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'Couple Under Jetty Arch' photo courtesy of Michael Coghlan, used under a Creative Commons licenceAustralians are insanely hot. This is what a lot of online dating forums, certain Buzzfeed listicles, and even Quora discussion feeds will tell you, and it's the kind of claim that would be difficult to object to. Beauty is subjective and not everyone will agree, but it would be equally hard to refute the fact that people in the land down under are quite foxy.

You don't need an anthropology lesson to know that Australia's largely European and Asian ancestry has done wonders to these people's genetic pool. Perhaps you only need to know that the country's strong beach culture is one of the more plausible reasons why they devote quite a bit of time perfecting their physique, knowing full well that a life spent mostly under the sun necessitates a lot of primping, body-building and grooming.

If you're one of those people who don't need further persuasion, and in fact wants an Aussie boyfriend/girlfriend, step one to finding the right mate would be to visit one of many Australia-based dating sites. Also, if you're an Australian yourself who's too shy to hit the bars and meet singles in person, these sites might be the perfect place for you to go.

The number of dating sites is growing rapidly. Whether you are looking to meet singles for fun or to start a serious relationship, you can find lots of them online. The sites allow you to browse profiles and start interacting with thousands of singles via instant messaging or email.

Australia dating sites give people the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the country. A quick tour of the sites reveals profiles of single men and women from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. You can connect to singles in any of the cities in the country's six states, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia, and have a great time getting to know these sun-loving folks and their culture.

It is a primary function of many region-specific dating sites to make it easy for people who are compatible to find each other. So, if you don't feel like sifting through various profiles, you can just sit back and let the system do the finding for you. It also means you won't have to kiss many frogs to find a prince or princess.

Generally speaking Australians are a gregarious bunch. They tend to be honest, straightforward, friendly, and fun-loving. They love playing sports, having lively conversations, and partying. Plus you can count on them to have a great sense of humor. For many people the enduring image of the Australian is the movie character Crocodile Dundee. And in many ways this image is not too far off. As a people, they tend to be straightforward, down-to-earth, helpful and honest almost to a fault. They often say 'No worries, mate!' and mean it.

It is hard to think of one specific trait that would perfectly capture the typical Aussie, and that may be because they tend to exhibit opposing behaviors. They can be perceived as multicultural, outdoorsy, direct. Conversely, perceptions of the 'typical Aussie' may be the exact opposite of the traits just mentioned as they are a diverse bunch.

Many of them have been raised in and around the country's migrant communities. Those diverse groups have brought their food, cultural practices, and lifestyles with them, and several of these cultural elements have become part of mainstream culture. It is not unusual for them to trace their heritage to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, or Eastern Europe. In fact 40% of Australians have at least one parent born outside the country. 

Maybe it's the warm, engaging personality, the sexy accent, or their fun-loving ways, no one knows for sure, but if you want to have a fun time with an interesting person, date someone from down under. These sites will give you the opportunity to meet some of the most engaging conversationalists on the planet. Aussies can bring joy, fun, adventure, and love into your life. 

Don't want to be caught in the pickle of having to fly over 10 states or 10 countries just to reach the love of your life? Are you looking for someone who is a kangaroo enthusiast or simply just someone who lives in the land of kangaroos and koalas? Featured here is a list of Australian-based dating sites. Whether you're looking for someone Australian or looking to date someone in your area/country, these dating sites might have the one you are looking for. Without even leaving the office, you can connect, flirt, communicate and make tons of new friends through these dating channels., one of the top sites in the list, is an ideal starting point to finding the right mate.