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I have a fetish for wearing diapers that, up to this point, has gone unfulfilled. I am fully aware that this is something that I can easily admit to even my closest friends. I can choose to be oppressed by the need for secrecy or I can find ways to live out this aspect of my personality. I chose the latter.

I stumbled upon Daily Diapers about a month ago, and my life has never been the same! I cannot tell you how much of a relief it has been to find that others share my same interest and love for being dominated in this way. This site is just great all around. I'm very grateful to those who came up with this site. I cannot believe that there are almost 30,000 other forum members like myself on this site!

A Very Different Fetish Site

For me, Daily Diapers is the answer to a 'special need'. The site is a fulfillment of a previously unsatiated desire to be gratified in a certain way. What it is, above all, is 'an adult fetish and lifestyle community for men and women who wear diapers, plastic pants, rubber diaper covers and or sissy clothes.' Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers is the sort of fetish not many would be willing to admit to having. That and any other fetish, actually, but AB/DL even more so due to its sheer weirdness, I suppose.

Photos for Days

I spend a large amount of my day looking through almost 30,000 pictures of others that share my passion. Having to bear this fetish has not been an easy one to say the least, so I was comforted in knowing that my information and photos are private, and only site members can see them. With almost 20,000 members currently on the site, and new members being added daily, there definitely are no shortage of pics to go through while I'm at work or in the comfort of my home. It's pretty cool to have so many resources for my adult diaper needs made available, too.

I've been able to locate others that share the love for adult diaper fetishes in my area too, thanks to the forums. It was pretty tedious waiting to hear back from people on other sites for the past few years. Now that I am connected with others like myself, I don't think I could ever go back!

Last week, I found a dominatrix that specializes in my fetish. We agreed to meet up at my place, and the rest is history. I am so lucky to have found this site when I did! No longer do I have to post on other forums, only to wait in vain for a response. I just want to thank everyone that has helped to make this site for all of us adult babies. Without them, I would have continued to feel alone in my desire to act upon my unique fetish. People do not understand my attraction to this sort of subculture as a whole, and I've had to keep it a secret for the most part. I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone that I have had the pleasure of talking to on the forums, for they have let me know that I am not alone!

Overall Recommendation – Explore Other Fetish Sites

Having a fetish can work for your or against you. You can find a way to enjoy or it can end up causing you shame (it shouldn't). Fetish dating sites work well for those who know what they want and are intent on chasing after them, and although sites like fulfills almost all kinds of fetish imaginable, there are those like, which is not a dating site, to fulfill a wholly different, highly specific kind of fetish. In case you find yourself grasping for a community to latch on to, try these sites and know that there are communities out there for you and your kind.

Top Alternatives to Daily Diapers

Don't want to take any chances? We have compiled a list of the best rated and most trusted dating sites similar to Daily Diapers. Join any of them knowing these have been vetted and recommended by other people who tried out different Fetish dating sites. If you don't want to worry about low quality sites and annoying members, this is your short-cut to the best sites:

1 Month Plan n/a $4.99 / month
Total $4.99
2 Months Plan n/a n/a $5.00 / month
Total $9.99
1 Unlimited Plan Free n/a n/a

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Daily Diapers has more male than female visitors. Most of the sites members have never attended college. The median income of the sites users is in the range of $0 - $50,000. The dating site's most active age bracket is 18 - 24 years. The most well-represented ethnicity in their user base is Caucasian.

Gender Ethnicity Income
Caucasian 89%
Asian 5%
The median income is in the range $0 - $50,000.
Most Active Age Group
No College
Grad School

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