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Dating While Gaming

by Fran Ralston | 10:19 a.m. | April 22nd 2013

If you're the kind of gamer geek who has dating pet peeves, then here's a chance to virtually practice your dating skills. 

Age of Wushu introduces online dating. Together with other new features such as factions and an active weather system, online dating is now available to Chinese servers as of press time.

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Small details such as proposing, engagement process, wedding banquet etc are all included, which makes the whole experience more authentic. And of course, choosing the right date for the big occasion!

Partner selection – There will be a NPC to handle choosing of the suitable bride. It is something like the modern dating websites, where details of the players such as hobbies, habits etc can be seen. Players will search via this NPC to find his or her preferred in-game spouse. Female players can indicate they are looking for the suitable groom, while the male players can send confessions through.

Click here for a brief look at how the whole dating thing looks like.

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