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On this page you'll find all the available south africa dating sites. The 2 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Elite Singles being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for south africa dating.

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1. Elite Singles
2. South African Cupid

Image courtesy of arztsamui / FreeDigitalPhotos.netKnown as the Rainbow Nation, South Africa is teeming with attractive men and women, a venerable cultural melting pot that tends to gather all races and ethnicities. All can be found in South Africa, especially in places such as Johannesburg and Cape Town which are some of the most diversely multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the country.

This is what makes it such a great place for online dating. Of course you can go to all the regular places to meet people: bars, music venues, dance clubs,supermarkets and street shops, libraries, cafes and even churches. Yet one of the most interesting and reliable ways to meet new singles is online. The reason for this is put most simply by saying a single phrase and one that often makes people somewhat uncomfortable: internet profiles.

The reason that so many people become uncomfortable around the word is that it has developed a certainly unwarranted reputation for being an absurd reduction of an entire person. But an internet dating profile is actually a useful tool that you can use to tell people about yourself. You can use it to share some deep and not too deep insights about yourself . Think of it as something you would present to someone you had met at a bar where both of you had gotten on fabulously, one asking candidly about the other. It is exactly the same, you need say no more or less than you would in such a previously described situation.

Naturally you do not what to waste any one else's time so you should only put things about yourself that you feel are important. Do not be afraid to get your feet wet talking about personal issues, pet peeves, kinks or fetishes or any other things of that nature. That is what the profile is for, and rest assured that most other people online will be putting up far more intimate things than what you have.

Now, once you actually have a profile all put together you may think you can just sit back and wait for someone to hit you up within the hour, but that's not so. Just as in the Americas and elsewhere, going to a South African dating site is a venture that rewards pro-activity. You will probably need to do quite a bit of leg work before you get your first date, sending out messages, checking and editing emails, opening up to relatively unknown persons in a serious dialogue. However, there are some ways to reduce the amount of time that you spend searching and increase the amount of time you spend actually dating.

The first one of these has already been stated -- make a concise and honest profile. After all, a spotless personal profile may get you a lot of views and may even get you a lot of dates, but once the other person realizes that you are not who you say you are, or, not quite who you say you are, they are unlikely to trust you. In addition, most South African dating sites are no different than any other around the world when it comes to fraud. And yes, a misleading profile can sometimes be construed as such. Even if it is not, it is certainly enough to get you kicked off and permanently banned from the site. For obvious reasons, it is bad for business.

The next thing you can do, and quite frankly the easiest, is to check and see if the site that interests you is a pay to play site. Meaning, do you have to pay for a membership or is it free? Most South African dating sites are free with optional membership, however, the free part often greatly limits what you can and can not do and time is usually limited. The best thing to do if you are really serious about meeting new South African singles is to buy a membership to a site. Purchasing a membership will allow you to gain all the bonus functions from that site which generally include all the normal features like voice chat and video, limitless profile changes and views, among others. In addition, purchasing a membership, depending on what tier of membership is purchased - gold, platinum, so on - your personal profile will show up in more searches and be marked for higher priority than those who only have free membership.

As stated above, there are usually ranks to a paid membership with any South African dating site and they are usually something like, silver, gold and platinum, or some similar system. Remember, though, that just because you pay for the best tier of membership does not mean that you will be getting the best deal, so do your homework and compare what bonus features all the tiers actually provide before signing up.