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The Chinese dating site market is complicated. And this can be attributed to two direct things, one of which is obvious, while the other one less so – it takes some knowledge about the demographics of China.

The more obvious point is that there are simply hundreds upon hundreds of Chinese online dating sites, which makes it difficult to know where to start. Different ones target different demographics, and have different rules and terms of use. Surprisingly, in a country where many things are censored, dating sites are not only abundant, but largely kept untouched.

As alluded to, the less obvious reason for the online dating scene being complicated for the Chinese has to do with the demographics of China. For every 100 women in China, there are 119.45 males; this means there isn't a Chinese woman for every man.

This is a consequence of China's "one-child policy," and a societal bias towards having male children. The situation is expected to get even worse; by 2020, there are projected to be 24 million less women than men that are of marrying age.

It should also be mentioned that there is a strong societal pressure to be married by age 30 in China, which leads to people choosing a mate somewhat unselectively. The divorce rate thus has gone up significantly in China, although it remains much worse than in the United States. There is also a pressure for couples to be in the same socioeconomic bracket; many sites will screen out less wealthy candidates for a fee.

As for Chinese that use dating sites, a 2011 Wall Street Journal article revealed that in 2010, there were 19 million unique online visitors to Chinese dating websites. This figure was expected to rise to 60 million by 2015.

To further break down the numbers, in 2010, there were three million online dating service customers that paid to use a service; they collectively spent more than $150 million. Many of these sites charge a lot, providing advice and matchmaking services to members.

But one has to be careful-- not all of these sites and services are legitimate. As one case study shows, you can pay $80 to $100, and profiles can be borrowed from another site. In other words, there are no genuine members, and the site is just out there to take your money. These sites often close down quickly.

A customer named Gong Haiyan, who was tricked by such a scheme, told BBC News: "I wanted to get my money back. But I was refused a refund and those people just laughed in my face." She fell for the trap because she was older than 25, and was being considered by others to be almost too old to not be married. Gong went on to create China's biggest and most ethical dating site. She met her partner using her new site, and they have a daughter together.

Another potential problem – which applies to most dating sites – is that people don't always post genuine photos.

As Power Li, a 32-year-old working as a civil servant told Time, "It's the accuracy of the photos compared to real thing that's the biggest problem. You see a girl on the website who you quite like the look of, but then when you ask her out you find they look nothing like their online photos."

So, it's imperative for users of Chinese dating sites to not only not pay for memberships on gimmicky, false sites, but to cross-reference those whom they meet on such sites and exercise extreme caution. Unlike more developed nations like the United States, it's harder to sue unethical companies, and just as hard to get your money back once you've foolishly invested in a fake entity. Better yet, refer to dating reviews – such as the ones listed here – if you have serious doubts as to the legitimacy of the site you wish to explor. It will cost nothing to be extremely careful.

It might take you awhile to find the right person, so be prepared for that. Power has gone out with five women according to Time, but still hasn't found the right partner – or at least one worthy of marriage. So be prepared to invest time, energy, and perhaps most importantly, money, in trying to find the right person.