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Senior Dating

On this page you'll find all the available senior dating sites. The 18 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Dating For Seniors being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for senior dating.

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Nowadays dating sites are not only a thing for college kids and twenty-somethings. As more and more people come online, there's a steady increase in all age groups of people looking for like-minded partners. Whether it's about finding an activity partner or opening a new life chapter with a significant other, there are now a multitude of options available online.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAs you get older you might find it harder meeting new people, especially if the social options in your local area are somewhat limited. Mature and Senior dating sites offer a new outlet to get in touch with others who are eager to expand their social circle, meet new friends and potentially start a new relationship.

Dating Life for Aging Singles

Dating in one's twilight years is not just acceptable but a completely understandable pursuit. The truth is, for most aging singles, the prospect of logging in to a site called might seem like a frightening, if not downright embarrassing, enterprise. It is not. In the first place, going on a dating site to find a potential partner or a shuffle board and chess playmate is a private activity usually done in the comfort of your own home. If you so choose, you can even use code names although there might never be a need for that. Dating is simply for everyone!

Going to an online dating site to find love, friendship and just about anything else, in fact, makes a lot of sense especially if you're a senior. With the technical advances in social networking these days, online dating sites have seen remarkable improvements in terms of how user-friendly and accessible they have become. Dating sites and social networks vie for every online user's attention and most of them are not above targeting sites that serve the mature age bracket. Also, most of these sites are likely to cater to your niche – single parents, mature dating in specific countries, and specific activities, just to name a few.

Dating sites are becoming more and more specialized and those who are not content to settle for generalized services stand to benefit from all these enhancements. There is a wealth of choice for seniors and they're out there in the world wide web just waiting to be explored.

At a certain age, dating and keeping an adventurous social or a romantic life might seem like such a huge imposition, a daunting task, a thankless obligation. For some, dating may cease to equate to leisure and veer towards being a necessity. When one reaches a certain age, just as the desire to be more active at a late stage in life, so do the physical strength and patience drop. Health concerns previously ignored or neglected suddenly take center stage. Blood pressure, sugar intake, and calorie count become overwhelming concerns. Being “old” brings comes with it the gift of wisdom such as you would never have earlier in life, but with it also comes vulnerability.

Loneliness is Unavoidable

Separation from a previous lover or death of a spouse are some of the inevitable events in life. These events are devastating in whatever stage in life, but the loneliness associated with these unavoidable life experiences usually intensify with age. Aging also takes a toll on one's mental and emotional health, with dementia and depression being primary anxiety-causers among adults. The fear of being alone or being abandoned by one's own family may no longer excite feelings of rebellion or pride, but of real dread and melancholic detachment.

But it's not all bad. As you mature, you gain a newfound appreciation for life's toughest blows. You gain the kind of confidence about your outlook and what and where you want to be, you only ever dreamed of when you were intoxicated by substances your younger body used to process with ease.

Also, you would have earned the right to seek out comforts while, ideally, having the means to actually afford such comforts which you only used to regard as mere luxury. Whereas traveling to the Himalayas used to be something to cross off your bucket list (because in your youth, you relied way too much on listicles about 'Things You Need to Do In Your 20s/30s/40s”), in your more secure years, you hie off to the exotic lands of South Asia simply because you want to.

Although you may have already retired from the struggles of the working class, your need for companionship and intimacy might never fade. Cupid's Library lists a number of sites focused on senior citizens looking to share joyful moments, with the top pick being Dating for Seniors, which according to a male reviewer, 'has no shortage of women'. You may also want to check out more general, larger dating sites which might not be targeted at a specific age range, but which have a member base sufficiently large enough that you're also able to find some matches there. For best results, know what you want and need in a companion.

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