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On this page you'll find all the available celibate dating sites. The 6 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with CelibatePassion being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for celibate dating.

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1. CelibatePassion
2. Asexual Dating Site
3. Platonic Partners
4. 2date4love
6. Creatives Dating

For many reasons, you may choose to have a relationship that doesn’t involve sex. While a couple can have romance and companionship, it doesn’t always mean they have to be involved in a physical relationship to enjoy each other. It hardly matters whatever the reasons are for being celibate or asexual; there are plenty of people out there who are looking for the same thing. Finding them may have been difficult in the past, but now online dating makes finding those with similar interests as you completely doable. Just as there are casual sex or hook-up dating websites that cater to people who are looking for nothing more than a quick bang, celibate dating sites also do exist. Ultimately, the key to making any relationship work is to not talk about what does or doesn’t happen in the bedroom.

Percentage of Celibate Relationships

The US National Health and Social Life conducted a survey to see how many people were actually in celibate relationships. The studies found that twenty percent of the individuals studied were in completely sexless marriages. The study further went on to find that eighty percent of the people who classified themselves as having a healthy relationship, only had sex one time during the past year. So while Hollywood paints this picture that sex sells, it doesn’t have to be the foundation of every great relationship.

You can see how being celibate in a relationship where the other partner wants more than just companionship could be an issue. However, there are many discreet websites that allow the asexual or celibate person to find the one for them. These sites eliminate the need to announce your business to people who may or may not be interested in your type of relationship. You can find someone who understands you, why you need to abstain from sex, and can give you love and support in other ways. Having dinner with someone who doesn’t expect the night to end in a hotel room to engage in activities involving exchange of body fluids can be refreshing, especially when you don’t want or can't have those things.

Find Calibate Dating Online

These online websites for celibate dating allow you to customize the search for the woman or man of your dreams. You can find a person within a geographical area, a specific hair color or even build. It is an easy way to meet people and share intimate moments without being ousted as asexual among your friends and family. Imagine having a fun evening where you can laugh, talk, even cuddle, but there are no jitters over intimacy or the lack thereof. Finding people that can or choose not to have sexual relations can be refreshing to someone who chooses this path. You may feel alone at times, but having someone to talk of like faith makes things better.

Remember the Hollywood movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces?” This classic film featured Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges, or in character Rose and Greg. Greg is a math teacher who is all about algorithms and predicting the perfect outcome in life, even in love. His philosophy is to find a woman that shares similar thoughts and interests and who wouldn't require a sexual relationship. He feels sex complicates things and he only wants to enjoy a woman’s mind and have a relationship based on more than a physical feeling. The fact that a proficient mathematician, who wants to delve deeper into a relationship that is not limited by uncontrolled sexual appetite, is fascinating. To see their relationship grow and develop outside of the boundaries of sexual intimacy was a captivating concept.

The excitement of sex only lasts for a little while, anyway. Those who get married or begin a relationship just for intimacy may find that they have nothing in common once the thrill wears off. In the best-selling book “The Sexless Marriage: A Relationship Guide,” Sylvia Bayati found that there are more than 113 million married Americans that have sex less than ten times per year. The thesis of this book is that people can have a great relationship and be head over heels in love without sex complicating things. There are many reasons why you are asexual - trauma, physical inability, or there's simply no desire. However, that doesn’t mean that a great relationship can never be had by people who feel no need whatsoever in the physical act of romance.

Asextual Parter Awaits

Stop being alone when you can have someone who truly understands you and you innermost non-physical desires. The online dating sites are geared toward people who are looking for something specific. By picking one of the highly rated celibate dating sites and finding that perfect someone, your life can begin again. Imagine an intellectual conversation sitting by a fire, walks in the meadow and even stimulating exchanges that have nothing to do with physical  displays of intimacy. By refraining from sexual pleasures, many find that they have a much deeper and more spiritual connection that lasts longer than those who engage, and are highly dependent, on pleasures of the flesh.

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