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Can you name two famous celebrities in our modern world that are Armenian? Just to make it more difficult we can exclude the Kardashians who get enough exposure as it is. Two that come to mind are tennis superstar Andre Agassi and Goddess of Pop, Cher born Cherilyn Sarkisian. Now, that most certainly shows us the beauty of the Armenians, with those skin tones and almond-shaped dark eyes with near-perfect cheekbones enough to make anyone swoon. Therefore, it stands to reason that the dating world simply can not ignore this area of the world in terms of finding that perfect soul mate. Certainly not, when the people are beautiful on the outside and their culture and their hearts are filled with fine art, beautiful music and amazing cuisine stemming back to the 4th Century. Date an Armenian and you will learn to cook divine and delicious dishes. This niche of dating sites is entirely worth checking out whether you are a descendant of the Armenian race or just have a love of the culture.

Dating in the Armenian culture is very family-oriented, and has old fashioned customs, but once you are in by marriage, you are considered family for life. However, it is very true that their old fashioned views come from the premise that an Armenian should marry another Armenian to keep the bloodline flowing and the values that go along through the generations. We'll assume for the purpose of this information on dating sites with an Armenian preference that you are certified as over 18 in order to join. Being over 18 is actually a sort of prerequisite because in some of the stricter Armenian families there is a lot of forbidding being enforced and in fact, girls are not allowed to date traditionally at all until they are over that age. This is, in part, due to the protectiveness that a family has for their daughters. This does bring up another point that Armenian children tend to be very spoiled, especially the daughters, and when they grow up they may be a little more demanding and outspoken about their desires and needs than someone you may have dated previously.

The men, on the other hand, are brought up with the same family values, and the more traditional customs are drilled into them that man and woman should both remain chaste until the wedding. A virgin is highly valued therefore, but more modern times have allowed for some more leniency. So, be virtuous at worst and celibate at best. Another common value for the Armenian man, also mentioned above, is that you need to cook and you need to cook good. When it comes to culinary skills, some of them will expect nothing more than the same level of expertise that their mothers have, and if you seriously want to win the heart of your Armenian amour through your impressive cooking, you may consider asking his Mom for tons of advice and recipes. This will bond you and her and he will be delighted that you are trying and if you don't mess up the dish, you are much more cherished.

Although the cultural history of the Armenians is very highly based in the arts, and many families in the early centuries all got into the making of craft and art for profit and trade, more of the modern Armenian men are pushed toward careers in sciences and technology engineering with an eye toward big financial security. This is a good thing in a potential mate with an eye on the future so do not be surprised if he does not want to read Shakespeare plays with you in front of the fireplace.

A wedding in the Armenian culture is a beautiful experience which, hopefully with the right match on the dating sites, will be in your future. Music is such a big part of the celebrations and their music is beautiful. The more modern music, either jazz and rock, still carries a lot of the undertones of the traditional folk music of the years gone by, and while you browse the Armenian dating sites it may get you in the mood if you listen to some of those music videos online or radio stations that play their sounds. It will help you in the long run and be a wonderful topic starter as well in messages.

Taking on the cultural knowledge and knowing something about the history will always have you in good standing. Take the chance and as you swing along to the folksy music, you may just dance into the one's arms that you belong with. Our featured Armenian dating site will open doors to your fantasy of meeting an Armenian friend or lover., launched in 2010, was considered as one of the sexiest websites on that same year by PSD Collector. It is loaded with quite a number of social networking features that make communicating with a potential date fun and dynamic.