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The United States of America is full of opportunities. You might be in the US having a good career, a good family and friends, and material possessions, but you find yourself searching for someone to fulfill that part of you that do not want to be alone. Maybe your friends or family have been suggesting that you go on a date to start that journey to find that one person you are destined to be with.

In the US there is the standard form of dating through meeting other people through friends, family and social events. The great thing about today is that our technology is taking the hard work out of dating. Online dating is a relatively new sensation. It only tends to be as old as the internet itself. Well, let's go over the history of dating in the US and the different styles of dating and you can be the one to decide which style you prefer.

The history of dating in the US is about courtship that started back to the founding of the country that developed more throughout the 1800s into the early 1900s. Back in the early days, the goal of courtship is to eventually lead to marriage. What had changed in the early 1900s in dating was the fact the number of partners went up. The mood also changed from serious to a casual setting. It was not until the 1930s and 1940s that dating took a leap ahead because the social conditions of technology had improved greatly. Then you could take a date to a movie, dance hall, or a parlor shop.

The old traditions of dating in the US are not like they used to be, although some still honor early courtship principles. Dating in the modern era revolves around going through a date with the help of social networks, further assisted by set-ups by friends, family, and now even the internet through online dating. In today's modern age in the US dating usually takes place by setting up a date through either straight out asking the person or by going on a blind date set up between you and some stranger by one of your friends. Typically you talk with that person on your date to see if there might be any mutual attraction, similarities and also chemistry. If you have all three, there usually is a definite high chance that the person you are out on a date with will want to go on another date with you to learn more about you so they can continue to develop a potential relationship. There are many different factors that both men and women look for. If you have the internet, you can look up what these factors might be.

The benefits of online dating in the US is that exceeds your chances of finding a person who might fit your expectations. It begins with something as basic as knowing how to operate a computer and having internet service so as to be able to explore these online dating opportunities. With online dating sites in the US society, your choices are almost endless when looking to go on a date. There are sites that offer personality tests and then there are other sites that go off what you are looking for, whether it is a casual date or a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. These services offer pictures and checks on legitimacy of profiles to make sure your safety is put into perspective. Thanks to the ever advancing technology you can also chat with a person via webcam so you can get an idea of what that person is like. And online as in an actual meet-up, you can always end the chat if you feel that you and the other person don't match up.

Other dating websites offer speed dating if you are not sure what type of person you are looking for. Speed dating online explores a different variety of personalities to help your online search. The pitfalls of online dating might be the fact that you are not very computer savvy. Another problem might be that you could run into people who are not very sensitive and could be jerks. Still other problems you could have are that a person might be lying about who they really are and or what they look like from outdated pictures. But it can argued that these pitfalls in online dating are also possible in real life. When dating online and in real time, it is best to practice caution.

In conclusion, the US has a lot of different dating methods whether you go out on a date through one of your friends, or through people you meet someone in highly social settings. You could also go online and try the online dating pool if you feel like this is something that would best suit you. Ultimately this is up to you. The most important thing to remember is that you have to know what you're looking for in a relationship.

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