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On this page you'll find all the available general dating sites. The 56 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for general dating.

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Finding Love at General Dating SitesIn the general dating category, you'll find all sites that are not restricted to specific interests, activities, religions, regions, sexual orientation or anything else.

Most of them will still have a member base that is leaning towards one direction or another (eg., more towards straight users, more towards people in the US, or more liberal-minded members).

Largest Sites of All

These are also among the largest sites where you'll often find plenty of members (often even more than at specialized sites) that match a certain preference. What they lack in specialization, they often make up in terms of pure numbers. is a perfect example of a general dating site.

Many people from older generations still remember what it was like to attempt dating before the internet. When faced with the prospect of finding a date, there were a few choices. Going to the bar or single events through church were some of the options, and then there was good, old-fashioned newspapers with a section for love search -- you place an ad, cross your fingers, and hope for a connection.

Today, we have it far simpler and more convenient in that the online world has exploded into a date-finding Mecca with online dating sites for every kind of need, desire and fetish. Even television ads have regular insights into the mainstream, big sites that are making high-end dollars off the dating industry and that is how you know, it is a very real need.

Love Awaits in a Few Clicks

Finding love is just a few clicks away even if you are unsure of what you are looking for exactly. It is best to begin with a look at the few generalized sites out there. General dating sites are perfect for those people who have no specific criteria for religion, sexual orientation, certain geographical areas, special interests, etc. Aside from the aforementioned, there is also and on top of our list.

The chances of meeting that right person will be higher when your profile is complete and a picture, preferably smiling, is uploaded. Your completed profile is a reflection of who you are as a person, so thinking about what you want to say is a good idea before putting anything out there. Let your personality shine through and show that you are educated by making sure your bio is rid of glaring grammatical mistakes. Also, indicate what you are looking for in a date as opposed to what you are not looking for.

Finding a soul mate or a casual date are both possible on general dating sites online because using the filters in the site you can determine the type of relationship you may be looking for. There can be different sections on the type of match you are looking. You can be directed to appropriate areas on some sites after answering a few questions to narrow it down to the specifics or after the same sort of questionnaire some sites offer scientific algorithms that find the "perfect" matches for you and allow you then view those profiles.

Benefits of General Dating Sites

General dating sites are beneficial because it allows you to browse a pool of many different people in the sea of life. You can cast out your line to find the man or woman of your dreams. As mentioned above, there are methods that these websites use to allow you to find your perfect match. The first is the search technology that allows to you to constrict your choices to certain age groups, interests, etc., and will bring up the list of people whose profiles are within those confines. The second is the compatible method of filling out a very detailed profile and having an algorithm program to highlight the best choices for you. Both methods are acceptable and have proven to work, it really just depends on what you prefer.

Subscriptions and features on these sites vary from inexpensive to higher-end and come with varieties of on-board tools such as an inbox for messages and a built-in chat feature to encourage interaction immediately. There is no guarantee that you will find the love of your lifetime but you will certainly have the right tools at your fingertips to give you a greater chance.

Quality people are out there looking for you and when you find that special someone, there is no shame in saying 'we met online on a dating site'. Busy people are finding the ease and comfort a better approach to the "meat markets” of bars and the rigidity of speed dating and church socials.

Overall, general dating websites are great for scoring a date or two and possibly even a marriage one day. For those people who may be introverts, the pressure is off in face-to-face interactions when the first messages become personal between two members. This takes the embarrassment out of knowing what to say when it's just words on the screen, as a more comfortable rapport is established. You just have to be yourself and know that you made the right decision to take control of your love life.

Dating Advice from Dating Coaches

chat with Hunt Ethridge “Are you interesting?” It can be summed up almost as simple as this. If I ask someone, “What did you do this weekend?” and the answer is “Not much, watched some Netflix and read”, I’m going to move on to the next person. However what if they told me, “Well on Saturday, I met my friend for coffee and then we walked around the city for a bit. That night I went to a movie I wanted to see by myself. On Sunday I did my **insert your hobby or pastime here** and caught up with some friends.” I am now very intrigued! I want to know more about this person!

One of the toughest things I teach is to reconnect with fun. Dating is SUPPOSED to be fun. That doesn’t mean it is, just that it should be. So go do things that you find fun! Your body language opens up, your energy rises, you smile more! And even if there isn’t anyone in that group that you would date, everyone there has siblings, friends, coworker that they want to say, “I just met this fantastic, dynamic person that you have to meet!”

