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1. UBLove

If you’re looking for a Japanese version of Western online dating sites, complete with a buffet of pretty profile pics to choose from, as a way to find your Asian bride-to-be, you will be disappointed. The reserved Japanese culture still finds these open displays of romance-hunting and flirting somewhat unseemly and many English-speaking Japanese dating sites are set up to deliberately target Western males with “yellow fever,” with the potential for being less than legitimate.

However, there are Japanese-language dating sites that the newest generation of Japanese are turning to that automatically provide a language barrier for men who simply want an Asian girlfriend. These sites appeal to Asian people, too, but the Westerner who takes the time to learn the language will find the sites offering more potential boy or girl-next-door types, rather than a date with a professional worker.

One of the biggest deterrents towards online dating in Japan is the practice of Miai, which in the past was associated with arranged marriages. Today, the same custom is used to introduce people who might make good potential marriage partners. Although the concept first started with the Samurai ruling class and became popularized with lower classes, the practice continues to this day with evidence suggesting that 6.2 percent of all marriages in Japan are actually arranged marriages. This would make you believe that match-making online could be highly successful, and it can be. However, it is done via Japanese-language sites that respect the custom of match-making closely and require a large number of personal criteria to evaluate the match online, if no friend or family member is available to make the introduction. It is not the same as simply sending a wink, asking to chat, or introducing yourself with a romantic calling card. It’s also certainly not done in English, either.

Unlike an English-speaking site with millions of members, the most popular Japanese-language dating sites boast users in the tens of thousands only. The Japanese-language dating sites are still not that well accepted in the mainstream cultures, such that they take the app route and usually tie into social networks that are already accepted, like Facebook.

Unlike English-speaking dating sites, Japanese-language dating sites that are trying to adapt to the Miai custom will allow you to search on criteria that might seem insignificant to a Westerner, but can be important to a Japanese person. The sites may ask you to fill out a lengthy personality profile, and ask you personal questions about your hobbies and lifestyles. These are not sites where you just put in your gender, your age, and your geographical location and post a picture and then wait for people to line up for a date. Some Japanese-language sites will ask up to 100 questions before you even get started getting matched. If you don’t answer the questions, the low number of answered questions can signal Japanese people to assume you are hiding something.

Even after you complete the profile, you will have to wait for someone to take an interest and agree to chat in the first place. There are services that will send an alarm to each individual who matches their profile highly, making it more likely you’ll get a date, if you take the time to fill out most of the profile questions.

Japanese people tend to be cautious in their personal relationships and the Japanese-language dating site reflects this preference. Some are still not socially accepted enough that they will even allow users to remain anonymous, by using their initials instead of their full names. Even the apps that tie into Facebook, a site that requires your true name, can also hide your identity until you decide to meet. People can be more marriage-minded than other dating sites and compatibility is strongly encouraged.

If you’re looking for dating sites that are marriage-focused, the Japanese-language sites can be ideal for Westerners. It may be difficult at first to feel chemistry as the system is set up to take the place of Miai matchmaker, but that is also its strength. You don’t have to have a whole lot of game to strike up a conversation, just fill out the profile as best as you can. Asian women do like Western men, but will find it more comfortable to meet them in a site that caters to their language and cultural preferences. As is customary, most of these sites will ask you to pay a fee to use them, if you are male, but give the ladies free access. You may even be asked to pay more to send a potential match a discrete message that you are interested.

If the dignified approach of the Japanese has already won your heart, then you may even find this style of dating refreshing and less aggressive than Western match-making sites. By investing a bit of time and money, it can even lead to long-term relationships, like marriage, which is ultimately the role of dating sites in Japan.

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