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Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.netOne of the most grossly misunderstood myths concerning dating, especially dating in the UK, is that there are rules to dating. It is implied that by following the rules of dating that finding the right mate is just weeding out the trash. Certainly dating is the process of finding the diamond in the rough but there are no hard and fast rules to make that happen. This runs contrary to the established book, The Rules published in the mid-90s and popular in England. The important thing to remember about that book is the authors wrote it to make money. There is no reason to buy a book about dating rules when there are no real rules.

The most widely held rule of dating is no sex before the third date. The theory holds that men will try to bed women before the third date and women must delay their advances until then. What all this really does is make men patient till the third day when they will pour on the charm because this is the time they are supposed to get lucky. For men who are only after skirt, they are willing to wait till the rule pops. If effect, it accomplishes nothing and both individuals learn nothing about compatibility.

By the same token, the old days of going to parties, having a few drinks and snogging a person you made eye contact with, no longer work in finding a good match. Too many predators, too many bad choices to be made, it is almost impossible to find good mates in that setting. One of the biggest reasons to turn to a dating service is to help find the right match. The dating service acts as a filter and they handle the rules. All anyone else has to do is search through the possibilities and discover that diamond in the rough.

As Kira Cochrane of The Guardian points out; "There is only one rule, and that is there are no rules." These days with all the responsibilities and hustle and bustle, the old methods and rules no longer work. In fact, who has time for dating rules? All rules do is enforce age-old ideas of masculinity and femininity and really serve little purpose other than to make people even more nervous. When people are looking for a companion or a potential life partner, using the rules only makes things awkward. Same with going the party route. With that in mind, it is best to avoid all the trouble and stick with a dating service.

Is ditching the rules and dating online make dating more effective? According to the blog run by Evan Marc Katz, it does. He rightly points out that people who find their partner and marry do not return to dating sites to post positive reviews or any review. They have gone on with their lives, so why should they return? He admits that the same pitfalls concerning running across losers, predators and flakes exist in online dating but follows that up with the claim that the same occurs in real time dating as well. However, by not following the dating rules, there is less chance of these same losers, predators and flakes using the rules to manipulate.

To put it simply, online dating is one more tool in the individuals dating tool box. It is a highly effective tool and by ditching the so-called dating rules, a person can be unpredictable, wild and most importantly, turn dating into something fun. Dating rules take away all the experience that a person develops which takes away from the fun of meeting and enjoying new people. Online dating allows for a person to have basic filters that do not take away from their valuable time and allows the dates to be chosen easily. Then once on the date, ditch the rules and have fun. There is always something new to be learned even if it is what not to do.

A little recognized fact is that as humans our brains and bodies are developed to date. We don't need rules to tell us how to conduct ourselves on a date or when it is or is not acceptable to sleep with someone. Our brains and bodies will know. All the online dating does is cut out some of the initial leg work, giving us the opportunity to be more effective and efficient when it comes to dating. This is especially important in the U.K. with all the responsibilities and time constraints built into our daily lives. Get online, find the potential matches and get out there and date. Enjoy dating and ditch the rules. They are there just to get into a person's way of having fun and finding the right match, that so-called diamond in the rough.

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