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Green Dating

On this page you'll find all the available green dating sites. The 6 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Planet Earth Singles being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for green dating.

Thousands of people looking for a high quality partner who shares their values, have found green and eco-friendly dating sites fun and easy to use. The best green lifestyle-friendly websites are where people go to meet other people who are actively pursuing quality raw food, vegan, organic, vegetarian, green-living, earth-conscious, environmentally-friendly, locally grown, macrobiotic and alternative energy-reliant lifestyles. Shared values and love for the earth matter. A good relationship is built on a passion for shared causes. There are many connected, conscious, healthy and sexy singles, all seeking partners who are deeply invested in the stewardship of both a healthy body and a healthy earth. These people turn to online dating websites to find love and happiness.

Some people eat organic meat, others eat no meat and some are pure vegan. Some are interested in raising children in a natural, organic, earth-friendly way while others will remain child-free. Maintaining a car-free or alternative-energy-powered lifestyle is easier and more productive with a partner who actively supports and participates in these values. Find the ideal partner on a dating website targeted to those people who are actively caring for the earth.

Health and fitness is important to many people. A partner who can't keep up with an active lifestyle can soon become a problem. Many people become frustrated when a great partner gains weight or becomes sedentary. If a partner loses interest in sex, vacations, relaxing and other activities, even great relationships can fall apart. No one should be blamed for seeking out an active, fun, romantic and healthy partner. An eco-friendly dating website can help people with shared values and interests connect, and keep the spark alive.

People frustrated by lack of values regarding the earth, sustainability, vegan eating and similar interests can feel that their dating pool is very small. This is where an eco-friendly dating website can help open doors to love and romance.

A majority of Americans have a positive view of online dating. While the largest group of people choosing online dating sites are in the 25-34 year old age range, a growing number of people both older and younger are pursuing love online. In fact, research is showing that as people adapt to internet dating, those who are older, younger, or have very specific interests are reporting more success with online dating. A single vegetarian woman in her late 40s, who enjoys hiking over a fancy cocktail bar, might have struggled to find dates in the past. Now, that same woman can search easily in her city for people who share her interests and are likely to open to dating. Likewise, a green-conscious 28-year-old man might be looking for a mid- to late-twenties woman who is career-minded, interested in family life and who values environmental-friendly living over a consumerist lifestyle. Green dating sites open the doors to a pool of quality women who fit these parameters.

Shared values matter. People who pursue raw eating or vegan lifestyles report success and happiness in relationships with like-minded partners. No tedious arguing about what restaurant to pick or what to shop for and cook at home. Healthy habits like biking to work, recycling, composting and growing a vegetable garden are more fun and more productive with a supportive household.

It's important to know what to look for, and to know that a potential partner is being open and honest, too. Online dating allows everyone to filter results to discover the people who share their deepest values. For people in search of a powerful connection, an online site is a great first step for weeding out people who are interested in fun or no-strings-attached situations. For someone looking for an instant connection and exhilarating sex, a dating website brings those expectations to the forefront. For married people looking for discreet fun outside their primary relationship, an online dating site can also be a great option.

Tested and vetted by professionals for the best matches, an eco-friendly dating website is the best way to meet like-minded, quality people. Green-conscious people report a high degree of satisfaction with dating on a website that meets their preference. More adults from every age group and profession are joining online dating sites, because it has become much easier to find love online. But with more profiles online, it may become harder to find potential matches who value the environment and green living in general. Use a green-friendly dating site and discover a growing community of quality people who are stewarding the earth and looking for a mate.

A green, environmentally responsible, eco-friendly lifestyle has been shown to promote health, youth and a safe, thriving planet. If your aim is to make the world a better place with a partner who understands you, this list of green online dating sites will help revive your passion for a better world.

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