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On this page you'll find all the available hong kong dating sites. The 2 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Hong Kong Cupid being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for hong kong dating.

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1. Hong Kong Cupid
2. China Love Cupid

There was a lonely girl once, just shy of 23, who held hands and danced with a few boys in her hometown, tried out a few men, but she never found the "one". She lived in a small locality her entire life, she knew everyone around. She sensed though that the world was waiting, down a small paved road leading out of her confined self-described prison of birthplace. She dreamed larger and longed to travel and be with the one whose own heart beat with her similar sense of adventure. Her karate trophies and huge poster of Bruce Lee still held cherished space on her bedroom wall. Asian literature and a dream to see all the places written about were emblazoned on her mind and heart.

Taking a brave step, her adventurous beating organ led her to the recruitment office where she enlisted, in the one attempt to leave the familiar and the dull behind for the open road of military life. She travelled far and away from home, and landed in Korea for a year. She easily adapted to the beauty and the food but still longed for love. She was a world away from home and independent, but not yet happy and complete. She signed onto a dating site for those lovelorn living locally, and after a few failed dates felt hopeless and jaded. One last attempt, she stumbled onto a Hong Kong dating site. Not expecting much, she logged in and created a profile and began to browse. A few short days later, a flirt came in to her inbox, and a conversation began. A month later, she took R&R and found herself in Hong Kong nervously meeting a young man. The connection was as strong as the emails that had flown back and forth between them, an instant attraction, and the first of many moments that lead to the altar within the year.

Like many young souls and lonely people in our world today, there may be something missing. You may live in your own backyard all your life, and never find the one that makes you live to your full potential. Unable to find the one that makes your heart standstill, or the one that makes you finally feel whole. This is because, just maybe, your heart song is not even in the same country as you. If there truly is only one person, a soul mate, for each of us out there, why do so many of us try to find that person in the same location we live in? With billions of people on this planet, finding him or her nearby is a literal needle in a haystack. That person could be in Budapest, Argentina, the jungles of Vietnam or even in Hong Kong.

Please, never underestimate the benefits of looking in another world city for the blossom of love to open, like the petals of the national flower of Hong Kong, the Bauhinia Blakeana , a.k.a. the orchid tree. That right person is out there - it's just going to take going outside the walls of your own area, and opening up to a new culture beyond the scope of the familiar, to risk a step into the unknown. To be frank, there are many stereotypical arguments against interracial dating in general. A so-called friend may tell you that Asians do not date whites, blacks or people with purple spots for such and such a reason but this is not true and should be taken as ignorance. The heart knows what it wants and when it meets that kindred spirit, recognizes it and feels right, there is no cultural divide.

Speaking of cultural divide, there is something that you need to know if you are a non-Asian descendant that is seeking a new love with those who are Asian. Never try to bend over backwards about your love of Asian things. The authenticity of shared passions is still the same the world over and saying to an Asian man or woman that you love karaoke and karate and only buy products made in Hong Kong is just a little bit off-putting. These are things you can gradually bring up in a relationship, but not over first drinks and how do you do's.

In conclusion, love is a universal need and you can't put a definition on it, culturally or otherwise. When that special someone is found, it's all about the connection, the shared passions and the desire to grow together to be a strong couple. This dating niche is there for the ability to possibly obtain that one thing you could not find in your hometown and you will never know unless you try. There is no need to join the military and end up halfway around the world to find true love. There is just a shared belief that someone is also out there looking for you and when you do find each other, you will know whether it was worth waiting for.