Hunt Ethridge from

Interview with Kezia Noble Make dating just an extra part of your life rather than your entire life. People can pick up on desperation from miles away. No one wants to be with the person who is obsessed on finding ‘the one’. We want someone who has an active social life, interests, hobbies and passions and a contentment that is not ultimately governed or determined by whether they find someone or not. Now that’s attractive!

Kezia Noble from

Marina Lavochin MALES - This is directed to Single, available men who want a relationship: Take Charge!

Get confident with your appearance, master your body language, learn to be in control of situations by being intentional and leading, and stop asking so many questions. Just share your wants, desires, goals, and start leading it there. If the girl isn't into it, she'll tell you. If she is, she'll be along for the ride. Asking only creates delays, confusion, and wastes precious time that you could be spending actually living those dream moments you want.

FEMALES - again, this is directed to Single, available females who want a relationship: Be More Feminine!

I usually get eaten alive when I summarize it like that and tell women to be more girly, but it's all about understanding feminine energy and masculine energy. I struggle with this one myself and have to constantly remind myself to let go of needing to feel in control and manage everything while allowing and encouraging the man to be in charge.

It's about acknowledging their strengths, their need to have a purpose and a destination, and us being the ones who either say Yes, I want that to be my lifestyle and I am passionate about supporting this man's goals and live out his purpose or No, this guy is not the one for me. I don't want to lead the relationship, constantly nag about unmet needs, always suggest what he should do and point out things he's doing wrong while not respecting and trusting him enough to be in charge of the big picture. It's our role as women to choose. We can offer encouragement and add to the relationship a lot but we shouldn't choose men whom we don't trust enough allowing us to sit back knowing that we're on the right track.

Marina Lavochin from

Deni Abbie Be your authentic self from the very start when you meet someone. Know that if this person does not see the value in you, as you are ,they are not the right one for you. You will be fortunate enough to find someone that appreciates all of the wonderful qualities you have to offer.

Deni Abbie from

Sheri Mass Get to know yourself, then love yourself. Don’t expect someone else to do that for you. That’s quite a responsibility for someone else to carry. You are unique and beautiful and love is always available to you. You simply need to choose to see it and be it.

Sheri Maass from

James Preece You have to like yourself before you can convince anyone else to like you back. Happiness, confidence and fulfilled lives are attractive qualities and once you have those then you'll find a partner quickly. So work on yourself to make sure you are having a great time and feeling your best. This might mean hitting the gym, buying a new wardrobe or learning some new skills.

If you feel you would like some extra help, then you should definitely seek out a dating coach too!

James Preech from

Mike Goldstein My universal advice for dating, regardless of sex is simply to put yourself out there often and with varicosity. That means if you want love, don't sit on the sidelines. If you see a cute guy at the grocery store, go say "hi". If you see a charming guy online, send him a message. The people who win at dating are willing to do anything to be successful and also have a great strategy.

Next, if you are looking for love. Use okcupid, answer at least 200 questions. Filter by match % and go after people with at least 90% match percentage. My data has shown that 85% of clients that go on dates with 90% or higher match percentage have a good conversation. I am not saying 85% fall in love or even have physical attraction, but if 85% of the time you are having a conversation that clicks then it shouldn't take long to find the whole package.

Mike GoldStein from

Ronnie Ann Ryan 1. Get clear about what you want in a partner so you know who to say yes to and who to pass on. Why waste time with men who aren’t a good match?

2. Be honest with yourself – if prefer to be casual or in a serious relationship leading to marriage. This will keep you from getting involved with men who don’t want a relationship when you do.

3. Make it easy for men to approach you -be friendly and smile! Learn to flirt and rely on your feminine charm to meet lots of men so you can find the right one for you.

4. Do something every week to meet men. Whether you get online, try the apps, or go to singles events, you need to be active and mingling to find love.

5. Rejection is a part of dating and life. If a man doesn’t ask you out again, that lets you know he wasn’t the right guy. Think about who you will meet next! Stay positive – there are so many men you haven’t met yet.

6. Don’t give up! Work on believing that you will find the right man and keep at it until you do. People fall in love every day and you could be next!

Ronnie Ann Ryan from

Scot McKay If you’re male, don’t be afraid to proudly represent as a man. If you’re female, be all woman all the time. Despite political posturings and the minority who preach gender irrelevance, the raw building blocks of sexual polarity and attraction remain masculinity and femininity. That’s an international language that will never change.

Scot McKay from

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