limited emotional capacity to be a major turn off in any venue, and Tinder girls are no different. Utilize a variety of different styles and looks. Try not to repeat outfits within the library of uploaded pictures. Even if the suit is dashing, it should not be shown more than once. A lack of varied fashions will be severely unappetizing.

Also, get a haircut. It will show. Girls can subconsciously detect the effort, and it will be duly rewarded.

3. This tenet cannot be stressed enough: Be self-possessed and dominant. Sexy ladies have a tendency to go for an alpha male, so a smart dude will include pictures of social situations that clearly depict them being the center of attention. Commanding a large audience in a respectful manner will quickly woo these divas' hearts and wet their panties. There are a lot of professions and hobbies that enable this desirable perception quickly. For example, professors are lucky to have subordinate students on hand to pose for this kind of picture any time. Anyone that occupies a leadership role should use the authority to get action. This kind of Darwinian scenario cannot be faked!

4. Unspoken protocol dictates that every guy should post a shirtless photo. One is usually enough or two if there is a lot of muscular definition to capture. Anyone offering more than a pair of bare torso photos will find the outcomes unfavorable. Shirtless photos should usually not be selfies. It is much better to display a hot bod in natural settings. An easy way to accomplish this feat is by photographing casual times at the beach or pool. Bonus points will be earned if less attractive individuals of the same gender are framed in the shot. A little uneven juxtaposition never hurt anybody (except the other guy, but it’s his fault for being chubby).

Manscaping should probably be discussed here, too. Overall, basic grooming skills are a must, but any excessive involvement with the hobby may be construed as narcissism. The bottom line is that all body hairs should be kept clean and tidy. Girls might leave if they uncover an unruly jungle below the belt. To indicate that everything is finely coiffed, show off a trimmed line of hair descending from the belly button into the pants. This primed packaging will entice ladies by letting them know the goods are in perfectly presentable condition. If managing the body hair is too much work, just get a wax treatment already. It will have the same illustrious effect and appeal.

5. About dirty photos: While these are not necessarily included in the display photos up front, they are still an indispensible piece of a man’s arsenal on Tinder. Expert care and precision must be utilized while handling personal nude photos. Men expecting to receive erotic content must be willing to provide such compromising material in return. 

Unless the guy in question is packing considerable heat, full-frontal pictures might be a bad move. Size queens will discard all details in favor of the biggest Johnson, so those with average-sized members should keep them mostly concealed. A good workaround for this can be found through wearing tight underwear that is structured to provide maximum package lift. 

Those that are unusually well-endowed will have their pick of the litter. This might not seem fair at first, but the same reasoning applies for the women with the biggest bosoms. It's just the way things are, but the system works out pretty well for most. 

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Although it seems like a safe haven for buxom broads to post amateur pornography of themselves, the Tinder culture is actually a lot richer. Most digital platforms treat lewd media like the final product, but it is only the start of erotic adventures here. This evolved conceptualization of free love has created a notorious media reputation.

6. Use subtle accessories to flaunt wealth and status. A little bling can go a long way, so resist the urge to overdo it on the jewelry. A simple gold chain or diamond earring will do the trick. Too much flair can manifest a feminine appearance, and this will leave ladies running for the hills. A guy should never have more jewels than his woman. This is cocky, selfish and backwards.

Make sure to include at least one full body shot. This will quickly confirm details about height and weight, but the most crucial benefit of this picture comes from the capacity to illustrate a powerhouse fashion ensemble. Women place a lot of importance on the social value of good shoes, so the fanciest leather kickers in the wardrobe should be worn in this photo. After being nearly naked in some other scans, being dressed to the nines will actually be quite refreshing.

7. Stay current. Submitting outdated pictures is a distasteful faux pas. Guys expect the same decency of women to post current pictures of their bodies, but they often fail to return the favor. A good rule of thumb is the two-month rule. Any image that is over two months old should be excluded from use on Tinder. This is because so many little transformations can occur in just eight weeks. The only way to prevent disappointed gals is by showing them what they are getting right from the start. Facebook profile integration can often disprove content in poorly manufactured profiles, so honesty expectations are uniquely necessary in the realm of display pictures. Speaking of Facebook: Un-like old interests, and clean up the relationship section.

If a girl is planning a date with a 20 year-old, the man arriving at age 40 is going to be an unwelcome sight. Pretending that the pictures are current will only make her aggravation worse upon meeting. This kind of encounter should be avoided altogether. There are a lot of fine sweethearts out there that need an older man's touch, but they are being deprived while the mature fellows chase disinterested divas with deception. Break this cycle immediately. Advertise a grey receding hairline, and a supple sugar baby might just appear out of thin air. 

