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2. Indian Cupid
3. Matrimonials India
4. Mate for All
5. Canoodle

A lot of single people surfing the internet have gone through the mill of dating sites and hook-up portals. These exercises usually result in bringing people of the same ethnicity together. The reason being, whenever they fill up their profile, the matching engine built into the site, typically, matches the most critical elements of the profile like age and ethnicity. This is due to the rationale that most people with the same ethnic background would get along well.

More and more websites all over the world are popping up that promote a particular ethnic or geographical target. India, being the second most populous country in the world and striving to keep up with the west in all areas of life, is no different.

Belonging to an Indian background, having gone through the mill of dating, Americans, Europeans and even Orientals, most people have eventually come to be believers that sooner or later, they will want someone of the same background.

A lot of these people are members of more than one Indian dating site. Filling out a profile is pretty much the same as any site with additions of sub-ethnic traits, castes and religion. For most westerners, this would appear bigoted and so old fashioned, but looking into this a little deeply, it does make sense. Pairing is done by bringing people of the same sub-ethnicity, for example East-India, West-Indian, from Goa, etc. Second up is caste. This is still important in India and it makes sense that it would also propagate all over the world in Indians. Castes like Punjabi, Nair, Tamil, and Malayalam might look similar, but among them, their value systems are so diverse that it would be great to go out with someone of the same pairing and just be comfortable with the fact that certain things are already common, so there would be no great and uneasy discovery.

A lot of these sites go to great lengths in asking various profile questions. Most sites would never pair a Punjabi with a Tamil. First off, language would be the biggest barrier and not just spoken English. The way English is delivered by either one of these ethnicities is extremely varied. This comes from the vocal muscles being already set to their mother tongues. Wouldn't it be fantastic and comfortable to drift in and out of your own mother tongue and English and still be comprehensible? Second would be Caste. Imagine pairing a Tamil with a Malayalam. Centuries of rivalries embedded in their respective cultures would automatically trigger caution and reservations. This would be date meltdown at its worst.

Most people, by instinct, would like to date similar people. The level of comfort is higher and there is no guesswork involved regarding cultural barriers. There have been many reported cases where people dated among their own ethnic background and ended up in long term relationships or marriage. Indian dating sites are particular about pairing people that have a common goal to dating. This is due to the inherent value system prevailing in India today. Where courtship is less frowned upon than yesteryear, the ultimate goal of this exercise is still to find a life partner.

Filling out any dating websites profile accurately will get you the best chances of finding a great date and possibly more. It is considered a fact that almost 60% of people tend to fill out their profiles, overstating certain facts, height and weight being the foremost. It would look ridiculous that they stated an athletic build and showed up with a pot belly. Saying that they are on a lapse will not earn them any points, and would raise the concern regarding what else they have miss-stated.

Look at it this way: a date is not a contest and certainly not a show of who is better. A date is simply a way to meet people. Dating sites simply cut down the entire look and see process and provide a list of possibilities, based on profile criteria. Indian dating sites are just providing this service and going a few extra steps in finding you a more compatible companion. Whether it is casual or lasting depends on how comfortable that first encounter is.

Dating sites should not be used as tools for finding one night stands. There is an entire category of sites dedicated to that. A date is to find a friend and perhaps it will go further. Indian sites just try to make sure that pairing is done based on what is eventually important to most people. OK, everybody likes to brag, but think about it. Wouldn't it be great that they don’t have to pretend to be someone they are clearly not and still find an amazing date based on similar backgrounds? Honesty is the best policy in finding a great date.