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On this page you'll find all the available spain dating sites. The 2 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Amigos being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for spain dating.

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1. Amigos

Evoking images of grand architecture, sweeping vistas, amazing cuisine, and colorful fiestas, Spain unsurprisingly draws people from all over the world to sample what its rich culture has to offer. Spanish culture and its inherently romantic atmosphere – think garden dinner dates over wine and  soothing Spanish guitar playing in the background – makes it one of the best places to ignite a flagging prospects for a love life. While a trip to the Iberian Peninsula's most romantic destination is worth the trip, dating in Spain doesn't have to involve impulsively booking a one-way ticket to any of the postcard-worthy landscapes of Barcelona, Catalonia, Seville or Ibiza. Finding a Spanish mate could start with a quick visit to a Spain Dating site.

In the Woody Allen film 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', bored best friends Vicky and Cristina take a trip to Spain for a summer getaway. There they meet the ravishing lothario Juan Antonio who invites the two for a quick tryst in Oviedo. The two acquiesce, with Cristina quickly falling for the charms of Juan who is still attached to the love of his life, su unico amor, the feisty artist Maria Elena.

It's a romantic comedy movie with insanely attractive characters, and involves threesomes and a plane-flying pick up artist, all conjured by its director's vivid imagination. It is of course entirely fictional, but the mood and the vibe of the setting (the rustic houses, the charming countryside, the moonlit gardens), the raw sexual magnetism of the characters seem too real. They are probably as close to real life as Penelope Cruz's scorching on-screen presence or Javier Bardem's Spanish swag. It can even be said that the province of Catalonia, where the movie takes place, plays an important role.

The movie is perhaps not the best advertisement for pursuing romance in Spain seeing as the titular characters (spoiler alert!) leave Spain in the same problematic romantic state they were in: Vicky, back to her bland marriage and Cristina, still uncertain of her romantic prospects. If there is a message to be derived from these characters' behavior, it is that Spain does something to people that makes them let go of inhibition and get entangled in summer affairs such as Vicky and Cristina have.

Summer flings can happen everywhere but when choosing Spain in particular, it is best to make prudent search online for possibilities, especially if you're all the way across Asia, the Atlantic or elsewhere. You wouldn't want to end up like Cristina who hies off to Barcelona ready to pounce on the first willing Spaniard, but goes home empty-handed. There is no need to fly just yet.

You don’t need to explore the world like the Spanish Empire did during the Dark Ages while searching for new spices. It’s the new millennium. The Spanish dreamlover who would sweep you off your feet is probably online. Make quick searches for Spain Dating sites in the comfort of your own home. Most sites have free trials and although it normally takes more than just a few days to get a good feel of the website of your choice, it is still so much cheaper than leaving home and pursuing your Spanish Señorita.

Also useful are How to Date Spanish Men/Women forums and blogs with which to prepare yourself for a serious Spanish love affair. Some dating sites would have specific tips on how to go about a Spanish date. It's also the best way to acquaint yourself with Spanish culture, with the possibility of finding true romance a very welcome bonus.

Before you hit on that wink or flirt button, though, a bit of Spanish culture knowledge would definitely come in handy. One of the best ways to establish a connection could involve a discussion about the country's most favorite sport, football. But before you launch into a monologue about how Real Madrid is the best team ever, it might be useful to actually check statistics, team standings and player profiles first. A quick chat about what makes the perfect traditional Sangria might produce sparks. For the really traditional folks, an interest in bullfighting, very much part of Spanish culture and tradition, could be of some help. Professing an almost unhealthy love of tapas or your favorite Pedro Almodovar movie could also be something of a conversation starter. Dating a Spaniard could be the best reason to finally enroll in a Spanish class and master the various ways to say 'I love you,' 'You're the one for me,' and maybe soon, 'Let's get married.' With a culture as rich as Spain's there's a wealth of things to talk about.

There is no guaranteed way to connect to a Spanish love interest, but a keen interest on their culture could certainly help. A Spanish dating site is your first step. Cupid's Library is working to get more Spain Dating sites to help you get started.