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On this page you'll find all the available arab dating sites. The 4 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Arab Lounge being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for arab dating.

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1. Arab Lounge
2. lovehabibi
3. buzz Arab
4. Arabelove

With the increasing popularity of online dating, Arabs are now also starting to follow this unconventional way of meeting a special someone. Arab singles are now more active in the online community and are searching for their better half through the use of technology.

Key to Win Arabs' Heart

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Arab women are far more likely to be reserved than the men when it comes to online dating, or even dating in general. A lot of the old school thinking is still very much attached to femininity in these parts of the world. This is due to the upbringing from multi-generational women that consider all dating to be taboo if it's not with the intention of marriage. Again, it comes down to the progression of staying true to the Islamic religions and traditions, but a lot more are becoming aware of different ways to live their lives. Even today, a woman may find it more difficult to decide to marry a non-Muslim as she views marriage as an easier task when there are shared religious beliefs.

The key to the heart of any Arab you select to date is to be educated in their culture. Navigating some history of the people and their traditions give you a very large advantage and allows you to be freer to understanding their passions and ambitions.

Arab men are indeed extremely passionate and ambitious as well as strongly educated. They have a love of exotic things, they like fast cars and luxury living, and strive to enjoy the wonders that life has to offer. They are very industrious workers. One thing that most women will agree on is that they have that tall, dark and handsome thing going on for them, and they love to dress well. They have beautiful accents that many agree is as sexy as they are overall. They are wonderful providers and deeply family-oriented and sometimes reserved. When it comes to the desire to marry a woman, they can fall into possessive mode but they will treat their woman romantically in their own special, though sometimes dominant, ways such that a strong-willed woman may have to really lay the law down or choose to walk past.

They Are Serious in Relationship

These men adore the finer things in life, but they are also not afraid of commitment. The problems that can arise for some is they are very ingrained with their culture and religion and there can be a shame issue when it comes to dating a non-Muslim. When in a relationship with an Arab, you have to watch out for those that may be notching their bedpost and not serious about you. A very big indication that an Arab is serious about a long term relationship is that his parents know you and he has talked to them about the possibility of marriage. Arab mothers want to know these things immediately and will also be blunt in asking about your willingness to convert to Islam, should you be of different faith.

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While it is true that many Arabs are wealthy, the media mostly offers a romantic yet unrealistic concept of the Arab Princes that lavishly spend money like water and you should not let this cloud your judgment of a happily ever after with gold, diamonds and other such trinkets. It is about a loving relationship, romance and happiness just like any other committed couple. The jealousy issues and the need for you to accept hijab, or covering up in veils, will come up in conversation when you are with an Arab, and if you choose to live somewhere in Europe or America, it is okay to decide on your comfort and traditions too but when in the country of his family, it is respectful to cover up.

Deep Culture from Generations to Generations

The richness in the Arab world does not just lie in oil and wealthy families but in the deep culture and values that they want passed down through the generations. Finding love with an Arab is possible and cultures do not have to clash to be compatible when the heart speaks the same language and concessions are made to attend to the same beliefs or to accept new ones.

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