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On this page you'll find all the available large dating sites. The 4 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Large Friends being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for large dating.

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1. Large Friends
2. Large And Lovely
4. BBPeopleMeet

It is very much part of human nature to form connections with those of similar interests and characteristics. Some of the closest bonds are formed through common interests, but initial sparks as a result of instant physical attraction should never be dismissed. Ideally, all that would matter in connecting is a shared interest, but if shared interests and common passions were all it took to form deep, meaningful, and lasting relationships, then the world would be in a much harmonious place, but that is not so.

The dating world is quite complex which is why connections, romantic or otherwise, are formed in various ways that transcend just the physical. When walking into public venues, one will realize that there are different kinds of couples. We're coming to an age where many people are opening themselves to dating to those who share the same ideals and passions, to exposing themselves to people not merely on the basis of what is seen on the outside. Long-term commitments are based on connecting with people's souls, as opposed to being drawn through physical attraction only. Therefore, we are aware that looks aren't the most important aspect of finding a potential long term partner. But a looks-based hunt for a romantic partner would never truly cease to exist.

No thanks to media and its massive influence on the public's psyche, beauty is often epitomized as being thin, muscular, toned, ripped, or in whichever supposedly acceptable way Vogue, Men's Health, FHM and Vanity Fair want us to perceive it. Until recently, such publications have mostly failed to acknowledge the beauty of the people with larger body types. Every once in a while, a prestigious glossy would come out with an issue glorifying plus-size models, but such issues are more of an exception rather than a rule.

Beauty magazines are not the only culprit for this widespread idea of beauty but they are partly responsible for it. Because of this seemingly victimless crime, a great majority of people will subscribe to an idea of attractiveness on the basis of how little one's hips are.

In the sitcom 'Friends', episodes involving flashbacks to Monica's plus-size days gave viewers a tremendous amount of insight regarding her character. Monica, the group's resident chef and clean-freak, used to be 'plus-size' and actually seems okay about it, until she overheard her teenage crush Chandler call her fat. Hurt over Chandler's rotund remarks, she turns up several summers later, no longer generously proportioned.

In yet another flashback episode, 'The One That Could Have Been', the show explored an alternative reality for all six friends, with the present-day Monica still considerably voluptuous and worse, a virgin. It would appear that this episode is not a ringing endorsement of a future where one of its cast members is fat and Okay About It. But in a surprising twist later in the two-part episode, we find Chandler and Monica hooking up (which actually happened in the show's reality) despite her size.

This is supposed to tell us that regardless of her weight, girls like Monica can hook up with usually shallow, relationship-averse guys like Chandler. It almost makes one feel all warm and fuzzy. Sadly, not everyone has the virtues of an alternate reality Chandler.

Some people spend a huge chunk of their busy schedule shedding unwanted pounds in the gym. Crossfit training, zumba and yoga classes are not becoming popular because more people are aspiring to a chunky look. Quite the opposite, of course. Those who have a pretty standard idea of what is beautiful is naturally inclined to equate pretty with thin. The fashion industry makes money off people's aspiration to thinness and the millions spent do not necessarily go to fabrics.

Weighing in on the issue of size in the context of dating is a heavyweight topic. Polite, well-raised people wouldn't admit to having size preferences but of course almost everyone does have a preference. If you have been big-boned all your life and found yourself at the receiving end of rejections one time too many, your suspicion that it might possibly be because of your full figure might finally be confirmed. Christina Aguilera can wail all she wants about you being beautiful in every single way, but not everyone sees the same way. Luckily, we live in a world where communities of like-minded and most especially like-sized personalities exist, and in abundance.

By visiting a dating site populated with people you share the same characteristics with, you will realize that there are options for just about every person wishing to be in a relationship. It doesn't take a special kind of genius to go to a dating site where people will appreciate all of you just the way you are. In a large body type dating sites, there would never be a shortage of folks who appreciate the fact that there's more of you to love.

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