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On this page you'll find all the available transgender dating sites. The 12 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with My Ladyboy Date being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for transgender dating.

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Cyberspace lends itself to everyone. It is home to websites that offer transgender dating services, among many other dating sites that cater to niche groups. These groups get the opportunity to interact, share ideas and meet potential partners. Not everyone has the same motive when frequenting transgender dating sites, however. Genuine members are secretive about their character unless they feel completely safe. Finding a place to belong online is no walk in the park; they have to face the realities of discrimination every day in some countries.

Specialized Dating Sites

Thanks to specialized dating sites, there is almost no need to live and date in fear – of being asked about one's preference, lifestyle, and worse, anatomy. Being asked about one's preference and lifestyle is not bad in itself; it is only when the line of questioning veer towards intrusion and with a tinge of judgment that it becomes so. As to being asked about your genitals, regardless of context, it is just rude and inappropriate.

As a transexual who lives a certain way, those who are of a conventional mindset are bound to be curious and ask. If you're tired of serving as a mouthpiece for some people's curiosity, trans-sites are safe heavens. Though it is not a guarantee, there is a relatively little likelihood of being asked what is underneath your pants when traipsing in these sites than when one goes to general dating sites.

Homosexuality and transgenderism have been part of prehistoric culture based on archeological findings in the Czech Republic. A few years ago, they shared news about the first transgender caveman whose skeleton was among the women. Today, those who take on this role are more open about their sexuality. Unfortunately, not all humans share this mutual view of the gender-variant group. As websites increase in number, trans-men and women will feel the need to explore the avenues.

Subject of Wonder

Except when going around in their own circles, transgenders would probably always draw stares and be the subject of wonder. To be fair, it can be a bit hard to fault curious people who have no idea what it entails; the discussion goes beyond sexual orientation. It is quite more complex than simply looking at them as homosexual or bisexual. A trans-man may identify as a straight woman in much the same way that a trans-woman may identify as a straight man. A transgendered individual may not even care about gender altogether.

There are websites that act as a safe place where transgender dating is embraced. There are forum-based communities where members can interact and share their experiences. A transexual person might find such sites useful when facing discrimination in the LGBT community and elsewhere. For some, it is important to find a community where they could feel safe, whether such a community is for finding a romantic partner or friendship.

It is not always kindness, brotherhood and acceptance in these sites, however. A member can still feel ostracized and be actually discriminated against for any number of reasons. A site can be popular and still be host to many repulsive individuals and be the cause of many unpleasant encounters. Experiences in dating sites even made for transgenders can leave feeling one displaced.

It would be too distressing to focus on the woeful events that can occur in the transgender dating scene, not to mention in the transgender lifestyle, but there are some points that are too important not to raise. A 'trans' can be denied certain basic human rights such as parenting a kid and serving in the military, and these are but some of the cases. In extreme instances, you may even be denied employment or be treated as a person with a serious disease. If you are surrounded by supportive and nurturing friends and family, you may well live a normal and healthy life as a transgender. It is no secret, though, that not everyone can be so lucky.

There are also horror stories in trans dating and it is something that ought to be eliminated in this day and age, when most civilized societies are supposedly more accepting, when same-sex marriages are becoming legalized in many nations. One of the many misconceptions is that trans folks have a fondness for deceiving potential partners. For some this is one of the most frightening moments when you're dating as a transgendered person, and also perhaps, as a person who dates who is constantly in fear of finding out that the person you're dating is not heterosexual.

Appreciatiion in Dating with Homosexual

If you can get over the bleak aspects of it, you will find that there is also a lot to appreciate. If you're a trans who has had less than stellar dating experiences in the past, or if you've had mortifying encounters when you first started going out on dates, you might soon meet someone who looks past all labels and see you for just what you are as a person and value a relationship with you without any regard for what can be found in between your knees. Maybe upon meeting someone who doesn't care about the fact that you're not heterosexual, your faith in humanity can be restored.

On the other hand, if you're a heterosexual looking for a trans partner, these sites are made with people like you in mind. There are plenty to explore and discover. If it's something you're into, you may want to skim the online communities and get a sense of what it's like to dating in such an environment. There are blogs to read and forums to participate in, and these may guide you in your trans-dating journey.

Some LGBT-oriented dating websites offer a safe place to interact and grow a solid affection based on trust and understanding rather than intimacy shrouded in deceit. Online dating is a viable option for those who wish or need a safer dating environment. Sometimes, even, it is the only option for those who wish to skip the awkward getting-to-know-you-as-a-transgender usually and inevitably experienced by those who deign to step into the world of transgender dating.

Transgender-focused dating websites offer an added layer of protection to profiles. In addition, they put emphasis on guidelines to help members interact safely. Some of these websites do not allow members to download or duplicate media shared. This is to protect the integrity of profiles as there is always the temptation to share illicit photos.

The best way for users to stay safe and protect their identity, therefore, is to use websites that respect their preferences. Many sites with different types of membership plans or account status offer upgrades that allow increased account security. There's also a way to match the users with best potential partners based on some Advanced Search function that lets users filter their searches to include certain groups in their matches.

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Please note that this category lists all sites that classify themselves as transgender (with our reviews determining how well they deserve that label). We also maintain a separate list of sites that market themselves as ladyboy dating websites.

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