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On this page you'll find all the available other professions dating sites. The 14 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Date Truckers being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for other professions dating.

Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLooking for romance in the workplace is not only frowned upon but also totally prohibited in some cases. Single people lacking romance in their lives shouldn't really be looking for prospects in the office, and for those who have regular '9-5' jobs, this admonition is relatively easily adhered to. No one wants to receive an HR memo containing romance-related reprimands.

At first glance, such office rule seems unfair, but this seemingly cruel imposition of a romance-less working place actually makes a lot of sense, according to an article in Fortune. There are countless issues that can arise out of office affairs, but the most pressing one seems to be related to sexual harassment and related concerns.

It's not too bad for employees in regular offices, but how about those with unconventional jobs? If a person belonging in the highly demanding fields such as advertising or journalism can't look for love in the workplace, where else are they going to look? Why, in the internet, of course!

Almost all online dating sites require that you fill in some general profile descriptions: height, weight, likes, dislikes, etc. Going a little bit further and making specific professions a special dating category is a tricky business, but it can be very rewarding. People in highly specialized professions will appreciate this category of dating the most. 

People who have been paired by dating portals know how a first date conversation starter can be like – the initial greetings and the small talk that eventually lead to the exposition of more intimate details. Familiarity with profession-specific characteristics is an excellent way for people to start conversations. Doctors dating fellow doctors make it easy for both parties to talk shop forever. Sea Captains, going into a date with a fellow 'sea-worker', will know that the other person shares some common interests already. In the same vein, a military man will be comfortable knowing that the person he is going out with knows what it's like to live constantly at commanders' beck and call. 

Those who are in the same profession have another thing in common: when they are at work, they share almost the exact same routine. It's like being in an exclusive dating club. 

Some professions just do not allow for much time to go about looking and preparing to meet other people. Dating portals could take care of this task for them, lining up potential dates and professionally making matches for these busybodies. 

Imagine a surgeon being paired with a sea captain, an environmental development worker paired with a tobacco company executive, or a professional boxer matched with a dental hygienist. These pairings might seem strange or simply inane, but the possibility of such individuals getting paired up in a dating site catering to a specific profession will  not be very likely. And while it doesn't necessarily spell doom for people of different professions to get into romantic entanglements, those who have experienced setbacks in their professional life as a result of differing jobs might find great relief in dating websites that let them meet someone who understands the demands of their job. For some, indeed, the only solution seems to be: date someone of the same profession. 

The best thing about same-profession hook-ups is that both parties involved know the time constraints, among other hurdles posed by strict working schedules. In spite of the difficulties imposed by their demanding and sometimes impossible schedules (think: two highly on-demand brain surgeons always on active duty), one partner will, more often than not, understand the challenges associated with their job's unusual demands. There are jobs that require more than the usual eight hours, and if one could meet and be with someone who would be willing to overcome these sorts of relationship struggles, then time spent cultivating such a relationship would be worth it. 

Dating websites are now becoming highly specific towards pairing people with similar tastes, likes, dislikes and experiences. Some will specifically ask for your locale preferences, what places you frequent, etc. Couple that with other factors such as ethnic background and professional affiliation, among other traits, and you have a potential formula for success. 

It is never a guarantee for a relationship to be a smashing success when couples are in a similar profession. If that were the case, there wouldn't be a lot of inter-professional marriages or relationships. But for those who place more than the usual amount of importance to their profession, dating within the same line of work might prove advantageous. 

The relationship does not necessarily have to be long-term, but one thing is for certain – time spent together will be fruitful as both parties will know a lot about each other even before they meet up. Being specific and straight to the point is what it's all about. This category of 'Other Professions' lists out a wide array of dating sites catering to specific types of professions for those seeking to date someone in the same field of employment. Truckers, for instance might find their perfect lady loves in Date Truckers, while singles working in the creatives industry might find Dating Creatives a godsend.

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