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Image courtesy of Feelart / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLooking to find your Ms. or Ms. Right in a more exotic location such as Thailand? Cupid's Library has handpicked out Thai dating sites just for you. In this page is a list of Thai dating sites that are ranked from user reviews and comments. Take your pick from the sites listed to increase your chances of dating nice Thai men and women.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the top choices for many tourists. This is not very surprising. The 'Land of Smiles' has everything that a tourist could ever want: delectable dishes, crazy club scene, grandiose temples, some of the best beaches in Asia, and more importantly, some really charming locals. Millions of tourists flock to the country to experience its amazing culture and visit all the recognizable tourist destinations, but perhaps for most, it's the warmth and friendliness of the people that make it one of the most visited places in the world, either for vacation or for longer stays.

Romantic Prospects

Pursuing romantic prospects in Thailand is never an outrageous idea. If anything, the country is highly conducive to just such a pursuit. The capital city of Bangkok, with its colorful sois (streets), romantic rooftop bars, and numerous watering holes, make it one of the best spots for either a romantic tryst or very long engagements.

This largely Buddhist nation is populated with some of the most hospitable citizens on earth. Thais are warm, gentle, friendly people. Their aura is 'couldn't harm a fly' but their close, family-oriented upbringing brings out their protective instincts for their ilk. They may exude an overwhelming sense of calm, but if you hurt a family member or a friend, you may have to run for your life.

When you visit the country, there are things you might not notice such as the fact that Thai motorists do not honk their horns at pedestrians (or at fellow motorists, except in severe cases), or when speaking to a local in a shop, that their voice and demeanor tend to be on the soft side, even when you're bargaining in the most ridiculously manner possible. When you speak to a Thai, don't be surprised to hear that their speaking voice tends to sound melodic due to the tonal quality of the language. These qualities might come as a pleasant shock to some, especially to those who have just stepped in the country. These are just some of the qualities that might draw you closer to your Thai dreamboat/fox.

Most Thai men have impeccable sense of fashion and have no qualms about looking aggressively cute. Take a stroll in one of Bangkok's glittering high fashion malls and everywhere you look, you are surrounded with guys all dressed to kill – sometimes even more fashionable than their women companions. Thai women, on the other hand, are reserved, coy and have a bit of a crazy, fun streak when the situation calls for it. Don't be fooled with all the gentleness, however, as Thai folks can and will exhibit their wacky side.

Interracial Romance

Some Thais go for their own while some are interested in interracial romance. This isn't really a surprise considering that Bangkok is a cultural melting pot. Interracial dating has become so commonplace that measures have even been taken against potential dangers of such types of liaisons. But if your heart is pure and your intentions is not governed by treachery, there is no reason to worry when dating a Thai.

Worrying about cultural differences when dating Thais is understandable, but all you really need to remember when dating someone of a different culture is to display just the right amount of curiosity with the other's ways and traditions. As a novice Thai dater, it would be brilliance on your part to keep off sensitive topics such as politics, sexual preference, and cultural practices you may find highly idiosyncratic. In the first place, these do not conjure an atmosphere of romance. Something that might strike you as odd may just be the most normal thing in the world for them. If their penchant for spicy dishes is something that causes you sleepless nights, then maybe it's time to reassess your life's priorities especially where romance is concerned. Dating in Thailand is really not that much different from dating someone from Oman or Japan or the UK.

Thai Cupid, Cupid's Library's top pick for Thai dating, is one of the best sites to try. With a million members and reliable social features, it can be the first step to a successful romantic escapade with a Thai. Other options include Good Thai Girl, as well as other sites that are geared more towards those who are into more casual pursuits. You can prowl the streets of Bangkok for dates or you can take the stealthy route and take a quick look at Thai personals in one of the sites on our list.