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On this page you'll find Asian Senior Personals reviews, as well as information about costs and subscriptions for a Asian Senior Personals membership. In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up Asian Senior Personals promo codes and coupons here as well.

by reviewAsian women are like fine wine in the sense that they get better with age. This is why is my hot spot for dating. 

The Site’s Main Objective

These are my golden years, and I want to spend them with a like-minded lady of a similar background. Asian people are commonly subjugated in mainstream society, so it is hard for us to meet through regular venues, especially as we age. I thank God, or Buddha and Krishna, for the golden age of the Internet. Online dating for seniors makes connecting with romantic partners affordable at any age. 

I'll be mathematical for a second. I paid $13.33 for my premium membership here, and I met 10 women in my first month alone. That equals $1.33 per date. My friends, has sex or romance ever been this inexpensive? It's like finding love at a dollar store, which is my first date stop anyway. These gals truly admire my frugality! 

I know for a fact that little old Asian ladies are the cutest people on Earth. Also, science says they live longer than anybody else. If you want a companion for the rest of your life, you can't go wrong with an Asian sweetheart. They also take care of their bodies better than other ethnicities, which mean these girls stay thin and petite forever. 

Overall, Asian women have a profound sense of propriety and respect. They are often considered favorable for being faithful and quiet. While this stereotype is not always true, I've met more than a few that wanted to be dedicated housewives. 

What You Will Find

At, I sometimes spend hours swiping through adorable pictures of elderly Asian ladies via Rapid Swipe. I add many of them to my Little Black Book, and the “Send a Flirt” function allows me to introduce myself without any effort. Uploading profile pictures is fun and basic. It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression, especially if you are a charmingly dapper man like me.

example of member probile in

A bunch of the promotional imagery showcases grey-haired octogenarians, but most of the crowd here is actually around 50 years old. It is a known phenomenon that people lie about their age on dating sites, but it usually involves people trying to appear younger; in contrast, the opposite is true here. Everyone is trying to look older than they actually are, and I was surprised to see some of these young ladies identifying as seniors. They might as well be spring chickens to me. 

I think this age deception is based on the notion that many Asian cultures directly associate the elderly with wisdom. It is either that, or they are looking for an Asian sugar daddy! I can't blame them for that either, especially since I am personally seeking an Asian sugar mama. 

Oddly, there were some old Russians on here too. I guess their country is technically in both Europe and Asia, but they are not what people typically consider Asian. Their presence was peculiar and unwelcome! 

Rating and Popularity

It's quite amazing to see all the women from my generation using this site.  "Asian" is such a broad term, and I wish there was a way to sort by nationality. Not to be weird, but the cultural overlap between different Asian countries is minimal at best. A lot of us don't get along. For example, I'm Japanese, and my people have contentious relationships with China, Korea and pretty much all of Asia for whatever reasons. All I am saying is that sometimes I want to look for Japanese people exclusively; however, this is not all the time. Why would I deprive myself of ripened goddesses from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India? The answer is: I wouldn’t. 

I was relieved by this community’s lack of racism. Other Asian dating sites treat us like a dirty fetish; on the other hand, this site caters to wisdom, maturity and understanding. Still, it’s not perfect. Here’s how one misguided lady in this community phrased her desires: "I'm looking for my mellow yellow fellow!" I told this rude woman that she would be better off dating a banana. Still, she was definitely an exception to the rule here. Everyone has a proud identity that they express fully, and the whole community instills a beautiful sense of rich heritage. 

In a sexual sense, these women are not timid. Asian women bring out the claws right after menopause. It's time to take the Far East down south at Asian Senior Personals.

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