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Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFor some, the student life is the best time of their lives. With so many social networking sites now, it may seem like it would be easy to find a boyfriend/girlfriend, but sometimes it just is not that easy. In an environment surrounded by equally curious individuals with raging hormones, dates should be very easy to find but it's not. With peer pressure, projects, quizzes, 'reaction papers' and other school things involved, you actually find it more difficult to date out of your own group of friends. To eliminate this barrier, online dating sites have been around specifically to serve students.

One's passage into adulthood is incomplete without experiencing the student life. School is where we first get a taste of the terror associated with talking to the opposite sex. The hallowed halls of an educational institution is where we first encounter that initial spark of romantic interest. The kindergarten classroom is probably where we first become familiar with these sensations and habits: butterflies in the stomach, bouts of daydreaming, leaps into the void, all as a result of our initial brush with love.

These sensations ought to be cherished while they last because the fascination for this initially wonderful feeling can soon turn into torment.

The school heartthrob, the varsity jock, the pretty mean girl, and all the other beautiful boys/girls will make us swoon, drool and in extreme cases, hyperventilate. They are unattainable and their indifference to our existence is exacerbated by the horror we feel when we look at the mirror and get confronted by a zits-filled reflection. Adolescence is both an exciting and a harrowing time.

The people we encounter in school all play a role in how we will view relationships once we get out of it. We think we go to school to get an education, but maybe, it all is just a big, elaborate excuse to find the person we would spend the rest of our life with. Maybe the point of school is to find a sweetheart.

Being a student is one of the most interesting, not to mention, most important, life experiences. Some of our lasting friendships and relationships are formed while in school. We meet our best friend for life either in high school or during that momentous stage in our student life called college. It is when we have a better sense of who we want to become and who we want to be with. For most of us, school is where dating habits are first formed and then honed. The genius who coined the phrase 'high school sweetheart' did not go through all that trouble for nothing. The movie 'American Pie' has taught us well: the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with is just a prom date invite away.

But student dating is a lesson not easily learned by everyone.

Perhaps school is really somewhere you go to, to actually learn how to conjugate verbs, calculate torque, and differentiate between ancient and classical history. Your Foreign Language and Economics double major might prove to be too huge an undertaking for you to entertain thoughts of hooking up. You might fail to think about the reality that you hover in an environment where people are in a similar situation.

The rigorous demands of university life might be too much too handle. It is never really too much but you think it anyway. As a student, the idea of romance only manifests itself during grade distribution and your class cards are lined with As. After basking in the glory of your As, you then discover a need. But alas, you have learned nothing about the subject of flirting or dating. This need will remain unfulfilled because in the subject of Romance, your grade is a whopping F.

Student dating websites exist precisely for this sort of woeful phenomenon experienced by students.  A visit to a student online dating site of your choice might solve your lack of non-academic extra-curricular activity. It's a fairly easy way to meet someone and you can even do it in the library. Your academic life does not need to be all assignments, recitations and grades-obsessing.

Study profiles of potential mates. Look for fellow Biology majors. Examine the merits of having an outstanding head shot. Write a personal profile worthy of a college admissions essay. As with school exams, it is imperative that you resist the urge to cheat. Sign up and get one of the most important educations of your life. If you can't bring yourself to treat the classroom or dorm as a place for date search, online tools are at your disposal.

Cupid's Library has no available student dating sites at the moment. Keep checking the site and try your luck at other general dating sites for now.

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