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On this page you'll find all the available casual dating sites. The 25 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Meet Locals being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for casual dating.

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Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLooking for lifetime love, romantic rendezvous and a ball and chain for the rest of your life? Nope? Then look no further than the ever rising number of websites targeted at those people who are just looking for a no-strings hook-up.

Casual sex may seem like the easiest thing in the world to organise but, in reality it can be tricky; heading out to a bar isn’t always convenient – especially when the mood for sex strikes you on a lazy Sunday afternoon or on your lunch break at work – and, even if you can find someone to indulge in same-day sex with, there’s no guaranteeing they’ll have the same expectations as you. Asking straight out for sex in real life is likely to get you a slap if your target isn’t on the same page as you. Nobody wants to be the guy asking people for sex and looking like a creep.

That’s where casual sex finder websites and apps come in; it’s never been so easy to get sex on tap as it is now. Who needs to be a rock star to bed a different person every night when you’ve got all the tools you need at your fingertips?

Casual Relationship

Whether you’ve just got out of a relationship and don’t want anything serious, are looking for a regular hook-up to supplement your sexless marriage or you just have 20 minutes to kill, these websites will help you satisfy your animal urges without the hassle of dating, cruising bars or chit-chat. Commitment is off the table and quick, hassle free hook-ups are the name of the game.

Unlike traditional dating websites (which often do lead to casual sex but not before making you jump through hoops giving information about your likes and dislikes in order to determine compatibility), hook-up websites don’t, ahem, beat around the bush. Let’s face it, when you’re horny, you probably don’t care what films they’re into, where they’ve travelled or even what their name is. Sex-finder apps and websites get to the heart of what counts with minimal fuss; are they hot and available now?

Location-based websites and apps mean that, wherever you are, you can search for people nearby who are also looking for no-strings attached sex. Essentially that means you can turn your whole city into one giant singles bar. The world is your playground.

Finding casual sex online is nothing new – in fact, it probably started about three minutes after the internet did. It probably just wasn't as popular then. But, whereas in the past Craigslist was the go-to place to search for instant gratification, there are now specific websites that continue to make the process even easier. Most home pages display an appealing array of perk buttocks, ample breasts and seductive pouts, like a catalogue of lust. Most of them offer minimal information; a few sexy snaps and a very basic profile and the rest is up to you; times, places, terms, etc.

One perpetual problem of these websites it attracting enough women, but that trend seems to be changing. Perhaps it’s because casual dating websites are becoming easier to use and more fun, thanks to the likes of 'Meet Locals' and are losing their stigma due to the fact they are less overtly about sex – which doesn’t mean to say they aren’t attracting an audience of women looking for casual sex. While the founders of many ‘friend-finder’ applications and websites still proclaim finding friends is the primary use for such sites, the way people are using them and talking about them doesn’t reflect this, but does maintain the ‘respectable’ feel of the sites which has made them so popular among women who previously shied away from such websites.

No-Strings Fun

Just as many men like to have no-strings fun, many women do too and now, it seems, there are more and more female-friendly places for these hook-ups to happen. The trend is likely to be exploited further, meaning these websites will only become more popular as the marketing for a relatively new audience is refined.

Finding sex online doesn’t need to be seedy – unless you want it to be. There are so many websites dedicated to making your hook-up hunt easier that you can choose the style to suit you. The competition among hook-up sites is even getting fiercer, giving fellows a lot of options. While some are overtly sexual, displaying intimate body parts and lewd language, others are more ‘friendly’ in tone, and meet-ups are often preceded with chit-chat and a little conversation first.

We’ve tried and tested loads of the top casual hook-up websites (it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it), to help save you time when it comes to organising same day sex. After all, when you’re looking for lust, the last thing you want is to waste time.

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