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On this page you'll find all the available vegetarian dating sites. The 7 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with being our current top pick. Find the best dating site for vegetarian dating.

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Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.netResearch has shown that most vegetarians prefer to date similar partners that share their values and understand the struggles of living in a mostly omnivore world. Many people lament that it is not easy to find the perfect mate in their daily lives that is also a vegetarian. Thanks to the online world, now there is a special niche just for those that are looking for life partners. There are several sites out in cyberspace that cater exclusively to those that choose to live vegetarian.

Where did the vegetarian pick up his wife? In a juice bar, of course!

Bad humor aside, these vegetarian dating websites offer an easier way to meet that special someone that may not be readily available in the course of daily life. Many who are seeking a relationship or casual dating may find that the courage to begin conversations through these sites is easier and more valuable than looking out for a single diner at a vegetarian restaurant. It can be a relief to know that the requirement for someone to share these core values and beliefs is already checked off the list and they can then concentrate on the regular parts of making a connection with attraction and other shared interests. Immediately being able to eliminate those that go against their own sensibilities and values of life is just the best first step.

However, there is not just one standard type of vegetarian. The types of vegetarians looking for love include those who have a variety of dietary preferences. Still, these vegetarian dating sites are ideal in that they are gathering like-minded individuals that are looking for someone special that can share the love of eating healthy and being ecologically frugal. There are vegans, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, pescatarians, (those who do eat fish) and even those who are considered "veggie-curious" waiting out there for someone that can relate to the lifestyle challenges they face on a daily basis. Vegetarians that are with other veggie-conscious partners have been proven to have longer lasting connections than with "carnivore" partners. This is also partly due to a feeling of not letting personal morals slide when watching someone consume foods that are not acceptable to one's life choices.

On the other hand, why would someone have a terrible issue with being with a person that eats meat? Should they not just eat what they want and be with someone that also eats their own choice of food? Short term or casual daters tend to find that unless they are extremely turned off by meat eaters, they can have a brief fling or connection with an omnivore as long as it does not interfere in their own choices. It can potentially bring problems, however, when that relationship begins to turn into the dawn of a long term commitment. In a mixed dietary relationship, there can be magic and a connection, that eventually leads the couple to the idea of living together or even marriage. This is where there can be the very real possibility that problems will arise around a number of issues that plague even the most ordinary couples.

When it comes down to the dream of marriage, many find that there are too many differences in the discussions of how to raise the children by diet, meal planning, household cooking, and grocery shopping. These can quickly become big hassles that cause tension. It is necessary that the couple are compatible on views, without compromising their individual values, diet ideals, or similar ecological views on the world and their contribution to the carbon footprint. It can then become apparent that perhaps they do not have the tools needed to ensure the basic building blocks to a healthy relationship when opposing opinions are trying to dominate.

On these specific dating sites, it is entirely possible to find a soul mate, a person with whom one can share passions of delicious food, someone who also fights for the good of humanity and the planet, and understands the struggles of the vegetarian lifestyle. A person should not have to settle for anything less than 100% compatibility because when that connection is made, formed, and allowed to blossom, the relationship can flourish and grow stronger. These dating sites can be the first tool to finding a date who will want to share the journey, the personal decisions and the ideals of a dietary choice that are extremely personal and deep-rooted.

According to a large amount of testimonials found on the various vegetarian-oriented dating sites, it is very obvious that many have found their life partner, and have gotten married. While this occurs with more frequency in mainstream dating sites there does not seem to be so many wedding announcements and overwhelming joy in finding a connection that there is with the vegetarian dating sites. Veggie Connection is a favorite among vegetarian daters and singles mostly due to its efficient profile-creation and to its active users. Good luck on the journey towards happiness and shared love of the vegetarian lifestyle and be blessed.