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On this page you'll find all the available illness dating sites. The 11 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Positive Singles being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for illness dating.

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Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / FreeDigitalPhotos.netDating gives people the opportunity to find someone to love and to find great comfort in companionship. However, it can also be scary for those who are facing chronic diseases and other debilitating health conditions. Nevertheless, it provides a sense of hope to those who think their days on earth are numbered.

Being seriously ill is a petrifying state to be in alone. For people with a serious health condition, dating can seem very tough. It becomes particularly difficult when they have to explain it to their partner. It is hard to tell them straight away lest the partner gets scared and abandon them. It could be worse when the relationship heads towards matrimony and the need to reveal this bit of information becomes crucial. It could either strengthen the relationship or destroy it.

A sick person deserves a chance to date someone who would understand how it feels to be suffering from a serious illness. It helps lessen the fear of having to explain one's own condition. The dating sites dedicated to people suffering from chronic illnesses provide a platform to express themselves without having to hide what they go through daily. The websites provide an open forum for honest people looking for love from people who encounter similar health conditions and sicknesses, or even from those who do not suffer any illness but who wouldn't mind caring for those who are. It may sound all new to date someone who has a similar chronic disease or condition, but it's a platform that brings about great hope.

One such user of these sites is Ann who found love and companionship from people who had similar health conditions. Ann was admitted in a private hospital as she was diagnosed with a certain chronic disease. When she left the hospital, her husband John found it hard to continue living with her. It was tough to believe that the person she trusted the most did not want to be with her anymore at such a trying time in her life. The hospital bill had drained their finances and John felt he needed to move on. Left under the care of her sister, she felt abandoned and lost. Her loneliness added more to her condition, and she had to be taken to the hospital a couple of times.

Her miracle came in at last when a high school friend, Janet, offered to help her. Janet brought hope to the young lady and helped her through the pain. She asked her to try and date again. Janet helped her create her profile and soon she was out on a date with a guy named Kelvin. Kelvin suffered a similar condition and volunteered at a rescue clinic. Kelvin's tale of survival gave Ann hope. She joined the rescue center and dated Kelvin for some time and eventually got married.

Another person in a similar ordeal is Susan. She suffered long episodes of abdominal pains, diarrhea and severe headaches, which she later found out was due to an inflammatory bowel disorder, a disease that required surgery that aimed to get some of her infected intestines removed. She felt she had lost all hope and was wondering whether there will ever be anyone who would ever like her. Two days later, someone posted on her page that he was finding it tough going through the same thing. His condition even seemed more painful than hers, and that according to his physicians, there was little time left for him to live. Although they were not able to date, they exchanged messages and emails frequently and became really good friends.

Finding companionship from someone who has been through a similar situation could ease the pain and make the illness more bearable. Family and friends are good at comforting and giving sympathy in most cases, but they are strangers to the real pain and suffering. A sick person becomes a burden not just to himself but to those around him: family, friends, partner. To find someone who comprehends and could empathize  reduces the suffering. Illness dating sites offer a platform where  people suffering from serious illnesses find romance despite the seemingly unbeatable odds.

Looking for companionship from people in similar circumstances is natural and perhaps one of the best courses of action. Illness dating sites bring like-minded individuals together in their search for romance or friendship. It is where one  could get love and support from those who best understand the physical and emotional burden of ill health. For those afflicted with a great illness, being in an environment filled with sympathetic individuals is a very rewarding way to live.

There are a lot of specialized dating sites who cater to people with specific illnesses. From STDs to mental illness the range covers a broad range of medical conditions, ensuring that potential partners know upfront about each other's personal situation. These sites provide an outlet and a safe house for people who found themselves in situations where it's difficult to connect to others who accept them as they are as pen pals, friends or partners.

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