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Speed Dating

On this page you'll find all the available speed dating sites. The 11 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with HurryDate being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for speed dating.

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFinding a date in just minutes is what it's all about nowadays. Speed dating has been around for quite some time, and it is now emerging online as one of the more preferred dating options. With technology and infrastructure constantly developing, speed dating is now available across countries and even continents. With just a click of the mouse and a few good minutes, you could possibly wind up meeting with tons of people. Make your selection and there you have it, an online date.

If you're one of those busy types who always complain about a 'tight' schedule, you have probably declined numerous kind offers from friends to a blind date. Due to your impossible working shifts, you may have rejected offers to be set up on TGIFridays dinner dates by well-meaning friends who secretly look down upon your lack of romantic life. If you have frequently said no to offers to go out on a date because looming deadlines have become staples in your life, the prospect of having a partner may have eluded you more than you think it has.

Despite the hustle and bustle of your daily working life, know that you're never too deprived of romantic possibilities that it would avoid you for the rest of your working days. You wouldn't want to wake up one day without someone to share the fruits of all of your labor, would you? That is a scenario too bleak to contemplate.

While working hard for that two-bedroom condo unit and that Lexus Coupe you have been eyeing since you first stepped on your plush corporate office cubicle is worth all the sweat, blood and tears, you should still find time for romance. Britney Spears may have espoused the virtues of working hard in her motivational anthem, Work, B**ch!, but even a pop star of her magnitude still has time to work on her romantic prospects. Her romantic life may be far from stellar but at least she tries.

Your time is precious and you shouldn't waste hours upon hours on dates that you know would go nowhere. And if your need for speed is real, speed dating might be the thing to put you back in a dating mood.

Some of these speed dating sites offer you an opportunity to do the equivalent of 'browsing' in a pool of potential serious or casual dates. Not in a mood for an hour-long dinner with someone who may not even be worth spending 30 minutes with? No problem. Speed dating is fast, easy and convenient, and like a non-clingy partner, it wouldn't require you to commit unless you decide you want to.

Unlike the usual online dating websites, most speed dating websites do not require you to spice up your online profile. You do have to sign up, naturally, but since speed is the most important aspect of the whole process, the matchmaking magic has to happen between two individuals who would find connections given the limited number of time and information they could share. It is therefore imperative that when signing up for speed dating sites, one has to be prepared to put one's best foot forward in the shortest possible time. After all, most of your prospects are probably as time-conscious as you are.

It is particularly helpful to those who have never been much into the getting-to-know phase of a relationship. If you take one look at a 'date' and immediately decide that you don't like how her earlobes are too perky or upon hearing her speak, you decide you can't stomach the way she enunciates her vowels, you only wait for a measly 5 minutes until you're freed of her company. If you think that guy #3's sports fanaticism is too much to endure for an entire date, there's no need to suffer the whole evening hearing about James Le Bron's unfortunate return to Cleveland Cavaliers. It would only take a few minutes until the next prospect is up, sitting next to you, scrutinizing your every word and your every quirk.

Speed dating is very much unlike straightforward dates where even if you know deep in your heart that there's no way you're going to go out with this person again, for the sake of not being called a bitch or a jerk, you have to wait until the very end of the date before you completely remove any trace of this person's aura from your memory.

Meeting 15-30 dates in a single night might seem like a daunting dating deed. For instance, Hurry Date, our top choice for online speed dating, makes dating very fast and efficient. The thought of being in a huge crowd of romance-hunters might even sound frightening to you. But once you consider that speed dating is made precisely to cater to your preference for quick and painless dating, you might just find it as the best option for busybodies like you.