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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.netThere is no doubt that Islam is one of the more strict faiths followed by people all over the world. Despite its disciplinarian stances on many aspects of life, it continues to be the fastest growing religion in the world today. The faith is truly a beautiful one, and anyone that has studied its ways knows how wonderful it is. However, the strictness of the faith can make its followers seem like they are locked in at times.

When it comes to meeting people of the opposite gender, Muslims may feel that they have a tougher time in doing so. The pillars of Islam requires its followers to pray five times a day, along with many other obligations for bettering their "ummah", or in English terms, community. Such requirements of the religion can really hold an individual back in regards to meeting a potential partner for one's future. Thankfully, the world of internet dating has opened up doors for not only Muslims, but everyone else on a worldwide scale.

The world wide web has come a long way since the onset of online chatting. One may remember first using the internet and getting excited about being in a chat room with many other random members who the visitors would probably never have met under different circumstances.  Meeting 'online friends' in person may not have been necessary for most of those who were quite content to cultivate their friendships strictly online, but the lack of physical meet-ups did not diminish the relationships fostered through a trusty desktop. Gaining knowledge and wisdom can certainly be attained from strangers, just as much as from actual acquaintances. However, today's networking capabilities have enabled us to go even further beyond just friendships.

Online dating sites these days allow users to connect to strangers, new friends, friends, and anyone else who ever thought to use the internet. What separates the useful dating sites from the stagnant ones are the user interfaces and number of users. Certainly a user cannot benefit from a dating site that has only a few members. After all, there are billions of people in the world, and one should not limit themselves to meeting just a few people. In order to find a true potential partner, one will have to get to know others based on interests, hobbies, similarities in educational background, religious preferences, political preferences, ideologies, and anything else that brings people together.

Due to the strictness of dating in the Islamic faith, a dating website that is set up for Muslims is a great advantage for anyone that remains faithful to their "Iman", or faith. Most Muslim dating sites allow users to upload photos of themselves, family, friends, pets, achievements, and anything else they would like to put on display for representing themselves. Therefore, they are able to meet others based on personalities, as well as physical attractiveness. In the profiles, the users can input anything they feel they want others to know about themselves. Whether the information pertains to their professional accomplishments or personal feats and activities is solely up to them. The freedom such websites provide for its users is one of the greatest benefits of using such tool because it provides them with an efficient means of showing their true colors.

A Muslim dating site that should be utilized by followers of the religion is one that emphasizes commitment, honesty, and faithfulness. After all, the religion of Islam isn't one that encourages short term flings or "hook-ups". Dating in Islam is meant for finding one's eternal soul mate, not a "hello"-and-"bye" type of deal. Muslim dating sites encourage its individuals to be drawn to others based on their love for the faith and followers of the religion. True couples of the religion of Islam places Allah and family above everything else, and these websites bring those individuals that are strong in their faith closer to one another, to strengthen the good intentions, mostly invovling the enrichment of their faith.

The Islamic faith has followers from all parts of the world - of different backgrounds, races and cultures. Many Muslims prefer to date people within similar cultural backgrounds and understandably so. Therefore, going into a Muslim dating site is a viable option for their preferences. A user can simply filter out their preference for potential dates, thus eliminating the people from search results that may not fall within their dating requirement. For most people, long-term commitments in the dating world often involves setting goals for themselves, their partner, and their future.

If you are aiming to meet people with a similar background because it is just too difficult sometimes, then you've to come to the right place. Rest assured that you will find your true Muslim partner or get introduced to thousands of Pakistani, Bengali, Indian, Arab, Shia Muslim, and Sunni partners. The site that is ranked highest under this category is

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