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On this page you'll find all the available bisexual dating sites. The 4 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Polyamorous Dating being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for bisexual dating.

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1. Polyamorous Dating
2. Grindr
3. Bender
4. Bi Cupid

One of Urban Dictionary's 'definition' of 'Bisexual' is 'the ability to reach down someone's pants and be satisfied with whatever you find.' Such a definition is not very appropriate and does not present a complete idea of bisexuality. It does not define it so much as describe a very loose idea of what it is the way you would describe a person that annoys you to a friend. But regardless of the wackiness of the definition, it actually sounds just about right, once you sat down and thought about it.

Another definition is 'the often overlooked B in LGBT. A person capable or romantic and sexual attraction towards a partner of either gender. A person twice as likely to be turned down for a date on Saturday night. Someone who has to prove to the heteros that he is not gay, and prove to the homos that he is not straight.' It is a highly descriptive and a tad outrageous way of defining it but the essence it dares expound is hard to refute.

If you've never had a clear idea of what being a bisexual entails, rest assured that there are tough times ahead if you decide to self-identify as one. You will be perceived as a sexually indecisive individual or maybe as a person who is simply greedy.

If bisexuals ever feel marginalized, the lack of coming out stories of bisexuals is to blame. Gays and lesbians have had their tales told many times and in various mediums (film, TV, pop culture), but bisexuals don't get represented as much, allegedly. Bis are probably one of the most misunderstood individuals in the world.

Bisexuality is a concept that is inconceivable to most gays and straights, in much the same way that an impoverished person will never understand what it means to be a millionaire, and vice versa. No one would understand what it's like to have dual sexuality other than bisexuals themselves. Try as they might, describing the way both men and women cause a stir on their loins, would never guarantee complete understanding by those who are of 'conventional' sexual orientation.

When British Olympic medalist Tom Daley came out as a gay man in his YouTube video, along with the collective gasp was a collective confusion – did he just come out as a gay man or as a bisexual? His breezy declaration that he 'still fancies girls' did not help matters and bisexuals all over the world may not have been thrilled at this confession. After all, it is because of these displays of sexual identity vagueness that make the bi- community an easy target for gays who believe that bisexuality is nothing more than a prelude to full-blown homosexuality.

An article in the New York Times published in 2005 seemed to push the idea that there is indeed very little evidence of bisexuality, particularly for men. A team of psychologists conducted a study that revealed the great mystery surrounding bisexuality. By measuring and observing 'genital arousal patterns', the study showed that majority of the men who identified themselves as bisexual were aroused by images of naked men more than of women.

The piece, provocatively titled 'Straight, Gay or Lying?', irked the bisexual community, the one (and only) group of individuals who could lay claim to the authenticity of bisexual as a legitimate sexual orientation. The offending article also exposes the relatively small number of bisexuals (at least according to the study). But even with such a small number, there are those among them who would speak out that bisexuality is a reality; it is not made up, it is not a myth, they really do exist.

And that is why dating as and/or with, a bisexual can be a bit challenging and why it is often a good idea for bisexuals to date fellow bisexuals. That seems to defeat the purpose of such an orientation but if, as a bisexual man or woman, you find yourself constantly defending your preference, bisexual dating might just eliminate the pesky need to explain your complex personality. To date a fellow bisexual means doing away with explaining one's preferences and beliefs, leaving more room to cultivate a relationship that is based on mutual understanding.

Whether you are bi or just curious, we have added this category just for you. No longer fear showing your true colors or sexual orientation as the sites listed here are specifically for this preference. Now, meeting your same sex partner will be easier than ever before. Comfortably chat with others of the same persuasion and find a long-lasting relationship. If, having read through this, you realize that you'd rather sign up for gay dating sites (which have bisexuals in them), then you can pore through our list of gay sites with user reviews.

Sites listed under this category have been carefully selected and reviewed so you are only left with the best available options. Match-making for bisexual men, women and even bi couples will no longer be difficult or uncomfortable.

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