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On this page you'll find all the available south korea dating sites. The 3 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Asia Friendfinder being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for south korea dating.

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Like most nationalities in the Asian region, the people of South Korea has that eccentric beauty unique to its country. If you are looking to meet someone from South Korea for love or friendship, then you have come to the right place. As of press time, we do not feature a site specific to Korean nationalities yet, but rest assured that we continue to look out for the newest sites for you. In this list we have AsiaFriendFinder, a high-ranking site in our over-all roster of dating sites. With more than 4 million active users in its database, it is indeed one of the biggest dating sites there is.

These days, people establish relationships with new acquaintances and potential mates through social media. However, some are not aware that there are different websites out there that can give them a dating experience that best suits their preference. These sites offer visitors a unique experience, where they can meet new people who can possibly become their better half.

Dating Asians can give you many ideas on how to be romantic in a unique way. . Cultural differences, however, might give you a hard time especially when you're not very familiar with a nation's culture. But, if the connection is strong enough, adjusting shouldn't be hard.

Asians make for very interesting partners. In Korea, for example, men are a bit coy in showing affection. If you've seen the Korean TV show 'The Return of Superman', you will see how the man takes care of his family and loved ones in quite a unique way. There are probably better examples of depictions of how a Korean man shows his love, but this show kind of does an okay job in depicting this.

Believe it or not, blind dates also exist in Korea. For young college students, they opt for a group blind date. What happens is, a group of guys meets a group of girls at a certain place, where they talk and have a good time. Some of them actually get their lifetime partner through blind dates. Another type of blind date is the one that is arranged by parents. This is usually done by rich families in Korea in order to preserve the wealth of their families, which we usually see  happening in movies or Korean TV shows.  In the series entitled “Secret Love” for example, the man is very much in love with a poor girl. Sadly the family of the guy opposed their relationship. Again, we don't know how frequent this happens in Korean society but if it gets depicted in their entertainment, it must be something that actually does happen.

But maybe it's best to refer to stronger facts and sources.

According to an article from, the idea of a PDA or public display of affection isn’t really welcomed in Korea. Even if the younger generation has embraced such reality, Koreans are not very open to kissing their loved ones in public. A simple hug can already make them feel awkward. However, holding each other’s hand is a bit common. 

In Korea, couple culture is very much observed. Lovebirds often wear couple shirts. They wear the same shirts to let the world know how much they love each other. It is normal to see a couple wearing a shirt that says “She is mine” and “I am hers.” They even give each other a ring to celebrate their 100th day together. These are some things to ponder when considering dating a Korean.

Couples in Korea are very much public. Even if it is a norm to celebrate anniversaries and monthsaries, Koreans make sure they celebrate more often. For them, every day is a milestone to celebrate. Wherever you go in Korea, it is common to see younger Korean couples celebrating this way. This is indeed a Korean way to celebrate being in love.

For some Koreans, the best dates take place at home. But, a large number of Korean couples prefer to go out and date outside their homes away from their family. Through this, they could spend most of their time together without worrying about how they should behave as a couple. Normally, they go to cafes or perhaps simply cap off a date with a simple trip to a restaurant.

If you are thinking of dating a Korean, perhaps you can try to embrace the Korean culture to bolster the chances of finding love. If you meet a Korean you feel interested in, you can offer to be his or her language learning partner. Some Koreans are quite eager to learn English, so maybe you can exchange your knowledge with one another. If all else fails, there are many Korean online dating sites that that you can try. It's a convenient and quick way to pursue a partner.