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Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.netAttraction-based dating niche is found on websites that match the criteria of attractive seekers and they are a great resource to have for those looking to find that person who matches their own desires in terms of looks. Perhaps to some, this method may seem superficial and shallow, but to those seeking in this niche, they have very valid reasons. Some of the sites do not use the algorithms of more traditional dating sites in setting up percentages for hobbies, careers and age groups. The sole consideration is attraction-based and some even have vote buttons on the bottom of a profile picture through which the user can rate the "hot" factor.

It is indisputable that humans are social creatures and we choose to seek out people to talk to, to date, and even to marry perhaps, based on looks first. Anyone that says otherwise is lying because that initial attraction is what appeals to our senses first. Now, if one does happen to find an incredibly attractive person and they have the intellect of a carrot, there may be a very good chance that the relationship will not be sustainable beyond a date or two, but most people tend to find that attractive people who are quite intelligent and know what they want from a partner, a career and life goals also do exist.

Attractive people who are looking for the same know that they are far more comfortable with someone who looks as good as they do, and someone that takes care of their bodies and appearance. For example, if Emily works out daily, puts on makeup and nice clothes when she wakes up and has amazing self-confidence in her life, it is not outrageous to predict that she will be expecting that from her life partner as well. People like Emily know that dating someone who is not up to the same expectations that she places on herself would be akin to a fashion faux pas of pairing plaids with stripes; it just does not work.  Emily knows what she wants and this dating niche online is perfectly natural for her.

Chris R wrote a blog/testimonial about a dating site in this niche that explained his preference. He specified that initially he found attractive body type dating to be the very difference between candidates for friends and those for dating or even marriage. He pointed out that he was looking for someone that he could wake up next to every day for the rest of his life that gave him that WOW feeling each morning. He did find that special woman through his efforts. He could have been considered shallow, he said, but it was not about that to him at all as he has dated average women before, but to him the most important factor was finding a woman that cared about her looks, took care of her overall health and knew how important her temple was. He states that obese women or even ultra-skinny ones, people with yellowed teeth or bad hair are portraying to the world that they simply are not very hygienic and have no confidence in themselves.

It does not matter, he wrote, that they have the most winning personality, they are simply endangering themselves and inviting heart attacks and other real diseases that could be a possibility in their near future. Also with an eye on the future, Chris stated that he had to think about the chance of meeting a woman and having children one day. His writing questioned how someone who cannot even follow a nutritional diet for themselves could be a good caretaker for children and a great example to them in life. Speaking about offspring, it is important to note that those with good looks and healthy bodies generally fall into a category that carries good healthy genes to pass on.

Looking good and feeling good with health and physical activity is beneficial to impress others in social situations, and helps in getting the better jobs. We can call it superficial but it really is not the case for all the searchers. Attraction-based daters feel better about themselves by looking good, have a lot of choices in dating, are more likely to keep their appearance up after marriage, and won't resort to sweatpants and baggy shirts after a year. This keeps things exciting. They have more self-confidence and also know that appearance can often enhance personality.

As with all types of dating niches, this one is not for everyone and that is why it is there for those who believe in better looking and better living. Some will call it shallow, some will blast those that only date the attractive, but it does not matter. There is nothing but personal preference and choice to find the person that makes your knees weak and your heart beat fast.

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