8. This is a very important rule: Nix the party photos! It is an undeniable fact that goddesses avoid men that might embarrass them, so attempts to show laid back fun can fail by indicating a willingness to make a complete fool of oneself. Promptly remove any content that appears slobby or immature. Intoxication is a bad move, especially when illegal drugs are involved. No one wants to get busted because of Tinder. Photographically documented inebriation will sacrifice any pretense of being classy. Images showing interactions with other women are also heavily discouraged. For some inexplicable reason, too many Tinder guys decide to include a shot of themselves being enamored with a scantily clad companion. These photos even depict a mindless stare at a rack or derriere. Then, they have the nerve to wonder why they don’t get any action. The gall is hilarious and appalling.


Cardinal Rules When Using Tinder: A Do’s and Don’ts Strategy Guide to Deploy 

Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.netDos:

1. Do discuss fetishes beforehand. No one likes being surprised with an unexpected kink. Keep it simple and don't act like disinterest with the particular activity is a complete deal breaker. Remember, the weirder the request, the harder it will be to find a receptive audience. This is not to say that a responsive female is impossible to find for certain non-vanilla engagements; however, it will be much easier to find amicability if the fetish is common. For example, a foot fetish is much easier to satisfy than humiliation, but there is more than one dominatrix out there too. 

2. Do everything to project an image of confidence and self-assuredness. Women find it irresistible when a man seems to have everything in his life under control. Ironically, this drives them out of control (in a good way). Paying attention to all of the little details is the best way to impress.

It is also witty to employ the humble bragging technique. This method eschews pompousness and arrogance, traits which can unfortunately be misconstrued with confidence. Basically, all it takes is a statement of face-value humility that actually turns out to contain tidbits that accentuate status and self-worth. This approach has been tested through actual conversations. Here is one anonymous one that led to some serious action: 

“I’m not that special. I’m sure a lot of guys out there spend their time volunteering and giving money to charity. I just like helping the needy, so to speak, but that doesn’t make me more important than anyone else.”

Let us analyze all of the incredible angles covered by this smooth, yet self-deprecating line. Initially, it indicates a casual demeanor combined with approachable kindness and soft-hearted tenderness. Then, it implies a lot of free time and money, which obviously worked to the man’s benefit. Then, it invites a favorable comparison against every other dude in existence. Finally, the self-referentially open-ended phrase about liking to help welcomes some flirty innuendo in return.

Sure enough, the response was: “I’m needy. Would you volunteer to help me?” 

Things escalate to a steamy level after merely asking, “What do you need, babe?” 

“…For you to fill this.” Needless to say, it was soon accompanied by a picture of her panties being delicately pulled down to reveal a divine destination. 

3. Do stay prompt and courteous. The main way to do this is by never waiting more than 24 hours to initiate a hook up. Exceeding this time period basically hits the reset button on the flirtations. This happens because every evening is a race. Once there is a possibility that she has slept with someone else, the entire accord has to start over. 

To simplify this concern, get her correspondence off Tinder eventually. This will prevent cross-interference with future hook-up partners while still using the service for new game. Collecting personal contact information is a great way to establish progress, but being pushy is not recommended. If this step does not arise naturally, the union sadly may not be fated. 

One truly sensational aspect of Tinder is the proverbial two-line pick-up. With a dash of luck, guys can get in the door with a single line and its response. Here's how its happened once before: 

"That little dress fits you perfectly." 

"I got something little that will fit you perfectly too." 

Boom! That is all it took to get to the next level. 

4. Do be proactive and smart. Prospective partners want to start a passionate fling, not a family! Since there is really no way to verify birth control status, protection is recommended. If she can provide a clean bill of sexual health in tandem with an IUD plate, then feel free to bareback by all means. It should not have to be stated, but many guys do not learn this lesson until it happens the hard way: Do not get anyone pregnant! This spells the end of hooking up forever. To stave off this destiny, it’s best to get a vasectomy to remove the risk entirely. 

5. Do deliver. Some of these girls are dying to get laid, and their expectations are high. Disappointed lasses will speak loud and clear. A reputation for prudishness or impotence will last long. On the other hand, guys that duly satisfy their Tinder dates usually find more girls becoming interested. 

