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On this page you'll find Black Senior Personals reviews, as well as information about costs and subscriptions for a Black Senior Personals membership. In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up Black Senior Personals promo codes and coupons here as well.


Black Senior Personals reviewMinorities have a hard time when it comes to dating. All of the major venues still seem to favor the status quo. As an aging man of African heritage, I have turned to the Web for love. So far, my best bet has been Black Senior Personals

The Site’s Main Objective

Once I found this location, I was quickly enticed by the beautiful ladies. I paid $13.33 for a premium membership, and the extra features were well worth the cost. 

Rapid Match presents an easy way to explore possible matches. Profile pictures are presented with two options: Pass or Fail. Everyone that is given the green light will be used to determine future dating preferences, and these individual members are streamlined for inclusion into the Favorites and Little Black Book sections. 

I uploaded my dashing profile pictures, and I was soon greeted with positive responses from these bubbly divas. One of them even told me, "You look like an old Barack Obama!" My response was: "You look like a young Queen Latifah." She really looked more like Whoopi Goldberg, but I wanted to be polite. 

African women already tend to have bigger butts than the other girls, and this arena boasts an endless supply of bodacious booty. I've noticed that these ladies err on the chubby side, and the extra curves are always divine. These soul sisters know how to drop it at any age. 

Here is a little secret: These women know how to cook up a bonanza. In America, it is hard to find a woman that cooks my native cuisine. Finding genuine African feasts was a sincere bonus of signing up here. The ladies are also fine delicacies themselves. 

The Founder has been operated for over a decade as part of the Dating Affiliate Network. As a long-standing Internet organization, they have propagated romance around the world. Most public records show that their offices are in Florida. They have achieved international popularity with their affordable matchmaking services. 

What You Will Find

The members here are mostly in their mid-50s; however, more than a few of these gals are under 40. That is not my definition of senior, but I am certainly not complaining. In fact, I keep getting called "Black Daddy" on this site, and it is meant as a compliment every single time. Remember, this isn't gold-digging, it's old-digging! 

Overall, this is an organization that emphasizes affection over sex. Daters here are all about spending their golden years with an affable romantic companion. Church attendance is a common requirement to get with a lot of these mature black girls. I might not be devout, but I can act the part well enough. This gets me access to all the glorious gospel goodies. 

Black Senior Personals member profile

I tried dating some of the more youthful girls, but it usually ended poorly. All I need to say is that I don't like rap music. The older women were more refined and intellectual. I have had major luck by showing off my Blue Note record collection. Jazz is the way to impress this community. Motown is always a good back-up plan! 

Some white women were lurking on this site too. I didn't find out until I requested photos from some blank profiles. Lo and behold, these photo-less members were wanting to satisfy a curiousity, plain and simple. Let me just say that I confirmed everything they have ever heard about black men!

The portable chat window was packed. There are always around 30 mature mamas in this live box at all times. They respond fast to fun flirtations. 

Rating and Popularity 

Your success on this senior dating site will directly depend on location. As a matter of fact, my residence in Louisiana is the only reason this site works for me. If I lived somewhere else, there would be no one for me to date locally. Traveling may be a must! 

I'm not sure if the community is heavily censored or if the members are just well-mannered. Either way, I haven't had foul encounters. It's sad how refreshing this is for me. Still, I think it is just the system’s autocorrect doing this sanitary job. 

Actually, my main complaint was surprisingly with the other men. I can only hope the women aren't buying it from the likes of "ThugLivin." To make matters worse, the site is not able to conduct background checks. Ladies, please use caution! 

There should be a more distinct cultural separation between African and African American. The societal experiences vary widely between these two groups, so it can be difficult when we are lumped together based on skin color. These associations proved challenging for migrant transplants like me. I kept meeting ladies born in the inner city, and they could not comprehend my transcontinental mannerisms. 

Overall, this is a lively community full of African queens. If you want a little fun after retirement, you cannot miss

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