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On this page you'll find all the available animal owner dating sites. The 12 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Equestrian Cupid being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for animal owner dating.

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.netPet lovers are very passionate people who are caring and nurturing of those in their lives, both family and their friends. They also tend to share a very special bond with their fur-babies. It is a stereotypical notion that an unwed and single woman of a certain age will become a crazy cat lady, but if she happens to have three of them and wants to seek a human relationship, she is going to want someone who is an animal lover, too, and one with no allergies or aversions to Bippity, Bobbity and Boo, her cats.

While walking your dog in the park, you notice that couples are hand in hand when they walk in and both look so happy playing with their Frisbees being thrown between them, with a pooch jumping delightedly up to catch it in mid-air. Such a scene might make you feel that you need someone as dedicated to his/her pet as you are. Perhaps a blended family with their dog and yours? Do you find yourself excitedly thinking of days on the beach with a wagging tail between you and the glorious smell of a wet dog on the drive home? Then you are ideal for the dating sites geared toward animal lovers.

You might ask yourself whether standard general dating sites are alright, provided that you put in your profile that someone must love [insert type of pet here] and that it is a deal breaker. The answer is that yes, you could do just that. However, it would be so much easier to know up front that the dating site you chose already has the same kind of people you are looking for, simply because they are out there and looking for you too, even if you have less than ordinary pets like snakes, mice or iguanas. For instance, horse-lovers can look for their perfect match on a site such as Equestrian Cupid.

Becky, from Arkansas, was looking for a boyfriend to be her life partner and had found no luck because the two guys she had dated casually in the past six months had seemed wonderful, had great jobs and their interests were compatible with hers on so many levels. So, what was the problem? DaVinci seemed to be an issue for these guys. Both were big, strong manly types but neither of them would stay the night with her because of DaVinci, who was in Becky's opinion, a very pleasant and docile creature. Becky had wanted him since she was a little girl and had seen a movie starring Tim Allen called Jungle 2 Jungle. If you have seen this film you'd know that DaVinci is a tarantula. The deal breaker for Becky was that she would never get rid of him, but men could come and go. She was lonely and wanted human companionship to enrich her life. She went on forums online looking for kindred spirits with love of creepy-crawlies. She was so grateful when one forum poster directed her to a dating site that catered to pet lovers.

While Becky's pet of choice is a rather extreme one to some people, it does stand to reason that people are looking for those who understand that a beloved creature whether equine, canine, feline or any of the various species of insects and arachnoids, are welcome parts of the family. Some of these pets will reside inside the house, outside in cages, in pens or in stables, but they are still family members, nonetheless. Forever is a long time when you settle with someone that cannot really stand your animals. For animal lovers this would be akin to a mother marrying a man who would be horrible to a step-child which is just unacceptable.

Imagine for a moment what the movie "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" would be like if Uma Thurman's character, Noelle, really was the girl that Brian fell in love with in the end. She did not like any pets all that much and it is apparent. Abby Barnes was just the perfect girl for Brian because of the shared connection in all aspects including the big roller-skating dog that adopted Brian.

There are good dating sites and then there are the ones that are geared toward your own preferences. Finding that special person you can walk hand in hand with while holding a leash or two is heaven but the most important is finding a man or woman that embraces your pet as you would theirs. You may just find the greatest person that you can grow a family with that has two-legged little ones as well as four-legged critters. 

It sure would make for a warm bed at night when all are cuddled together for family movie night. Throw a few bones out there and see what the universe throws right back at you. It may just end up giving you the love of a lifetime.

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