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Russia Dating

On this page you'll find all the available russia dating sites. The 7 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Russian Cupid being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for russia dating.

It is largely perceived that Russian women are legendary for their beauty and Russian men are chivalrous to a fault. The idea that Russian men are the most ideal men to date is contentious, but if the thought of a Russian amour is thrilling to you nonetheless, Russia dating websites might link you to a fulfilling romance.

Russian dating sites can be the ideal place to find your red hot lover from Russia or neighboring Ukraine. However, demand for Russian dates are so high that you have to be careful to get a reputable site, otherwise, scammers will try to wheedle their way online into your heart and into your pocketbook. Luckily, if you take the time to understand Russian culture and a few Russian phrases, you won’t fall prey to Romeo scammers when using Russian dating sites.

When choosing a Russian dating site, make sure to go with those that are well-known to avoid any scammers. Then, when you look at the profiles, don’t be blinded by the bevy of beauties lined up in bikinis. Most Russian women are not going to post just one picture in a bikini – that is usually a sure sign that the profile is not authentic. Also, if a profile is filled in very sparsely, it’s another clue that the profile is not genuine. If you just take a few precautions, you can hook up with real Russian men and women eager to explore international relationships even to the point of marriage.

There is more than one level of service you can get on a dating site. The more you pay for additional features, the more likelihood you won’t be conversing with scammers. You might be asked to pay more, for instance, if you want messaging capabilities. However, some sites are completely free. It’s up to you which sites to use, but more opportunities for dating online exist in areas like Moscow and St. Petersburg, so don't forget to check these areas out thoroughly.

There is something for both men and women looking for romance in Russia. Forbes ranked Moscow one of the top cities around the world for the number of billionaires it produces. Only New York City ranked higher. For men looking for Russian brides there is plenty of good news as well. The percentage of women is believed to be much higher in Russia than men - around 58 to 42 percent. From this, it can be surmised that many Russian women are probably open to foreign-born mates.

No one doubts the allure of the Russian woman,  however, even the men have their charm and can be somewhat old-fashioned in their desire to please the beauties in their midst. They are still eager to pay for dates, and will go out of their way to be chivalrous. This can be a refreshing breath of air for women coming from other countries. However, since Russians tend to have little sense of personal space, it can also be a cultural shock when the man boldly puts his hands on a woman’s arm and tries to lead her around with it. It is said that this is his way of being gallant. Russian men are just as stylish and appealing as Russian women and having a beau with a Russian accent is definitely a perk.

Men and women wanting to jump into Russian waters should take the trouble to learn a few Russian phrases. While not all sites are Russian-only, it pays to meet other people within the culture they are most comfortable. You may find that it can be hard to get some attention at first, and maybe only 10 percent of your messages will get answered, but be persistent and you will discover the warm sensuality of the Russian people as it extends to foreigners.

Russian dating sites are not as technologically up-to-date as more advanced countries, so that when you submit photos, they can take some time to be approved and posted. Don’t be in a hurry to get your profile completed or your photos online. The site will take as long as it takes and there is no way around it. However, once you do have your profile up, complete it as much as possible, and seek out new Russian connections using search features that are as detailed as asking you for the hair and eye color you prefer in your Russian mate. Remember to keep a close eye on your wallet, especially if your potential romance asks you to shell out some cash for something. This could be a signal that you are dealing with a scam artist. However, don't be stingy about ordering extra features as they can open up new opportunities to chat and message Russian men and women. Aside from that, you won't have much to worry about on Russian dating sites and the people welcome foreigners, not just for casual encounters, but also for lifetime partnerships.