This rule does not just pertain to erogenous enjoyment; in fact, the tenet of fulfilling promises applies to every element of the interaction. For example, an offer to dance cannot be revoked. Men that cannot groove should avoid implying any rhythmic activities other than sex. Another bad move is to back out of cooking after talking up culinary skills. After all the impressive chatter, ordering food will be a colossal disappointment. The only delivery should be of the guarantees granted beforehand.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.netDon'ts: 

1. Don't start with obscene picture requests. Be grateful for any erotic content, but avoid treating them with disrespect. Those only looking for an endless plethora of naked photos might want to migrate elsewhere. There is a lot of raunchy material, but it is only intended as build up for something more. The pictures simply allow people to forge a deeper bond before meeting in person. Because they effectively establish primal intimacy, they are a perfect gateway to getting laid. It cannot be stressed enough that these girls should not be treated like webcam models. They are not getting paid for sharing their sexy images; instead, they're trying to uncover a raw mutual attraction for some passionate encounters. 

2. Try not to use the application in local regions too frequently. There are a lot of potential conflicts that can occur from relying on Tinder for hometown hook-ups. The biggest issue might be running into friends and family. Because the application utilizes transparency to amplify search engine power, everyone that a guy finds online can find him as well. This can create an outcome of being exposed as a serial dater. Spouses can find out they are being cheated on, and family members will be quickly disillusioned to their son’s chastity and pure nature. Confidential information should be kept for actual hook-ups instead of being advertised within a profile. Even if it turns out that there is no one familiar on Tinder, avid users of the program can quickly exhaust their town’s supply of horny girls. To keep variety flowing, this app should be used in a different location every night. This allows a guy to be a newcomer in an area with a stale male market. When a lone hot man suddenly appears in a repetitively dull field of average Joes, the ladies jump on him with fiery ferocity. 

3. Don't be stuck up or condescending. The nature of the app's rejection interface takes care of saying no, so focus on looking for positive experiences. Word spreads fast about mean guys, and this can lead to an unofficial blacklist among the babe community. Avoid negging like a pick-up artist. The opposite approach is much nicer and more effective. Offering small compliments can open the door for unbelievable raunchy flings. For example, “I really like your make-up,” was once greeted with by, “Really? I think I need more cream in my foundation.” She was only 18, but she followed through on her subtle suggestion with the conviction of a much more experienced woman. 

4. Don't demand a home meeting immediately. Asking a girl to come directly to a guy's place can be too overt. It may even seem a tiny bit creepy. Similarly, requesting to go straight to her home is also a no-no. Although the date may eventually lead to one of these locations (or preferably a hotel), it is safest to conduct the original in-person introduction at a public location in the daytime. 

5. Don't expect commitment and don't meddle with couples. These paths only spell disaster. This is simply not a destination for monogamy; in truth, it is closer to the reverse. Expecting a girl on Tinder to be faithful is very similar to falling in love with a stripper - it’s just not the right dynamic. Also, hot couples may be on tinder advertising their open status, but there can be a lot of drama involved. Unless cuckolding or group sex is of particular interest, stay away from ladies that aren’t truly single. Available women are plentiful, so there is no need to step into this trap. One more thing: never give gifts!


Final Words and Wisdom 

Using Tinder is like the upgraded version of picking up chicks at the bar. Modern technology has truly enhanced mankind’s ability to get down with an endless variety of horny ladies. Their proclivities are exquisitely open-minded, which makes their fine bodies willing and pliable. There is no reason to hesitate when it comes to using Tinder. Meetings are kept private, and members are known to have an unspoken agreement that emphasizes tacitly remaining discreet at every juncture. 

The pitfalls of traditional pick-up venues are dreadfully exposed when compared to the cutting-edge convenience of Tinder. First of all, it was formerly impossible to see a girl in the buff before taking her home from the club; now, it is possible to browse through her naked photos at ease. Having access to this tantalizing material up front creates an environment of increased acceptance once the union is being consummated. Disappointment is ruled out because there are no secrets being kept under the clothes.

With a proper understanding of the application, guys can really start racking up conquests. By taking the right approach, the numbers will accumulate fast. Soon it will be impossible to keep track of how many luscious ladies have been personally ravaged thanks to Tinder. More than a few of them are sure to come back for another romp, especially if they were given a good time during the first go around.

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This is truly the future of sexual matchmaking. The capacity to fulfill fantasies is endless. Dry spells are over once and for all. Tinder makes it possible to never spend another night alone. Sexing new potential hook-ups can occupy any player’s attentions during the rare times a Tinder girl is not lounging in their bed. All seven nights of the week can be spent with just as many exotic companions (or more!).

Do you have a love story related to Tinder? Don't just keep it to yourself. Contact us to write for the Cupid's Library community and help share knowledge for the benefit of all. We are waiting to share your story!

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