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On this page you'll find all the available other religion dating sites. The 6 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Pagan Singles Dating being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for other religion dating.

For those who don't belong to a major religion, dating can be an extra hassle. Finding someone who matches every tenet of a certain spirituality is difficult when your faith is a minority. This is where dating websites become vital. Anyone that abides by an alternate religion will want to join an online community that caters to their specific spiritual needs. 

The types of religious people that benefit from dating sites most seem to be Buddhists, Jews and Pagans. This is because they are an especially limited minority overall. 

According to the Pew Forum, only 0.7% of adult populations identify as Buddhists, and they are split into three smaller sects. Respectively, Zen, Tibetan and Theravada each account for under 0.3%. Despite these seemingly low numbers, Pagans amount to even a smaller proportion of the world. They are factored under New Age religions, which comprise only 0.4% of today's spiritual practitioners. Jews will have a little more luck finding love locally, but their total rate is still a meager 1.7%. 

In America, all three of these religions are predominantly white. A dating site that emphasizes these denominations will likely be filled with light-skinned cuties. Since Buddhism is an Eastern religion, there will be a few beautiful Asians in the mix. Pagans tend to be uniquely pale all around, but Jews have an enticing juxtaposition of bright skin with dark features. 

Buddhists employ very different expectations in the romantic realm. They have a tendency to practice detachment. Jealousy is usually not an issue with these spiritualists, but they may not believe in commitment. Pagans have open relationships frequently, but they expect dedication from every partner at the same time. They are quite polyamorous. Jews also expect commitment, but their approach implements it in a more monogamous fashion. Of these three religions, they are the only ones typically interested in a conventional marriage.

Buddhism's lack of materialistic pursuits may make for a cheap date, but they are not likely to return the favor of fancy gifts. Don't expect to be dazzled with luxuries. On the other end, Jewish people are typically well-endowed, at least economically speaking. Their dates are glamorous and expensive. Pagans are somewhere in the middle when it comes to finances. They are usually comfortable, but far from extravagant. 

Pagans also lack capitalistic influences, and their minimalistic lifestyles center around being natural and care-free. They are definitely the hippies of all world religions. You can expect them to indulge in nudism and exhibitionism. Their sexual liberation commonly comes in the form of having multiple partners. They usually believe in female archtypes and dieties, and another term for them is often just "witches". Pagans can be extremely sexual people. They are known to partake in a lot of erotic group activities. Many of them are bisexual; increasingly, more Wiccans are becoming exclusively lesbians. 

Jewish couples are a very interesting case. On the exterior, they present chaste appearances; however, this mild-mannered facade is fully dispelled once they get under the covers. In the meantime, this religion is much more family-oriented than the other spiritual groups. Unlike Pagans and Buddhists, these singles often will be looking for more than just a good time. If you are not presentable when it comes time to meet the parents, there is no hope of a relationship beween you and a Jewish prince or princess. 

Buddhists can be a little more unpredictable in the bedroom. Some pursue a puritanical worldview that rids them from all desires, and this freedom from wanting anything often includes zero sexual cravings. For people that want romantic relationships without the requirements of physical intimacy, Buddhism may be to way to go. 

Both Pagan and Buddhist groups have significant overlaps in lifestyle choices. They each have a tendency to enjoy activities outside, and a love of nature is regularly professed by the two spiritualities. Meditation is a major theme for Buddhists, and Pagans often practice this mindful technique as well. They both overwhelmingly enjoy alternative fitness regimens like yoga and pilates. This allows them to cultivate remarkably sexy physiques. 

On another note, academic interests run strong among Jews. These communities typically view education as an instrumental piece of mental arousal. Pagans are on the other end of the spectrum, especially since they prefer to exist experientially instead of cognitively. Buddhists find themselves in the middle of this range. They practice the meditative act of thoughtless being enough to live in the exact moment, but they are also well-versed in literature, history and art. 

Religion and romance do mix, but one must know where to look before any success can be expected. Here are some recommended outlets for all three spiritual denominations: Buddhists will find ideal connections on Meanwhile, the best spot for Jewish singles is doubtlessly Finally, our Pagan friends can have ferociously free-willed fun at

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