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Looking for a woman who’s financially independent, knows her own mind and can bring years of experience into the bedroom? Older women can give you just what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’re tired of dealing with younger women whose focus on fairytale weddings, babies and happy ever afters can be too intense and unrealistic. An older woman is less likely to be pre-occupied with running down the aisle and more likely to have perspective on what’s important in life and in a relationship: mutual respect, fun and a healthy sex life.

While younger women have their obvious perks, the attitude of an older woman can far outweigh the physical attributes of a younger one.

Cougar dating websites offer a simple way to meet older women who you may not encounter in your day-to-day life. And there are plenty of women out there looking for a younger man; this isn’t a niche dating set-up. According to a 2009 BBC documentary, Sugar Mummies, in Britain, 25 percent of women are married to younger men and 35 percent of all women not currently dating prefer younger men.

It’s known that men’s testosterone levels peak around the age of 18, while women’s estrogen and fertility levels reach their peak in their mid to late twenties, so it seems only natural that older women would naturally be attracted to younger men. Women who are recently divorced are often looking for a little fun and, if you’re lucky enough to be on the receiving end of their attentions, you’ll likely never go back to dating women your own age. From a psychological point of view, women are more likely to hit their stride later in life as their confidence grows with experience and they become more knowledgeable in what works for them and what doesn’t; what young man wouldn’t want to benefit from those years of research?

While the stereotype may be that older women want younger men for sex and they want older women for financial security, it’s more often the case that younger men are drawn to the lack of games that often comes with more maturity and relationship experience, while the women, perhaps, are seeking less complicated, more fun men than the ones in their age range.

Of course, cougars get their name from a predatory animal and it’s true that an older woman who seeks a younger man will often like to take control – both in the bedroom and out. But as well as benefitting from a more experienced lover with more bedroom wisdom to pass on and less inhibitions, there’s countless other reasons a MILF might be worth your time and attention. Older women tend to take the reins in relationships and can be more protective than a younger woman. They’ve perhaps already had children and have tapped into their maternal side. We all enjoy being taken care of, and nobody does it better than an older woman.

Part of the reason older women tend to be more secure in themselves and more confident is their comparative financial stability compared to younger women. They’ve worked their way up the career ladder and have a power and independence that is hugely attractive.

Additionally, older women with a penchant for younger men are likely to look after themselves well in order to stay physically attractive to the young men they like to pursue. While younger women may rely on their natural beauty, cougars tend to work hard for their physiques.

And, while younger women you’ve dated may be leafing through bridal magazines, daydreaming about the day you ‘put a ring on it’ and looking forward to starting a family, older women are likely to have been there and done that, meaning you can cruise through relationships at a more comfortable pace, with less pressure to pop the question or make grand gestures – in fact, many cougars look to younger men for the very reason that commitment will likely not be on the cards. No man likes to be pushed into making bold statements they’re not ready to make and, with a cougar, they’ll understand that youth is fleeting, people change and that there’s no rush to settle down while you’re in your prime. Life is meant to be fun and, without the pressures of their biological clocks ticking, older lovers are likely to be more relaxed partners.

Many cougars on dating websites have already been married and have learned valuable lessons about what’s important in life and what they’re looking from a relationship, which makes for a smooth ride for you. Like a good wine, women get better with age and experience. Who wants an insecure game-playing girl when you could have a fun-loving, self confident woman?

If you’ve had enough of women your own age, but aren’t sure where to meet older, single woman, the internet is bursting at the seams with cougar dating websites. We’ve reviewed the best-known sites (at the top of our list currently is Lonely Cheating Wives due to a large number of member database and active community) to find the very best (and worst) for meeting older women to help you capture a cougar.

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