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On this page you'll find all the available fitness dating sites. The 13 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Fitness Singles being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for fitness dating.

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fitness together with your dating partner If you’re looking for more than just your sprint training to work up a sweat and set your pulse racing, but haven’t found the right partner at the gym, online fitness dating sites could be the key to meeting your match. They say a couple that trains together stays together and, whether your sport of choice is Crossfit or lacrosse, Pilates or polo, there’s a site to help you meet a partner with whom you can share your fitness passion and, perhaps even a life together.

Find Your Fitness Partner

According to a report by Men’s Fitness, over 30 percent of the world - around 1.5 billion - moves too little to stay healthy, so do yourself a favour; weed out the slothful and meet more active prospects instead. While bars may be one of the most common places to meet a soul mate, if your dream date is a health fiend, they may prefer to spend their free time meal prepping, hitting the gym and checking out that Under Armor sale than boozing into the small hours. So, what better place to find them than an online fitness community?

Want to pull apart last night’s Man U game? Discuss the finer points of an Olympic snatch or find someone who’ll partner you both on and off the tennis court? Sometimes it’s tricky finding that special someone with whom you click with and have compatible interests. But, if an active partner is a non-negotiable it’s worth targeting your search for love at like-minded individuals. Chatting up hotties in the gym or during your morning run around the park can come across as creeping if you don’t play it just right, which is where fitness dating websites come in.

There’s research to suggest that fit couples are more likely to stay together. Perhaps it’s the post-workout sweat that releases all those sexy pheromones, or perhaps it’s because you’ve both developed the strength and stamina to really make the earth move, or maybe it’s that working out has psychological effects that improve intimacy. For example, mimicking movements, such as running in time or lifting weights in unison, helps people feel emotionally attuned with each other, according to a study published in 2010 by British Journal of Psychology.

Boost Your Sex Life

Getting your heart rate up and a sweat on during a shared workout also tricks the body into thinking it is experiencing arousal, according to a 1974 study by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which has the potential to boost your sex life and your sex appeal in the eyes of your partner. Still need more convincing? Dating a fitness enthusiast also helps you perform better and makes you more likely to reach your fitness goals, says a 2013 study in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

If you’ve ever had a relationship where you’re always chasing after a personal best on the track or trying to lower your body fat percentage to make weight for that competition while your partner is more interested in getting takeout, you’ll know the frustration these differing goals can cause and how much tension they can put on a relationship. Do yourself a favour and target singles that are as devoted to an active life as you are. Not only will you have a new training partner, but you’ll have someone who understands the sacrifices you make and the rewards you reap for your lifestyle.

If you’d rather spend your weekends hiking or cycling than slumped in the cinema, an active partner will complement your lifestyle rather than make you compromise your fitness goals.

As well as having a shared hobby, an active partner is likely to have a hot body, too. And while we know that beauty is more than skin deep, let’s face it, if you had the Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.netchoice, a perky butt and a taut toned tummy are much more appealing than a pancake tush and a beer belly, right? After all, if you’ve put in the hours learning a new skill and honing your body to chiseled perfection, it makes sense you’d want the same from a potential partner.

Your Dream Partner

If your dream partner knows their hip thrusts from their glute bridges and their suprailiac from their scapular, a fitness dating website is likely to have more potential dates to fulfill this niche ideal than a general dating website.

Even the most sophisticated algorithms on general dating sites won’t ask potential partners ‘do you even lift?’, but a fitness-specific website will highlight the most important area of your life as a priority.

We’ve listed the top sites to help you score big and meet like-minded, active individual and rated up some of the best and most popular fitness dating websites around now to give you the lowdown on every aspect from the interface to the user-bility.

Don’t risk compromising your fitness goals; let us guide you in the best place to find an active partner online.