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On this page you'll find all the available chinese dating sites. The 4 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Asia Friendfinder being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for chinese dating.

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Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThere are numerous dating sites that are specific to the Chinese ethnicity. These dating sites advertise "men seeking women" most often. Traditionally Chinese women had little say in their marriages. The family was more in control of setting the women up with a husband who was respectful and could provide a good lifestyle. Though arranged marriages are not as common today, Chinese women are still likely to be reserved and rarely seek out a dating partner. They also highly value their families' opinion of their partner. Chinese dating sites also advertise help for men of a different culture/race who are seeking a Chinese woman. One theory is that non-Chinese men find Chinese women to be mysterious and exotic-looking. Chinese women often do have distinct features and because it is a cultural norm to be reserved, they could easy be perceived as mysterious.

Not all Chinese women share the same cultural norms, but there is evidence of some consistency. The Chinese dating sites include a lot of tips for men courting women. The sites warn that the women may show some reservation, but it does not necessarily mean they are not interested. One suggestion is to focus on body language when judging the mood of your date. You should use very direct language especially if the woman does not share the same first language. Tell her if you think she is pretty and make it known that you are having a great time. One site even suggest bringing a dictionary for more effective communication and comic relief. The Chinese culture can be very strict. As a male seeking a Chinese partner you must display a strong presence, be respectful, and avoid bad mouthing your family. You can stand out by being mischievous and surprising her with gift without going overboard, of course.

Several of these sites mention rules of etiquette in Chinese dating. For instance, it is not widely accepted to go on several first dates around the same time. The norm is to show interest in one woman at a time, unlike western culture where "playing the field" is often considered normal. On the other hand if you ask a Chinese woman on a third or forth date you could be giving the impression that you want a serious relationship.

In western culture discussing sex is often a way of flirting, but many Chinese consider it to be vulgar and rude. Several of the dating sites claim that Chinese women are more likely to be virgins at later ages. Their intense high school programs do not leave them much time to date; therefore, they are more likely to be virgins well into their college years and have limited dating experience. One dating site warns that if you take a Chinese women's virginity you are giving her a very strong indication that the relationship is heading toward marriage. Another indicator of marriage intentions is meeting her parents. If you are unsure of your intentions for the relationship, wait to meet her parents. When and if you are ready to meet her parents, be sure to bring a valuable and/or classy gift. The gift is a symbol of respect and shows your ability to provide for their daughter. In case you are visiting from out of town and spending the night, you should expect to sleep in a separate room. There are plenty more tips for success on all of these websites.

Most Chinese dating sites include testimonials. In many cases where a non-Chinese man and a Chinese woman get married, they have Visa issues. Apparently the process for petitioning for a Visa is intensive and time-consuming. It is recommended that you save all documentation and receipts related to communications with each other. In most of these marriages the man is white. The infatuation a white man has with Chinese women has been dubbed "yellow fever."  Chinese women are rarely portrayed as well-rounded people in movie and theater roles. Their roles are often specific, typical, and lack any depth of personality. They are portrayed as symbols rather than characters. Hollywood's use of Chinese actresses could very well add to the allure.

If you are going to participate in this dating category, do it for the right reasons and have reasonable expectations. Attraction drives us to become partners with another person, but the emotional connection is what maintains the relationship. If you're seeking a Chinese partner, show appreciation for her mind and her beauty. When the first date comes around show her a lot of respect, courtesy, and be prepared for cultural barriers. Cross-cultural dating can sometimes be quite difficult due to distance. Cupid's Library has minimized that gap and made certain that our list contains only quality Chinese dating sites for Chinese people or members who want to date Chinese. Let us help your find your Chinese partner to start you new oriental life.